What do Methadone Peak and Trough levels Mean?


In patients prescribed methadone to treat opioid addiction, the blood level of methadone peaks at around three hours after dosing. The methadone level is at its lowest at twenty-four hours after the last dose, just before the patient is due for their next dose of daily methadone. We can draw blood at the time of lowest methadone level, called a trough level, just before the next dose is due. Then we can draw blood at the time of the highest concentration of methadone in the blood, called a peak level, at about three hours after the last dose. These numbers provide some information about the adequacy of the patient’s dose, though they’re far from definitive.

Usually, patients need to have a trough blood level higher than 200 – 400 ngm/ml to stay out of withdrawal at the end of a dosing cycle. Some patients need higher levels. And a peak level that is more than two times the trough level indicates that the patient is metabolizing methadone quickly, and may need to increase the dose or consider split dosing.

But the blood levels are only one piece of the pie that determines dosing. Dosing decisions are based on the patient’s symptoms, observable physical signs, urine drug screens, the patient’s other medical problems, and other prescription medications. Doctors are usually able to make dosing decisions based on these factors, without having to get blood peak and trough levels. But when the clinical picture doesn’t match with what the patient is saying, blood levels can help.

For example, if a patient dosing each day at one hundred and twenty milligrams says he feels fatigue and sweats starting ten hours after his dose, but he looks great in the mornings before he doses, a trough level can be drawn. If his trough level is adequate, he may be misinterpreting his physical symptoms. For example, he could have fatigue and sweating from a newly acquired hepatitis C infection.

Patients on replacement medications like methadone or buprenorphine – and their doctors – often forget that non-addiction related factors also affect the way patients feel. Pregnancy often causes physical symptoms that feel a bit like opioid withdrawal. Doctors working with patients on replacement medications need to remember to look at the patient as a whole, not just at the disease of addiction.


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  1. Posted by Zenith on July 12, 2010 at 5:46 am

    Peak and Trough levels should never be used to determine need for an increase in dosage. In the USA and in most other countries except Germany, methadone is a mixture of racemic and non racemic isomers. This mixture is used because it is slightly cheaper–it is a mix of active and inactive isomers of methadone.

    When the peak and trough test is performed, however, the test cannot tell the difference between active and inactive isomers. The test, for example, may show that a patient has plenty of the drug on board, but the patient may actually not have enough of the ACTIVE drug–it may be the INACTIVE isomers causing the test to indicate that they should have plenty on board. In this case, the patient could still be exhibiting signs and symptoms of withdrawal, while the doctor reviews the test and tells the patient that their dose is adequate, or perhaps even “too high” and they will have to have their dose reduced. Many a patient has shied away from requesting a much needed dose increase because they fear this very thing, though they may not understand WHY the test is misleading the doctor.

    Unfortunately, though this information is in the medical literature and plainly available to anyone in the field , many methadone clinic doctors are unaware of these findings regarding the peak and trough and simply continue to use this test as a primary tool to determine need for dose increase, when it should not be used AT ALL for this purpose.

    In Germany, the single isomer form of the drug is used. Most patients require about half the dosage they do in other countries, for this reason. In Germany alone, the test would be an effective indicator of adequate dose. Additionally, some Swiss studies have indicated that the mixed isomer methadone used elsewhere is tied to the recent discovery of a link between methadone and Torsades des Pointes, a cardiac condition. The studies showed that the single isomer methadone was far less likely to be linked to the condition.


    • Ah!

      Thank you for your learned comments.

      I agree with you in the whole. The last opioid treatment center where I worked never used blood levels of methadone, feeling the physicians could determine dosage on clinical basis only. But I do think occasionally they can be useful. The studies done on methadone blood levels through the years have, I think, been done on racemic methadone. That is, containing both the D- and S- enantiomers.

      Over the past year and a half at my present clinic, I’ve asked for trough levels twice, and both times I’ll admit I got the levels more for my reassurance than anything else. Both situations were patients on relatively (>130mg) doses who still reported withdrawal at the end of the dosing cycle. Both had troughs less than 200ng/ml, which made me feel I was doing the right thing by continuing to increase.


    • Posted by Boston NAMA on April 19, 2015 at 9:22 pm

      I believe in Germany they use Racemic methadone, Do you know why this is not used in the USA?


    • Posted by Jackie Kiss on June 21, 2015 at 3:08 pm

      Good info!

      You seem to know your stuff, let me ask you something.
      Today I threw up my dose of 100mg. About 1 hour after I took it. I stayed in bed (not active) I’m 5’9″ 155lbs. I feel like I may have only gotten 70% or so. What do you think?


      • Methadone is rapidly absorbed, so if you kept it down for at least a half hour, you’re good. But you could be getting sick with something else that could make you feel badly.

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  3. Posted by Anthony on January 17, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    I currently work at a clinic where doses are DECREASED if a peak is more than 2x the trough and increases are routinely denied in the same instance. Could you direct me to any litterature that backs up “And a peak level that is more than two times the trough level indicates that the patient is metabolizing methadone quickly, and may need to increase the dose or consider split dosing.”


    • I’ve found that I rarely need methadone levels, because the patient’s dose can usually be safely established on clinical grounds, meaning how the patient feels, how she looks pre and post dose, vital signs, pupillary reaction, and drug screens. All these factors are pieces of the pie, and levels are another piece of the pie. Using only methadone blood levels to establish the dose makes me nervous. For example…what if you had a patient who felt fine, doing well, has a blood level of 200ng/ml. Should her dose be increased? No. Treat the patient, not the number.

      TIP (Treatment Improvement Protocol)43, titled “Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction in Opioid Treamtent Programs,” published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, contains information all doctors at treatment programs should know.

      Pages 72-76 contain information about dosing and drug levels. On page 75, first paragraph: “…peak level should be no more than twice the trough level and that, if it is more, the patient should be considered a “fast metabolizer” and be administered split dosing.”

      Hope this helps. By the way, this information can be obtained from DHHS at this website, free of charge: http://store.samhsa.gov/home
      Just search on this site for TIP 43. You can also get a digital version. (The book takes about 6 weeks to come in the mail)

      Hope this helps.


  4. Posted by Shawnee on March 17, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    I currently go to a clinic in Michigan my dose is at 185 mg of methadone. my peak is at .79 trough is at .43 What dose the numbers mean? I know i need more Medication HELP…


    • Your peak and trough numbers look pretty good, but that’s only one piece of the entire picture. I get nervous when doctors use only the peak and trough numbers to decide a patient’s dose. When I’m trying to decide if a dose needs to be increased, I (of course) meet with the patient, maybe check pupil size, blood pressure, heart rate, and ask about symptoms. Ideally I see them during their trough, right before they dose, and if possible, three hours after dosing. I ask if they’ve started any new medications, and I always ask about alcohol. Many patients who start to drink will have lowered methadone blood levels due to the effect of alcohol. It induces metabolism of methadone, speeding clearance. I ask the patient about physical and emotional health also. Occasionally, a patient will have unrealistic expectations about how the methadone is supposed to make her feel.

      Hopefully you can meet with your doctor to discuss all of these issues, and the symptoms that you believe will imporve with a higher dose.


      • Posted by priscella vanhorn on March 29, 2013 at 5:05 pm

        I found out 12 years ago that i have Hep C and nothing has been done about it..I hve been put on so many pain meds like Vicidon,loratab,,ect..An i also have takein Methadone an that seems to be the only one that has helped with out taking so many to help the pain.. Now i am going to see a new Doctor Monday an i a not sure to ask him about the Methadone..With having servere pain all over an not being able to sleep cause of the pain it is so hard to be able to do anything but cry cause i am in so much pain i a not sure on what do since nothing has been done about my Hep C..Any Advice cause i am at the end of my rope!!

      • If you have Hep C, your doctor will likely ask you to stay away from meds with acetaminophen in them. Methadone, though stored in the liver, doesn’t damage the liver. The hepatologists (liver specialists) I deal with prefer opioid addicts to be in treatment on methadone before starting treatment protocols for Hep C, since the methadone may alleviate some of the flu-like symptoms associated with interferon-based protocols. However, now there are protocols that don’t make people as sick in their treatment for Hep C, that don’t even use interferon.
        My advice is to tell your doctor everything, so that you can get the best care possible. If you have opioid addiction, she may recommend you get treatment at a methadone clinic, if available in your area. Methadone dosed daily may not help too much with chronic pain but it will – at least – keep you out of withdrawal, and may give some pain relief for 6-8hrs after your dose.

  5. Posted by Shawnee on March 18, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    I know by 3pm it’s not holding me anymore? I don’t take ANY meds but my Methadone… Nor do i drink.. My days are busy somewhat school… At night i can’t sleep, i find myself wakeing up three times a night?


  6. I’m on 140mg of meth, i still am very uncomfortable the clinic doctor took trough not peak levels and says they are to high to increase me, i know i am going to relapse no one hears me or seems to care!!!!


    • Mike, obviously that’s a bad situation. Maybe you could ask your doctor to talk with you again, and examine you just before you dose, then three hours later, so she can check your pupils, blood pressure, level of alertness, etc. Or if she’s already done this, have you gone to a primary care doctor, in case there’s something else going on that’s making you feel bad??
      For example, I’ve had a patient with fatigue and muscle aches, despite a decent dose of methadone. Quite naturally, we blamed it on withdrawal at first. When there was really no improvement with dose increases, she went to her primary care doctor. We later came to believe it was an acute hepatitis C infection.
      It may be a long shot, but it’s worth getting checked for other medical conditions


    • Posted by E on July 3, 2015 at 2:39 pm

      My husband was denied by our doctor based ONLY on trough levels as well. This is completely unacceptable. I asked why he was denied based on HALF of a test being done and commented that after an year and an half of maintenance and our perfect records (NO dirty ua’s since intake, sessions kept up on, etc.), we might as well have stayed on street drugs if he was going to end his recovery based on and flimsy half of ands test. But, the doctor basically okay’d us to become addicted to a more potent, harder to quick drug and then halted his recovery based on outdated data. He didn’t even MEET with my husband to look at him, he just told our counselor that his serum level was too high and that he couldn’t increase (from 120mg). We are so angry and frustrated. We actually forwarded an article from NAMA indicating in studies that ibuprofen will destabilize methadone and that that is a possibility for the higher numbers (my husband takes ibuprofen daily due to injuries, and not being able to take other narcotics). The doctor refused to acknowledge that ibuprofen has ANY affect on serum levels or the livers metabolizing of methadone and still said no. It’s insanity. We’re considering traveling over an hour away weekly in an unreliable car just for the chance for him to increase. The doctor says no, won’t meet with him to check him physically and talk to him about his symptoms, and won’t offer ANY other solutions.


      • I would be unacceptable to me as a patient not to be able to meet with the doctor who prescribes my medication. You should ALWAYS be able to see your doctor.

  7. Posted by frank d on May 5, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    Dear sir or ma’am, I go to a clinic in Knoxville, TN, and my dose is 120mg. daily, they want me to take a peak and trough test,and see if I am in their eyes getting too much medication. I am feeling normal, despite what the test would say. The clinic feels noone should be on more than 60mg. daily, and I feel they are just looking for proof to confirm forcing me to go down. I say forcing, because they would either take away all my take homes (2 weeks) or kick me out. I am at wits end, I am one of the few people who really NEED this medication, at this clinic, I have NEVER DIVERTED a single milligram, and have been clean since OCT.2003, I started the program on May 20 2003. It has given me a new life, and it is great, it works. I am a low pain threshhold person, and know I need this dose (at least) they will not let me go up no matter what, so I am not asking! My counselor thinks I am at too LOW a dose! What can I do, I am terrified the test will “open the door” to them lowering me until THEY are satisfied. I am not intoxicated, not sleepy, I have arthritis and fibromyalgia, and injuries to my spine, and legs and hands, so I can barely move with the methadone as it is. They won’t allow me ANYTHING else than Ibuprofen. I am OK with this, I just do not want them to do the peak and trough test, or at least for it to show a too low level. I think I need help!


    • First, I wonder why your clinic wants to draw methadone levels. Have you requested an increase, and for some reason the doctor isn’t sure if you your symptoms are from opioid withdrawal or perhaps another problem?
      Most clinics don’t routinely draw methadone levels, unless there’s conflictiing data. Has someone called the clinic, saying you appear sleepy? Are they worried you are diverting doses?
      As I’ve said before, methadone blood levels can be helpful, but clinical appearance of the patient is probably the most important. If I had a patient who is doing well on 120mg and feeling great, I wouldn’t even consider drawing levels because it wouldn’t change what I’m doing.
      In other words…is there more to the story?


    • Oh, and if you are requesting an increase because of chronic pain issues, not opioid withdrawal (granted it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes), increasing your dose probably won’t help much, if any.
      This is because the anti-pain effect of methadone wears off after about 6 hours, no matter how high the dose. That’s why when pain medicine doctors prescribe methadone for pain, they prescribe smaller amount three or four times per day. But the methadone clinics usually aren’t set up to dose more than once per day, making it a less-than-ideal treatment for chronic pain.


  8. Posted by juanita (jay) on June 30, 2011 at 1:48 am

    My name is Jay, and was established on the methadone about 2 wks ago, im currently on 95mgs but feel i need to be increased, however the doc wont increase me until i do a peak & trough next week! I know my body therefore i no i need more but am worried what i test will cum back saying? what if it says im on to much even though im not????????? They wont decrease me will they? cos if they did i would NOT COPE and would have to start using again which i DONT want to do!!!! can anyone out there PLEASE PLEASE give me sum feed back/advice as im stressed to the max here!!!!thank you


    • Hello Jay,
      You can look at the prior posts about peak and trough levels…they help, but aren’t the only thing you doctor will likely look at.

      I rarely need to order peak and trough levels, because I find that most patients can be stabilized without it. I ask them about withdrawal symptoms, and examine them before dosing to look for withdrawal signs (check pupils, blood pressure, heart rate, look for tremor, gooseflesh, etc.). Many times the withdrawal signs are minimal even when the patient is feeling a good bit of withdrawal, though, so at times levels can be helpful. If I”m worried the patient is on too much, I request they return to the clinic at three hours after dosing so I can look for signs of intoxication, when the blood level is peaking.

      I recommend you trust the process. Presumably, your doctor works at your OTP because she knows it helps opioid addicts, and she wants you to do well. This means getting you to an adequate dose, because the methadone literature definitely shows that patients do the best when they are at an adequate dose. So let her check your methadone levels.

      Some methadone patients have told me it’s hard to know the difference between wanting and needing a dose increase, because the addiction is always screaming, “More! More!” The goal is to get rid of withdrawal symptoms. That little bit of a high that many patients describe for several days after a dose increase always goes away. If that’s the feeling you are expecting, it’s not going to happen, no matter how high the dose. This is because tolerance to the euphoria of methadone develops quickly.

      I suspect you will be proven to be correct, and the levels will confirm what you are feeling. Please write back to let us know.


    • My recovery, and as I see it anyone with a working system, has to be based on more than just methadone. I’m in a similiar situation, I feel I may need an increase they got trough and peak done my trough is .45 my peak like .88, i get fatigued too early in the day, never used to be this way it has come upon me recently. However if I am going to stay clean it can not solely depend on me getting an increase. You have doomed yourself before even sitting down with the doc, as said above it could be other facts, vitamin deficiency or something. Don’t doubt yourself like this. Think of those days you could only get like on bag, one oxy, one perk w.e you made it thru that day. Some of those days you prob did a lot. You made it thru that day you wrote that. That day could have been a lot better too, if you didn’t run your mind on a marathon. I hope your making it, I hope you got an increase but if not keep on keepin on bro. You can do this. You’ve been doin it all along, just haven’t seen it. You’ve conditioned yourself to doubt yourself. Don’t.


  9. Posted by Jennifer on September 25, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    Hello, my name is Jenn. I currently am in a MMT program and have taken 3 peak and trough test. The first one was taken when I was at 80mg, trough level .065 and peak .232 so i was allowed to increase. I was still having severe withdrawal symptoms when I would return in the mornings for my next dose and had another p & t test done at 160mg. The values were .161 and peak of .411 so with the symptoms that I was still having the doctor allowed me to increase rather rapidly. I am now at 260mg, I do feel much better, but I know that I am nowhere close to being overmedicated and still experience feelings of anxiety and insomnia with pain in my hips and lower back every morning. I get nausea every morning and am visibly shaky and gooseflesh all over. I am terrified of increasing anymore as I never expected to need such a high dose of methadone. Then again, I don’t want to cheat myself of ever feeling stable. I just took another p & t test last week and are anxiously awaiting the results, but now I am getting questioned and “blamed” of manipulating the test results so I can increase my dose. I know that I haven’t done anything to manipulate the test and I haven’t had an illicit UDS either in the 6 months that I have been a patient. I’m just getting frustrated and discouraged at this point because I feel like the doctor is not looking at me as a person, only as some numbers on a piece of paper. I have done everything they have asked me to do. I just feel like I may never be stable. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this?


    • Like I’ve said before, the peak and trough are only part of what helps a doctor decide about the right dose, but I suspect you’re a fast metabolizer. Please write back and let us know if you go to a split dose.


      • Posted by Jennifer on September 26, 2011 at 12:13 pm

        so i got the p & t results back and the values were t- 654ng/ml and p- 967ng/ml so now I’m being decreased 10 mg and considered toxic regardless of the symptoms that I am still having. I know from the research I’ve done on the p & t test that if the peak isn’t twice the trough that there is something else going on. I guess none of this matters now because I have been completely shut down and there will be no more looking into increasing or decreasing unless I want to detox off the program. I will not be considered for split dosing either. The doctor says there is no significance to split dosing. I am supposed to have a one-on-one with the doctor tomorrow with my counselor to hopefully get some of my questions answered. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m increased or decreased
        I just want to feel better and if there is something else going on like I’m metabolizing fast or whatever I would like to know that too. I know that a majority of MMT patients are not interested in knowing the how and why of it, but this is my life. I feel like I’m automatically looked at as a manipulator and a liar and no matter what I say they will still only look at the numbers, and not listen to me. It’s very frustrating. I will keep you updated…..

      • Well, those numbers don’t suggest a fast metabolism.
        Now I would suspect something else is going on. Maybe a visit to your family doctor is in order, to look for non-methadone related causes for your symptoms.

  10. Posted by Nicole on September 26, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    I’ve been a patient at a methadone clinic in WI since March, so 6 months almost 7 now. My dose is 160mg and I’m still having some withdrawal symptoms, cravings, irritable, sleeping poorly at night. I actually have a part of the day where I get sleepy because of the methadone, that’s probably about 3hrs after I dose, I just feel like I NEED a nap, and sometimes I do nod off. Then I also feel like my dose is wore off at the end of the day, or after I wake up from a nap. Usually it feels like its really wearing down at around 6ish. I’m soooo sick of this and STILL not feeling good after almost 7 months at this place, I just wanna get this dose crap figured out so I feel better. I’ve been telling the nurses and my counselor all my symptoms and what not so they had me do a P&T test, so I did and when I got my results my counselor seemed almost shocked when she seen the numbers, and I was like WHAT?? WHATS WRONG?? lol ya know… I guess my P&T numbers turned out to be exactly the same, and she tried explaining it to me and I just dont understand. She asked me all these questions like, if I had thrown up the dose, took more methadone off the street the day before and some others I forget. But I’m like NOO!!! Cuz I pay out of pocket to go to this play plus I drive 40miles both ways to get there, WHY would I waste all my money just to throw up the dose.. PLUS I’m trying to get better here, not do what I was doing before, it’s crazy and I still dont really get how my P&T came out like that, and I KNOW that I didnt do anything different or anything I wasnt supposed to do. Sooo they decided to give me another P&T test but this time I had to stay at the clinic for the 3hrs. So I’m now waiting to see the results, I should get them wed. or thurs., hopefully I can get this worked out and get on the right dose.
    Does anybody know what that would mean if my P&T came back the same levels???


    • I would suspect lab error on the first one, or else you level really doesn’t fluctuate much at all. Let us know what happens please.


      • Posted by Nicole on September 28, 2011 at 3:05 pm

        Well I found out the lab results to my 2nd P&T test, Trough-.4 and Peak-.7 …. So I’m not sure myself exactly what that means, if it’s normal or not, and the nurse at my clinic didnt really say much of anything except for “oh yeah, its ok, its in the “normal” range, and everybody is different”, that doesnt really tell me much of anything at all???? So what happened is I got my dose increased AGAIN to 170mg. Good thing I have an appt. to see my counselor 2morrow, maybe she can clarify some things for me, I still believe that I need a split dose, just taking in consideration how my dose makes me feel a few hrs after taking it and then later in the evening until the next morning till I dose again.
        Is there anything anybody on here can think of with the P&T numbers and symptoms of getting drowsy(like I just NEED to nap, and sometimes I do nod off) about 3 – 4 hrs after dosing, not sleeping well, and I also had a using dream the other night (been a LOOONG time since I’ve had one of those), cravings, VERY heavy heavy sweating while I’m at work (and later at night sometimes) which is 6pm-9pm (I dose at 9am), but the sweating might also be a side effect of the methadone, irritable, my nurse said my pupils were huge today lol, and then I just feel like the dose wore off at the end of the day and feel like thats why I’m feeling all these symptoms yet….
        I forgot to mention I also have hypothyroidism, I dunno if that has an effect on anything or not???

      • Untreated disorders causing your thyroid to be underactive or overactive can cause you to feel bad.
        Have you seen a primary care doctor to rule out any other medical issue that may be going on? Some patients tend to assume that if they feel badly, it’s related to their dose, and overlook other medical problems.
        I’m a little worried about your dose increase if you’re already sleepy during the methadone peak. Have you specifically told your doctor about this? Of course, don’t drive or operate machinery while drowsy.

        You can have craving and drug dreams even on an adequate methadone dose. Are you also getting treatment for the emotional, psychological aspects of addiction?

  11. Posted by Nicole on September 30, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    I’ve had the thyroid disorder since I was young, I wanna say around 13 I believe. (I’m 24 now) And yes I know that me having the disorder can cause NUMEROUS of things in my body to be messed up, it’s just hard to catch or determine because even though my thyroid blood levels look “normal” something from it can still be off in some way or another, and you can still have tons of symptoms too, kind of like the methadone eh? lol No I have not talked to my primary doctor about whats going on with my dose, but I am gonna be seeing the doctor at the clinic in about a week to discuss my symptoms/problems, sooo hopefully he can help me, maybe give me a split dose, but then I’m not even really sure exactly how that works either…
    And to answer your question about getting treatment for the emotional/psychological aspects of addiction.. Umm.. Well, kind of but not really I guess, I see the counselor at the clinic like once a week or so but it doesnt really help anything, always seems like we start talking about my using and then we slowly start talking about someting else always, and I dont get to meetings, I live in a small town that only has a few AA and there all late at night and thats when I work so it doesnt really work out.


  12. I requested a P&T for about a year at my clinic. They tried two times in this year to give me a P&T but both times were unable to get blood. I was never a IV user, but my veins are deep and small. They stuck me 11 times firts time and 9 times the second attempt. Then about 6 months after just giving up I get flagged my counselor said for a mandatory/randomly picked P&T. They also had me to do a EKG and a physical all at the same time and were treating me oddly so I felt like someone or something had been said or happened to make them all of a sudden act like this. I am a 48 year old woman who has finally found something that works for me to stay off drugs so I get very afraid and threatened when all of a sudden I feel targeted because it does not matter who you are at the clinic I go to the nurses make comments and are always trying to catch somebody in diverting their medication. I had a client recently tell me the reason they are hesitant to give increases is due to diversion etc.. I am at a dose of 160mg. So for three days I went to the clinic and had to dose at 6:30 am in front of the nurse and on the third day is when they did the trough at 6:30 am then they dosed me and I did the Peak 4 hours after dosing and Well anyway after 6 sticks for the Trough and 4 for the peak and some rude comments from the nurses they were able to do the “mandatory/randomly picked P&T” Well in between waiting for the results my fear and insulted esteem overtook me as now I was scared they were trying to find a way to decrease me I called another clinic in town and switched over. My trough was 236 and my peak was 881. I had told the new doctor the results when he admitted me so he gave me a 5mg increase and told me he woukd give me 5mg every three or four days for me to tell my counselor. That day I drove back over to the old clinic to get my P&T results just in case they failed to send it over. Well after the next week when I ask for another increase it got denied as he wanted a Peak and Trough, like he forgot I had one already and my counselor said he had failed to attach it to the request. My natural or unnatural assumption was the old clinic has somehow stopped me from getting an increase by something they said and I still kind of believe this as when he resubmitted it with the P&T the next week I get there and it is not denied but it is not signed either. When that doc admitted me with the results I quoted which were the same as the documented results he said that was showing me as a fast metabolizer thats why I got the 5mg right then and he told me to tell my counselor every three or four days. I only go to clinic once a week so no way to do tell my counselor but once a week, but nonetheless my point is he thought then I needed an increase and now he has the papers showing my results which are the same I reported. Is it fair for me to think they are upset with me or think I am up to no good etc…I mean the results do show me a fast metabolizer right? They monitor you to make sure you take your doses for three days made me stay in a chair for half hour after each days dose etc.. What’s up? And why does have to be so fearful to be a MMT patient. I finally found a freedom from illicit drugs and I feel more opressed then I did visiting the dopeman daily. I have just left it alone now for a few weeks because I am afraid because I am new at this clinic he will take my take homes etc… make me come everyday monitoring for my increases which it is winter and I live 40 miles away on a mountain and it could and would be a transportation issue. PLUS even though I have not been stabilized I have honored all the rules to maintain my takehomes etc. Been very compliant, go to groups, go to meetings etc… help!!!


    • Hello Tonya,
      I’m sorry you feel your clinic is mistreating you.
      Many times when I fuss over a patient – ask for levels, want observe for up to three hours, repeat EKG – it’s not because I think the patient is doing anything wrong. It’s because I want to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong. At higher doses, it is a good idea to observe a patient at their peak, to watch for sedation. I do repeat EKGs more frequently at doses over 120mg, only because I want to make sure the methadone isn’t putting the patient at risk for a heart rhythm problem. I might suggest not taking the safety measures personally.

      However, rude comments are not acceptable. Your clinic has a grievance process, and you should take advantage of it. It’s sad that some personnel feel like they can treat patients on methadone any differently than patients getting other types of healthcare. Personnel should always be professional and polite. When they are not, clinic supervisors need to know this.

      As for the doctor…I suspect he forgot you had levels. It happens. I’ve done similar myself, then feel foolish when I remember I’ve already talked to someone about the given issue.

      Your P & T do suggest fast metabolism. In such a case, I usually like to consider split dosing. That way, you don’t have to increase the dose to get a more stable blood level. Your new clinic may want to get to know you better before they decide if that’s safe. I’d suggest trying to form a relationship with your new counselor so she/he can see how well youa re doing. You’ve been stable for years, but your new clinic just hasn’t had time to get to know you.


  13. I did file a grievance and the director has rescheduled three meetings he set up with me the latest one he has failed to call me back and reschedule. I am just going to leave it all alone because it is such a negative focys. I do tho think of all the clients left behind to the victimization of these two nurses, but I tried and I have only stayed in a victim mode myself by keeping it going. I have had to worry since the day I was admitted that my QTC’s were a possible problem for me too etc… I do not want to lose MMT for in almost 30 years of a little sobriety here and there nothing works very long. MMT has been a life saver for me. As far as all the test being preformed I get fearful that the doctor will want to protect themselves against me when in fact if I lose MMT I know what is in store for me, the dopeman. I personally think Mrthadone for me even if not totally stable etc…is the better alternative here. I am 48 years old and Dope is going to be the death of me. I just know it, but thats not enough for me when I am left to my own devices. I beg to let me remain on Methadone for it’s the only hope I have ever had. In saying that I must ask that could a doctor not take into consideration this client has done pretty well on MMT and if this client has/had high QTC’s that a contract be written up relieving a doctor of any liability/liabilities if the doctor could and would keep this patient on MMT.
    Upon admission 2 years ago I had a QTC reading of 540 for almost two years I stayed in fear as the kept talking about needing to do a repeat one but I kept falling thru the cracks, under the radar whatever until the repeat one was done a month ago at the old clinic was the reading was 454 and is 454 a reason to worry? I had heard that under 500 was acceptable but of course I am in fear that somewhere down the libne this will become an issue as when I was admitted the nurse had said that I might not be able to remain on Methadone with high QTC’s.


    • A QTc of 540?
      Yikes. I would not have wanted to continue the methadone for fear of a fatal heart rhythm.
      For whatever reason, your QT has improved, and that’s good.

      The doctor/nurses are not picking on you by being worried about the QT interval. They are doing their job. I’m putting myself in your doc’s shoes. If I allowed a patient to stay on methadone with a terribly high QT and they died, I would feel awful. Of course in this country there’s the liability issue, but it is emotionally devastating to feel like you should have done something different with a patient, but didn’t. It’s upsetting for the nurses and counselors too, not to mention your loved ones.

      Having said that, any time we prescribe a medication, it’s a matter of balancing risks and benefits. In such a case, I’d ask myself what are the options? Is there a chance that buprenorphine would work? Have you tried prolonged inpatient residential treatment? How about a therapeutic community? All of these methods work for some patients. Methadone’s a good treatment, but it’s not the only way to recovery.
      If there are no good options (you’ve tried these other methods in the past & they didn’t work) and the patient fully understands the risks of maintaining on methadone, it’s still possible that methadone is the best answer.
      Your doctor may feel more at ease if you get the opinion of a cardiologist, to get a second opinion on exactly how risky methadone is for you.


      • I have been in several inpatient treatment facilities the longest being 180 days to half way housing to AA/NA step work etc….I did Suboxone before anyone knew about it. Well mainstream persons. I went into detox early 2000 might have been 2001 or 2003 not sure, but my mother paid $1390.00 to get a script at a pharmacy drove it to the detox in Daytona Beach Florida where I had been admitted and they gave it to me. They were going to discharge me because they said I was too sick for their care. I got the same BS from a detox this last time I went. I then entered into a court ordered residential facility. I relapsed because I left went to jail for five days because I left the Court Order went back stayed on suboxone a couple more months then went off that by a taper stayed in treatment got out made it 7 months got a kidney stone which I often get, back on the pills for another 3 years to moving to NC and going to detox in NC where I once again was drove to the hospital daily for IV etc… Cannot take clonodine blood pressure bottoms out for 11 days stayed there where every day they tried to talk me into Methadone Treatment I know everybody has their story and I try not to make mine any worse than the next person, but I get sick, terribly sick. I don’t get better in 5 to 10 days like most people I know. I get taken from detox to hospitals because I am so sick. You would think that alone would be enough for me and I think it is every time then….it happens. I fail. Well two years ago after being in a detox like I said 11 days and being so sick for another month or so after I got out I just said the heck with it and try to once again take just enough to let me function. Well we know where that got me so in the back of my mind I never forgot this nurse at detox telling me that I should consider MMT so I did and here I am. But everyday scared something is going to take it all away. Death is a better choice than returning to drugs. I have gained so much in these two years if I fail again after proving to my family how well I have done for these two years I will no doubt be out of the family again and that is too hard to handle at 48 not like when I was 20 or even 30 and I could substitute with friends etc…Another relapse looks like the end to me. When I first realized drugs to be a problem was before recovery was acceptable etc…. The first time I was put inpatient was on an eating disorder floor at a hospital because there was no drug treatment facilities in the area I lived in the NC Mountains. They kept me there and on the eating disorder treatment plan too but a therapist came in and saw me individually too. I did not have any eating disorder so this was really odd to have to participate in especially being sooooo sick and unable to even sit up for the groups I just stayed in non compliance with their counselors and/or groups after three or so weeks they sent me out of there into Broughton which is our State Mental Hospital, boy was that a trip. I was a drug addict not crazy, but must not have had insurance etc…Because I am sure if I did they could have done something a little better suited for me. I have been diagnosed with mental disorders but this was all after suicide attempts because I was tired of being the DRUG ADDICT etc… My family mostly my matriarch mother totally kicks me to the curb if I am using no questions asked. Like I said my road ahead looks real bleak if I relapse anymore. And…Methadone keeps me from wanting to use. Thank God.

  14. Oh and split dosing really makes me feel terrible more hours of the day. I gave it a three month trial and atleast now I have until midnight or so no withdrawals etc… Split dosing I felt yucky throughout the entire day.


  15. Posted by todywife on November 21, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    I went to a mmt clinic for a year and i was at 140mg. Had a peak n trough at 100mg n said i could go up. i felt great!!! i came back to the same clinic n they made me do a peak n trough at 95mg b/c my counselor said she observed me nodding in group. (it had nothing to do with me taking care of 3 children, 2 disabled in-laws, a part-time job, aa/na, group, etc.) my results showed i was 553 n somewhere around 800. basically that i was to high!! i explain that i feel sick around 3-4 pm after dosing around 8 am daily. i get aches, pains, gi problems, shakes, etc. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON???? i swear i am dope sick yet i can’t get any help. please write me back.


    • Have you talked to the doctor at your clinic? That’s where I recommend you start. I’m confused about why you had a peak and trough at 95mg and was told you were too high, and now are on 140mg.


    • Posted by ashleigh fuller on March 5, 2014 at 12:35 pm

      Maybe your peak is high…but then after that you metabolize the methadone at a ridiculous rate.
      Discuss split dosing with your doctor. That way you MAY not need to go up, but you’d have get half in the morning and half 12 hrs later…that should keep you from going into withdrawals for the full 24 hr period.
      Keep in mind not all doctors are advocates of split dosing and it is most ccommonly used in pregnant women in methadone maintenance treatment. However, they do use it in other situations when the doctor feels it is necessary.
      Keep us updated


  16. Posted by todywife on November 29, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    There are 2 separate occasions. The 1st time I went to the clinic I started in Mar 2010 and left Feb 2011. Thats the time I was at 140mg. I came back to the same clinic Sept 2011 and am currently there. I spoke w the p.a. and told him I still felt withdrawal so he bumped me up to 100mg. I told the p.a. that I was comfortable at 140mg and I guess I just assumed I could go back to that dose. Should I just continue to tell the p.a. that I am uncomfortable or should I do another peak n trough? I just want to feel better.


    • I’d recommend you keep talking to the physician assistant and/or doctor at your clinic about how you feel. If they just increased you to 100mg, give that at least 5 days and if you still feel withdrawal, let them know. I tell patients try not to get too wrapped up in what the number is – just tell me how you feel on this dose. You may need 140mg, maybe not. Probably it’s too early to tell. If you aren’t sure if your symptoms are withdrawal, let the P.A. know that too, and he/she may then see the need for a trough level, and maybe a peak.
      Just keep talking to the providers at your clinic.


      • Posted by todywife on December 17, 2011 at 8:20 pm

        I got up to 110mg and there was a note saying I couldn’t go up til I saw the p.a. I explained to him how I felt like straight crap. We went over mental health, if being dope sick is in my head, if I’ve seen my dr. for my physical health, if I’m burning the candle at both ends, etc. All of it is no…I just feel sick. So I can go up to 125mg (5mg a week) and if i still don’t feel good the I have to do another peak n trough. The p.a. checked me for withdrawal and I had a score of 14 out of maybe 30? So I’m in withdrawal, but treated like a problem more than a patient wanting help. What can I do to show the clinic that I am sick!!!

      • It sounds to me like your clinic is being careful, yet also listening to you. I think they’re doing a good job. After all, they gave you a window of 15mg more. My advice is keep talking to the doctor/physicians assistant. And don’t exaggerate – some people exaggerate out of fear they won’t get enough methadone, and they get unfairly labelled. I also advise patients not to get fixated on some number of milligrams. Just wait, and with each increase, see how you feel.

  17. Posted by todywife on December 17, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    P.s. my peak n trough was 553 and 812. The p.a. said my numbers show I am “more than fine” which to me was not at all correct!!


  18. Posted by megan on January 18, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    hi. My name is megan and I’m 21 years old. I have a 17 month old daughter and I’ve been clean since october 17 2009. I’ve been on methadone since march 2010. I was on suboxone prior to being on methadone, it was working great but I switched to methadone because my doctors told me it was safer for my pregnancy. Within three months of being on the methadone I was up to 120mg. I kept going up in dose because I felt strong withdrawals I’m the morning. Body aches, nauseua, chills, hot and cold sweats, etc. I take my dose everyday at 830am. By am the sickness starts. I can barely function I can barely even make it to the clinic. Now while I was pregnant, I thought it was possible that what I was feeling was just morning sickness. But now over a year later, I’m still sick every morning. I’ve gone up and up in dose and I’m still sick, no matter what. Its really bad, it just seems unfair. I’m sober, I don’t drink or do any drugs anymore I’m a good person and good mother..and I’m stuck being sick every morning. Its unfair. I’ve tried to come off the methadone several months a go. I slowly detoxed, and then came off. I was off for two and a half months and in brutal withdrawals the whole time. I ended up going back on the methadone in order to function. Prior to being on methadone I never had a single cavity. Now in the past two tears I’ve gotten 32 cavities. I’ve needed four root canals, two extractions and the rest filled in. I never have craving, I don’t want to get high and I don’t want to be on methadone. Its the worst thing that’s happened to me.. I get constant bladder infections from the side effect of urine retention. Im doing a trough test next week so they can see if im actually sick every morning. I’m hoping that goes well. Please someone give me advice or encouragement. Thank you.


    • There are so many variables that of course I can’t give you medical advice.
      However, I have some thoughts you may want to discuss with your own doctor.
      You say you did well on Suboxone. Is that an option now? You did taper off methadone at one point; have you talked with your doc about tapering again, only this time, switch back to the medication that you know has worked well? Maybe your body just doesn’t do as well with methadone. Also, when you say sick, do you mean nausea/vomitting kind of sick? If so, is there something else medically going on? Have you seen a medical doctor to make sure?
      The trough level won’t tell you if you’re sick; it just gives an indication as to whether the sickness is due to opioid withdrawal.
      If you have a decent trough level, I’d look for something else going on medically.
      Hope you get to the bottom of it soon!


    • Posted by Sherri Brawn on September 15, 2012 at 3:57 pm

      Hi there. I have been on Methadone tx for over 6 years now, and my urine screen’s were always fine. I switched to a new treatment program closer to home in November 2011, and all of a sudden in March 2012 my weekly urine drug screens started coming back NEGATIVE for Methadone. It really upset me because at the time I was drinking my daily dose (50mg)every morning at the Pharmacy,and doing my urine’s supervised by a nurse. I had 5 out of 6 urine’s come back this way, and then my doctor put me up 5 mg, and it didnt’ happen again until July 2012, and I have been testing negative 90% of the time since. This almost got me kicked off of the program because I think they were accusing me of giving fasle urine sample’s. I even went so far as to volunteer urine sample’s fo an entire week to show them that I was not doing anything wrong, and they came back negative too. Finally last week they called me into a meeting to tell me that they are giving me a 3 month probationary period to increase my dosage up to at least 70mg/day, and then will do a peak/trough test to see if I am a “fast metabolizer” or not. They told me that this particular blood test is expensive, and has to be sent away to a lab in Toronto. My problem is that why are we made to feel like criminals, and almost lose our treatment when there is a test to prove what is going on with some patients who are in the same situation. I just pray to God that when this test is done it show’s that I do metabolize methadone more quickly than some other’s do, and I will not feel as if I am going insane!


      • Posted by Sherri Brawn on September 15, 2012 at 4:06 pm

        Oh I forgot to mention that the urine drug screen’s I was doing always had to be done prior to getting my medication at the drug store. I wasn’t allowed to get my dose until I gave the urine, and came back with a note signed by the nurse who was with me.

      • I’ve seen this in a few patients. Your clinic needs to ask their lab to run your sample without a lower limit of detection. You are on a relatively low dose, and I suspect you are a fast metabolizer. I’m betting you do have methadone in your urine, but it’s below their cut off for a positive. I saw this in one patient who always drank a bunch of water, so her urine was somewhat dilute all the time. I’ve also seen it in one patient who was swallowing large amounts of baking soda to treat an upset stomach. The latter made his urine pH go way high, and I think that interfered somehow with excretion of methadone and methadone metabolites.
        I’m not sure why they want to raise your dose, unless you are feeling withdrawal or unless you are still using illicit opioids. They can do a test to see if you are a fast metabolizer, but what will that change? Peak and troughs are occasionally needed, but usually the methadone dose can be stabilized without them, on clinical grounds. They aren’t expensive, usually run around $15 for each blood level, or $30 for both peak and trough.
        Interesting situation. Please keep us posted on what happens.

    • Posted by ashleigh fuller on March 5, 2014 at 12:28 pm

      I’m surprised they don’t put you on a split dose. If they did that, the need to go up in dose may go away. And your teeth…I have had similar issues. Methadone can be acidic, but the main 2 reasons for tooth decay on methadone…
      1. You crave sweets. Oh my lord do you EVER.
      2. Methadone is notorious for drying your mouth out and lowering saliva production significantly.

      After taking your methadone, drink water and swish it around your mouth. Brush teeth an hr after you take methadone. Try to increase your water intake..and there are mouthwashes out there that help with dry mouth. Give em a shot.
      I’ve had weight issues and sweating issues on methadone personally. Was a size 3 pants at 105-110 lbs max..then pregnancy and methadone happened. Eek.

      I wish you luck dearie.


  19. Posted by Ralph DeLorso Jr on June 19, 2012 at 11:17 am

    I/M On 100MG a Day Been on since 1995 always clean urines,I HAVE A SEVER SPINE INJURY AND REITERS SYNDROME BLOCK FUSION and now Im having diffulculty cleared with pysical yet Im in full withdraw in morning Ive told my councelor who wants to due a peak and trough but shes told me if they don,t show anything shell have me decreased auto mactically and lose my bottles THIS IS AN OUT RAGE THEY ARE NAZIS WITH MY MEDICINE THEY TREAT THIS STUFF LIKE PLUTONIUM , ITS A MEDICINE PERIOD IM FED UP WITH THERE TREATING ME AS A DONKEY REACHING FOR A CARROT TO MOVE ALONG,AND ALWAYS USING THREATS OF TAKING AWAY


    • Wow. Can you talk to the doctor?


    • Posted by Sherri Brawn on September 15, 2012 at 4:02 pm

      Don’t they understand that with any medication that is taken over a long period of time you build up a “tolerance” to it, and require an increase? If you were on Morphine, or Hydromorphone for example you would need an increase at some point because your body naturally builds a tolerance to something you have been taking so long. Good luck to you Ralph… 🙂


      • One of the reasons why methadone works so well is that you do not develop a tolerance to the withdrawal-blocking effects of methadone. Some people stay on the same dose for years. However, tolerance does build to the anti-pain effect, as well as the euphoric effect, just like other opioids.

  20. I have been going to a MMT center. & my methadone level was .8 they said that i am buying it off the street but i have ask them at the clinic to cut my dose down because it was making me sick so could someone tell me if they have had a problem with the same thing i dont understand how my level is going up because i dont take anything besides what they give me at the clinic but the 60 mg i need this program and i would really appreciate anyone who could tell me if they know what could be causing this


    • Posted by ashleigh fuller on March 5, 2014 at 12:20 pm

      Little man,
      I would get your liver checked..just in case. Sometimes methadone can affect your liver or past drug use could have done so…This can affect how the methadone is processed and such.
      Good luck!


  21. Posted by April on February 7, 2013 at 11:20 am

    I am knew here I just figured someone here could answer a question for me. I need to know how toxic a .43mg/ml of methadone is? Here is the story. My 14 year old son past away the other day and they found .43mg/ml of methadone in his blood. He was found with the pill bottle. The pill bottle had 10mg pills in it. So I was wondering how many pills he took to get a .43 in his system. We already know it was an accidental overdose. He was having issues with his bipolar meds and we assumed he took the methadone to calm himself not knowing what the turn out would be. When they did the blood test they of course just looked for the methadone and didnt do any research on if his bipolar meds could of been the issue which leaves me with questions. So again if anyone could tell me if .43 mg/ml is high enough to kill my son and how many 10 mg pills that would be it would be highly appreciated for this mothers broken heart. Thanks


    • My heart ached when I read your comment. I can’t imagine the pain of losing your 14 year old, and I pray for your healing.
      I’m assuming the methadone wasn’t prescribed for him, and that he had not been taking it for any length of time. If he had no tolerance to opioids, yes, this could well be a fatal blood level. But the science isn’t precise enough to use a blood level to determine how many pills he took.

      A blood level of .43 would not be a fatal blood level for someone on methadone maintenance. In fact, when assessing patients for adequate dosing, I prefer their trough blood level, the lowest level the patient has all day, to be in the .200 to .400 range. So of course their peak would be higher than that.
      With methadone in specific and opioids in general, tolerance determines what’s a fatal blood level and what’s not. For a person who hasn’t taken any opioid, ever, even a dose of 30mg of methadone could be fatal, while I have patients on as much as 150mg who may report feeling withdrawal.
      That’s why pathologists can’t (or shouldn’t) make a determination that methadone was the cause of death without knowing more about the circumstances of the patient. They would need to know how long the patient had been on methadone and other clinical details. But if this wasn’t your son’s medication, and he had not taken methadone before, it could well be the cause of death.

      My sympathies. Your loss underlines the importance of responsible opioid prescribing by physicians.


      • Posted by April on February 8, 2013 at 9:36 am

        Thank you for your response. The medicine wasn’t prescribed to him. The reason I was wondering the count is to know if it was possible that if it was the bipolar meds that he was on could of been the cause of death. He had only been on bipolar meds for about 2 month, we had just refilled his prescription of Depokate, Seroquel and Zoloft a week prior to his death and the night before he started to get bad hand tremors. My son had experimented with different drugs in the past but had been clean since the diagnosis of bipolar so in my head he only took the methodone to try and calm his nerves. But of course with the methadone not being prescribed to him they didn’t look at the blood work for the levels of his bipolar meds. I know I have so many questions and there will probably never be an answer so I want to thank you again for your response and your time.
        To everyone else out there, throw away any old unused medicine and keep your current medicines locked up, cause you never know who might take it. I would hate for anyone else to go through this pain because of a pill.

      • Posted by Jez on February 16, 2016 at 4:10 pm

        Hi my name is jez. I’m currently in a methadone clinic. My trough levels have been so crazy I was at 150 but went down to 85mg. My dose I feel is stable my first trough in Dec was .88 and a couple weeks ago they did another one still at 85 mg. And it is at 1.03 I have hep c and endometriosis. As well as going through menopause at a young age.So I have a lot of health problems. The doctor at my clinic said caffeine has something to do with it. I cut back my caffeine intake. They keep lowering and lowering me. I’m not using mathadone outside of the clinic I’ve been clean for a year. But I’m scared of relapsing with my dose keep getting cut. I don’t feel sedated. I don’t know what to do.

      • You have to talk to your doctor. Why is she checking trough levels, anyway? Is she under the impression they can determine your dose?

      • I don’t understand all these numbers. I’m taking 150mg a day but if I go up I have to do a peak and trough, I feel bad all the time and I sweat so much I’m miserable, can’t sleep and don’t feel like doing anything were i feel so darn bad. I don’t know what to do. On Feb 17, 2016 7:43 PM, “Janabursons Blog” wrote:

        > janaburson commented: “You have to talk to your doctor. Why is she > checking trough levels, anyway? Is she under the impression they can > determine your dose?” >

      • Posted by Jez on February 19, 2016 at 1:48 pm

        I had one done because I was above 100mg and it kept saying high trough. I have went from 150mg now down to 75mg I got dropped 10mg yesterday. I have hep c and I also recently had surgery for endometriosis but now I’m going through early stages of menopause. I haven’t been taking any extra methadone and for awhile I would eat oranges and drink orange juice every day she said that effected mt dose but I now don’t do that. Idk2 why trough is off the wall all the time

      • Now I have another problem they are wanting to start doing oral/saliva drug testing and quit doing urine testing and I have had a couple of them in the past and every time I did one it broke my mouth out and I couldn’t hardly eat for a couple of days.. What am I supposed to do now? I’m getting so tired of this crap, it’s something all the time.

      • Posted by Jez on February 19, 2016 at 2:38 pm

        Have you been dirty or nodding out when you go to the clinic? There should not be a need for that

      • No. I’m on level 6 but I still go once a week because of $. I haven’t felled a drug test and no I don’t nod out either. I have problems because I can’t sleep and If I do finally get some rest I wake up every 2 hrs. I don’t know why I do that but I stay tired all the time. Most ppl have problems cause it makes them gain weight but i haven’t gained a pound. I still weight a 125 pounds I never did gain any weight.

      • Posted by Jez on February 19, 2016 at 4:18 pm

        Wow. I’ve gained a lot of weight but I also have other health problems. I don’t get why they want saliva test on you especially being such a high phase. Has someone made a report against you maybe? Like that you are bringing in urine? I’ve had that happen to me. When someone didn’t like me they said I was bringing in urine. They actually made me do like 4 observed ua and saliva test

      • Not that I know of but it doesn’t bother me one bit to do a urine drug test and be watched every time. Just saying. Because I don’t do nothing wrong. I wouldn’t think anybody would call on me or why they would. I don’t bother anyone and nobody bothers me so I don’t think so because I never cause no problems. I go in get my meds. and I leave.

    • Posted by Barbara on January 23, 2016 at 7:52 pm

      I actually had a drug screen come back saying that my methadone levels were 43ng. And I take 125mgs but my levels also been reading sometimes way way to high sometimes way to low and that was one of them but I have a high metabolism and also always dehydrated I’m trying to figure out y their reading saying basically I’ve taken enough to kill a horse or 2


  22. April

    My sympathies for you . I can’t even imagine what you must be dealing with at this time and how the actions of one person can cause such harm for so many. It is sad to say but so many addicts are born out of trying to self medicate and maybe your son dealing with bi-polar had or was doing such, but nonetheless there is nothing that can make any sense out of this terrible tragedy. I did take a moment to pray for the healing of you and your family. I hope that you can find all the answers you need to make any sense of the methadone versus the bi-polar medications as you might be on to something there also.. Best of luck


    • Posted by ashleigh fuller on March 5, 2014 at 12:18 pm

      When not monitored, a mixture of antidepressants and methadone CAN be fatal. So while the methadone in it and of itself may or may not be the reason…The combination of drugs is the most likely culprit. As mentioned before by another poster…if your son didn’t have a tolerance, it very well could have ended his life prematurely.
      I have a 6.5 yr old and a 2 yr old…my oldest is the only one I can discuss this with right now, but I am honest with him about my past and what it has done to me. He sees the face I make when I drink my methadone and I’ve told him before that a mere drop could kill him. He has never been tempted to even go near the lock box my dose is in. He knows I get violently I’ll without it, but I also say the medicine is made special for me, so it would kill anybody else who takes it. To an extent it is true..As far as the dose amount goes.
      On the flip side, I have a 15 yr old brother whose main thing is pot BUT takes anything he can get his hands on. I warned our mom that he may be saying what she wants to hear to get out of treatment faster…and he proved I was right shortly thereafter. I know all of the tricks, so it is impossible for him to run game on me. I love him and want to save him, but we all know addicts only change when THEY want to. Plus he still won’t accept that he is an addict. :/
      I fear he’ll get stabbed or murdered…or take something and it’ll kill him…Or sell something to another kid and that kid will die.
      I fear these things every day.
      He feels because he didn’t do heroin like I did that he isn’t doing anything too wrong.
      I want to save him before he makes a fatal mistake, but…he was a thick wall up.

      I’m so very sorry your beloved son passed away, april. These stories hurt my heart and make me afraid for my kids and family in general.
      We all need to focus on saving our youth…so many preventable and unnecessary deaths.
      And when I say preventable, I’m not in any way insinuating that you could have known or prevented it, sweetie. If our kids want to do something or hide something, they will…regardless of how hard we try. I pray you aren’t in any way blaming yourself because being a terrible addict myself…I can tell you it wasn’t you at all nor could you have changed his mind.
      I know some of these posts I’m replying tto are old, but I hope you all see them…especially you, april.
      I send you my love and compassion.


      • Posted by April on March 6, 2014 at 5:50 am

        Thank you so much for compassion. It been just a little over a year since I lost my son and there isn’t a moment that goes by that there isn’t regrets.
        I don’t know anything about methadone. I do know that the pills my son got a hold of were 10mg pills and they were prescribe to my grandmother for pain. She had only taken them a couple of times. The pills got left at my house on one of her visits about 5 years prior. We had put them away in a drawer to get them back to her and she didn’t want them back. After that the pills had just been forgotten about until that horrible morning when my son just didn’t wake up.
        I read what you said about your brother and I hope he can find himself and realize the road he is going down is dangerous and very destructive for everyone around him.
        I pray for you and your family.
        Sorry that this was a little drawn out been one of those days
        Thank you Ashleigh

  23. Posted by Jennifer R on April 22, 2013 at 12:21 am

    My name is Jenny. I have been in MMT for seven months now. I was an active addict for eight years, approximately, and for the most part am doing very well. First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for replying faithfully to these posts, as most addicts, including myself, have a hard time working past the fear of being grouped as liars, etc, and if they are serious about doing this correctly, are scared of bringing anything up that could possibly leave room for suspicion, e.g., asking for an increase in doses. I am currently on 95mg/day, taken around 6:30am. I was fine on this for the last 5/6 months. My question is, how normal is it to need to increase dose after an established dose has been given for seven months. My sleeping patters have changed, and in the morning I am in the early anxious stages of withdrawal. Feeling like a can’t sit down, sensitive skin. Some days a runny nose. I have not relapsed during MMT, something I am very proud of, and the staff is always exceptional with me, commending my progress, etc. I am concerned about bringing this up. What I have been trying to find out is just how common increasing a dose is in patients that were, at one point, stable? I have thought of ways to hypothetically bring up the subject, but for the most part, am still on the search for a simple answer. Thank you for your time. What you’re doing is extremely helpful.


    • You need to talk to your program’s doctor. From what you are describing, it sounds like withdrawal. You shouldn’t be ashamed of asking for a higher dose; we know patients do better if they get up to a dose that gets rid of all the withdrawal symptoms. I still think the best way is to be straightforward, and say hey I think I need a bit higher dose and here’s why, then tell him/her your symptoms.


  24. Posted by Jenny R on April 23, 2013 at 1:30 am

    I will make a point to talk with my provider. But, out of curiosity, is it normal for doses to lose effectiveness over time in some patients? Is this a situation you have seen with your clients, or could it be manifesting due to differences in my lifestyle? Like I mentioned, I will make a point to talk to my counselor and nurse about this. But I would like to know if it’s uncommon or not. Thank your for responding. I really appreciate it.


    • Patients don’t usually develop a tolerance to the blocking dose of methadone. But things change, like activity levels, body weight, medications, stress, etc.


      • Posted by ashleigh fuller on March 5, 2014 at 12:02 pm

        Now I know every person’s body is different, but let me ask you if this is….reasonable…

        A very tall and lanky lady in her early 30s (which indicates a high metabolism, yes) who isn’t pregnant nor has she been for at least 3 or 4 years…on a dose of 400 some mg.
        Does that seem.. Excessive or is that not that unheard of?

    • Posted by ashleigh fuller on March 5, 2014 at 12:05 pm

      Have you started a new job in the last month or two that has you moving more or doing more physical labor? Of so, this may have revved up your metabolism and could be the culprit.
      Best of luck!

      -A fellow MMT’r


  25. Posted by jordan on February 14, 2014 at 12:46 am

    been n treatment for 9 years currently on 160mg been clean since treatment no dirty urine screens we recently got a new doc he is making everyone over 120mg take peak n trough test seen this post b4 I took test but did not think much bout it well now im being told that he is going to start decreasing me to 120mg note I have never even spoke to him and he is going to change my dose I would like to show them some info on active and inactive isomers that they will take serious but don’t know where to find it all the medical terminology is hard to follow I haven’t seen the results yet for the p&t so I don’t know the numbers I hope u can help thanks


    • What you are describing isn’t accepted medical practice. Peak and trough blood levels can help decide if a patient would do better with split dosing, but wouldn’t have value at this point for you if your doctor’s not considering split dosing. if you feel fine on 160mg there’s no reason for blood levels. If he’s concerned you are drowsy because you’re on too much methadone, I’d recommend he ask you to see him three hours after dosing. He can assess your level of alertness, and if you are sleepy or sluggish, reduce your methadone dose. If you are awake, perky, and living life, no reason to change the dose.
      Sounds like your doctor thinks blood levels can tell him more than the clinical picture. This is rarely the case.


      • Posted by Khris Banks on June 22, 2015 at 2:13 pm

        Lol my dose was cut in half due to a peak & trough. I hit a 160 my limit at my first clinic, still needed more. 2nd clinic told me “yea wecan increase you” and nothing else. But after I transferred…”Oh just go do this simple test for us, oh my god. That clinic almost killed you, how were you not showing any signs of Euphoria? We’re cutting your dose in half! Welcome to the program!! “

    • Posted by ashleigh fuller on March 5, 2014 at 11:59 am

      Is there another clinic you can try within reasonable driving distance?
      The doctors at my clinic are very understanding..all within reason.
      I do know there are some doctors out there who look purely at numbers and assume the patient is lying to “get high” or feel somewhat euphoric. I am sorry if that is the case at your clinic. Is there more than 1 doctor there you can speak to?


  26. Jordan
    there is a forum that can supply you info on the active inactive isomer details for your clinic at


  27. Posted by ashleigh fuller on March 5, 2014 at 11:56 am

    I have been successfully attending the same clinic for seven years. This is my third pregnancy..and this one was an absolute oops. Think antibiotics and birth control.

    Had blood work done at 9.5 weeks gestation, and I got my results today; trough was .2 and peak was .41.
    Not only was my trough low, but my peak to trough ratio is 2 to 1… yikes. I was doing my best to
    A. Avoid going up in dose
    B. Just do a split because it works well when I am pregnant.
    Except I’ve had to go up since then and will continue to a little more. The blood work was carried out because I was requesting a split dose…evidence in my favor. I’ve know for a bit that my body has been burning through the methadone quickly…withdrawal symptoms. 😦
    Thing is, I don’t remember my other kiddos sucking down this much this quick. Then again, I was on a much lower dose at the start of this one than I was in previous pregnancies.

    So in specific situations, I can see blood work helping…especially when it is showing LOW levels. However, when revealing high levels I see how it could be misleading.. measuring both active and inactive isomers.
    I’m happy to say they take so much more into consideration at my clinic that JUST the blood work.


  28. Posted by Robert on July 15, 2014 at 3:19 am

    I started mmt today at my local clinic here in dothan al. I was reluctant to go because several people told me that they refuse to dose high enough to be successful, but I decided to start any way because I figured it beat what I have been doing just to stay “well”. The first thing the dr tells me is that they don’t dose higher than 80mg and that I would have to have a p&t when I get to 80mg. I was floored when I heard that. I have been taking 150mg a day just to maintain with out getting sick and now I reached out for help just to find out I’ll have to keep scoring methadone on the streets. All I want is to have some quality of life and be a productive member of society but when I finally try to get the help I need I feel like I’ve pretty much been shot down. I wish that Dr could read this blog. The sad thing is I think they are risking patients’ successful treatment just so they can make more $. They charge a flat rate of $13 a day whether someone doses at 25mg or 200mg and it seems to me that they decided it made more “cents” to keep doses low therefore keeping their methadone costs low yet still treating the same amount of patients at a flat rate. I don’t think they really care if the patient’s treatment is successful because they will keep coming regardless due to the fact it’s the only clinic within an hour and a half drive and should the patient stop coming the demand for opiods will have another person enrolling right behind them. Sorry for venting on your blog I am just very worried about my future at the moment. It does it look as bright now as it did this morning. I kind of got the wind taken out of my sails when the doctor told me that he caps at 80 milligrams


    • Well that’s just weird.
      You can a documant contaning the best practices for doctors at opioid treatment programs. You can order this information to be mailed to you, OR download it for free, at http://store.samhsa.gov/home
      Please order two copies – one for yourself and one for your doctor, who appears to desperately need information about optimal dosing. Ask him to go to pages 70 and 71 so he can better educate himself about proper dosing. The poor thing needs information.


    • Posted by Khris Banks on June 22, 2015 at 2:20 pm

      I live in Canada but am assuming your in the U.S….where the “war on drugs” is more important than health care! Canada too.


  29. Posted by Robert on July 17, 2014 at 11:55 am

    Yes I thought it was strange for him to say that also. Plus I am no Dr but I know you can’t treat every patient the same and that’s what is happening when he stops increases at 80mg. The counselors at the clinic also inform the patients that they won’t be dosed higher than 80mg. I have done mmt in south Carolina and Florida but this is the first time I had ever heard anything like that from a Dr or counselor. I was a little aggravated when I made my last post so I apologize for the rant. I was searching for info on p&t tests because I had never had one before and the understanding I got from the Dr was that he used the test to solely determine a patients treatment. I’m glad I stumbled acrossed your blog. Thank you for all of the info and I will get a copy of that document to my Dr and see if it makes a difference.


  30. Posted by Rachel on July 31, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    Hi- I have been on a MMT program for about four months now. I normally get dosed around 5:30-6 a.m. and I am currently at 170mg. The issue is that around 6 p.m. I start going through extremely bad withdrawals. I am still so sick that I need to use other (illicit) drugs in order to make it through the night. I just want the methadone to block me from getting high for a full 24 hours like it’s supposed to! Since I can use again after 12 hours, wouldn’t you think that meant I was a fast metabolizer? The doctor stopped letting me increase my dose and had a peak and trough done, and the physician assistant read the results first and originally told me that I was definitely a fast metabolizer and that I probably need to be increased and should also consider a split dose. I think a split dose would be a life savor for me. But then the main doctor saw the results and he disagreed- he says I am not a fast metabolizer. My trough was .37 and my peak was .70. Doesn’t the fact that I can still use and that I am in complete withdrawal after 12 hours (huge pupils, stomach and back aches, eye watering, constant yawning, anxiousness) mean that I am metabolizing it too fast? I am having another peak and trough test done tomorrow because the physician assistant doesn’t think that my “peak” is actually at the normal 3 hour mark. So we are going to try taking my peak around 2 hours instead.

    I’m terrified that the results will come back the same as the first one and that I am never going to get better! I’m scared he won’t even let me increase my dose anymore because of the results of these tests.. I can’t believe that the doctor can even make these decisions without seeing me- the physician assistant could tell I was in withdrawl when I came back for my peak test the first time after 3 hours. So she believes me…

    Can you please let me know your thoughts? Do you think it sounds like I am a fast metabolizer? Do you think doing the second peak and trough- with the peak being done after 2 hours is a good idea? (about 1 to 2 hours later is when I feel the methadone the most, at 3 hours it already feels like it’s decreasing to me and I am starting to get sick.. I don’t know if that’s in my head though or what..)


  31. Posted by Robert on September 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    I have now reached a dose of 75mg after weeks of 5mg increases. I’ve been white knuckleing it the entire time and have resorted to supplementing my dose. I just increased to 75 today and the Dr wrote an order for a p&t to be done if I request another increase. The nurse that dosed me this am recommended that I not risk a p&t because she has never seen anyone get increased. Only forced to decrease their dose. I have tried talking to the Dr but it’s pretty difficult considering they are rotated weekly and u can’t really build a Dr patient relationship with them. this has been extremely disappointing to me because I started going to the clinic in order to get my life together with the hopes that they can help me. Now it’s like I’m being told yes we could help you but we are not because they determine increases after 80 milligrams solely on a p&t. There is another clinic about 45 minutes away from where I live that could possibly be an option but I’m barely getting by financially driving 10 miles a day much less 40. All I want is to get stabilized and eventually detox completely but it seems the clinic I’m a patient at here in Houston county Alabama is giving people just enough to keep them coming back but not willing to give an amount that some patients actually need. They are also making $40 a pop on the p&t test for the ones not to scared to ask. I don’t know what to do I mean they can tell when I go in in the mornings when I have the sweats and nausea and my pupils are large plus a heart rate of almost 100 beats a minute that I am not doing well. All I want is a good night sleep and to be able to lead a productive life without fighting sickness everyday or doing illegal deals to get by. To my knowledge the clinic I am at is the only one in the area ran this way. I have talked to people from Birmingham, Montgomery, Bainbridge Ga, and Panama city fl and they’ve all looked at me like I was crazy when I told them how the clinic here does. Is there anyone i can contact about this?


    • Sounds odd to me, and not in line with how methadone dose requests are usually managed. I’d recommend talking with your state methadone authority and ask if they can do some education programs for physicians at OTPs in your state. Or you can find out what company owns your program, and file a grievance. We’ve known for more than twenty years that it’s better to take patients to a dose that works, which is usually around 80-120mg
      but PLEASE don’t take illicit methadone because it will make you look like you are not in withdrawal, and only complicate the issue.


      • Posted by Alex Cruz on September 26, 2014 at 4:30 pm

        Please answer me

      • Posted by Alex Cruz on October 6, 2014 at 4:00 pm

        I really need your help on this question

      • Posted by Khris Banks on June 15, 2015 at 4:32 pm

        Dr. Jana Burson right? I commented on another one of your posts and I felt I should mention that my I came to this new clinic because I had reached the “limit” of the other clinic. I came to them requesting an increase on 16O MG of Methadone and I was pouring sweat, not sure about my eyes but I had many if not all other clinical withdrawal signs. After my First Peak & Trough, despite my being at 16O for 6 – 8 months with nothing but clean tests, complaining of withdrawal symptoms after 8 -12 hours, my dose was not just decreased but CUT IN HALF. I actually had a fight with my nurse cause she was saying I was going to die with a peak of 4-5 hundred….and Trough less than half at 215. I was told I was “toxic” and after cutting my dose in half, I was back to taking other narcotics so my dose was increased because I fought for it, I was on 16O and they had me at 7O and tried to tell me HOW I WAS FEELING….”No your not in withdrawal”. They brought me up to 95 and denied me further increases and on top of that, told me that if I did not quit using that I would be kicked off the program all together. So they sucked me in by promising an increase but once they got me on, cut my dose and bullied me into feeling like shit every day since. It is obvious this place is run by the government. I can not even see “my” Doctor, or what is supposed to be, by myself. The nurse HAS to be there, I asked the nurse to leave so I could speak to the Doctor in private and no joke her and the “Doctor” both looked at each other, laughed in my face and said “We don’t do that here”. I got up and walked out of the office, I’ve never been treated like that by a ” Doctor” in my life. There was another time right after they cut my dose in half, they had brought it up about 15% from half of my original dose to 95 mg and I went in crying, complaining of severe withdrawal and that I couldn’t handle this dose and I needed to go up, the Doctor looked at the same nurse, snickered and called me a “liar” and said “Your just fucking trying to make me feel bad for you so I’ll give you more drugs, well its not going to work”. Word for word, In order to stop myself from absolutely telling her EXACTLY what I thought of her I had to, for the second time, walk out during the middle of my appointment. I’ve never felt so betrayed or disrespected in my life. Especially from a medical ” professional ” if you can call her that. Before that appointment, I was going to counselling weekly at the clinic and every appointment, asking for an increase due to withdrawal, after that appointment: I stopped going to counselling, have never been back and have never asked for another increase, or anything from that “Doctor”. Thankfully, she retired and I am supposed to be meeting a new Doctor in the next few weeks, I hope he will look past this stupid peak & trough test and treat me as a patient, instead of my test results. Thank you for your time, Doctor. Might I add, I have an unmeasureable amount of respect for you due to your iews on MMT and how you seem to take into account what the patient says. Much respect to you. – Khris

      • What you describe – obviously – was extremely disrespectful behavior by a doctor. If indeed he used that language, please complain to your state’s medical board.
        I hope you are treated appropriately by this new doctor. If you encounter this same unacceptable behavior, complain to your state’s State Opioid Treatment Authority. I’m not sure they can do anything except maybe make sure the OTP’s owner is put on notice. You say it’s run by the government? Should not make any difference. In fact, if that program gets state/federal money, they should be held to a higher standard.
        I HATE to hear when bad science is peddled by OTP staff who should know better.
        are there any other programs near you?

  32. Posted by Alex Cruz on September 17, 2014 at 7:18 pm

    I’m on 147 mg and got a trough done and my counselor said that I have 670 mg of methadone in my blood how is that possible please help me


  33. Posted by Robert on October 14, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    I confided in my counselor about the information I have read on p&t. I also told her what the nurse said to discourage me from getting one. I don’t believe the nurse had bad intentions I think she was just trying to save me from wasting my $. It has been weeks since i spoke about my concerns to my counselor and I had decided just to deal with the fact that the clinic I am a patient at did things a certain way and there wasn’t anything I could do about it so I never brought it up again. It is time for me to phase up and my counselor informed me that I had to see the Dr since I wasn’t on a stable dose ( keep in mind I only broached the subject once several weeks ago and only to my counselor ). Well the Dr came in this morning and basically treated me like some trouble making junky. I was talked down to and told that everything I read was wrong and that they used the p&t to determine dosing. I was also told if I didn’t agree with it I could go somewhere else. He refused to phase me up and basically talked to me like I was a piece of crap. I have never caused one problem, have not failed a drug test, and have not missed a day. I am 100% compliant with my treatment program but apparently since I voiced my concerns to my counselor once I am a trouble maker. I feel humiliated and I feel like this Dr totally abused his authority and the fact that there are no other local options mmt. I am not a disrespectful person but I really wanted to be this morning. However I didn’t talk back and I even asked him why I was being treated that way when I had done nothing but voice my concerns about some information I had read. His reply was if I didn’t like it I could seek treatment elsewhere. I am not an ignorant person nor am I some piece of trash. I am a well spoken educated young man that happens to have issues with addiction. I don’t deserve to be spoken to that way. In fact no one does. It makes me question how that man treats other people if he treats me like that just for asking a question. I’ve thought about writing a complaint but I found out that he is the one that would receive it and I don’t want to risk getting discharged. It’s a sad day when someone in the position that physician is in abuses their authority. I guess I’m just stuck where I’m at and it’s pointless to even say anything but this has really upset me. is there anyone i can contact that could actually or would actually do anything? Or will they be just like this doctor and since I’m a drug addict look at me and treat me like I am scum and will not take my concerns into consideration?I have never been treated that way before my life.


  34. Contrary,our clinics in Tennessee don’t want to dose patients high,they seem to have very low caps.as a result,sadly we drive 100+ miles out of state in order to dose higher,when the tenn,clinics are less than 10) miles from my home..


  35. I have been on mmt for about a year and a half!! I have been at the same dose 130mgs for a good while (prob a year) Well, the clinic I go to wants to do a peak and trough test to go above 130 so I did the test ab a week ago! I finally got the results today….the nurse didn’t give me my exact numbers only said that my peak was very high so they aren’t going to go up at all!!! Which really sucks bc ive felt for a while that I literally cant even tell im taking anything!! For the longest time tho it really helped with my pain (I have a few buldging and herniated discs in my back which is the reason I was on prescribed pain killers to begin with…….methadone has helped with my pain a lot until lately (past cpl months) So, now I can not go up but what I don’t understand is, if my peak is high what does that mean???? Does that mean my body isn’t absorbing the methadone at the rate it should be??or at all?? I don’t know what my results mean and how(if there is a way) to bring that number down by helping somehow with the absorbtion of the methadone into my body……….HELP me understand what this means and what I can do ab it!!!! TIA


    • I’d recommend seeing your prescribing physician. She/he can explain exactly what the P&T mean. If the peak is not more than twice the trough, it means you probably wouldn’t benefit from split dosing. Beyond that, I can’t interpret your tests – clinical exam findings also have to be taken into account, so your doctor should explain conclusions about your dose to you.


  36. Dear Dr. Jay:

    With respect to the Peak/Trough testing for Methadone, what substances or medications would affect the results?
    Any suggestions would assist me in verifying eaxm validity. Thank you ever so much.

    Best Regards
    Marc Wilson


  37. Dr. Burson:

    With respect to the peak and trough test, what substances, medications, or other factors would affect the final result?


    • I would think any medication that can induce methadone metabolism or inhibit methadone metabolism could affect blood levels. Pregnancy, of course, can drop blood levels, due partly to the plasma expansion that occurs during pregnancy.
      for a full list you may need to speak with a toxicologist, though.


  38. Posted by Michelle Riddle on January 4, 2016 at 11:16 pm

    My brother is on methadone and he wanted to do a peek and trough because he is still having some withdrawal symptoms, .He has been going for 10 yrs. and never failed a drug test or a.bottle recall. Then they said it was to high and put him on a 10 days detox. He.was on 180 mgs then dropped it to 140 mgs the first day! And 20mgs on the 2nd day. What can I do for hin.


  39. Posted by Michelle Riddle on January 7, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    My brother had a peek and through , he has been going for 10 years and has not failed a drug test or a bottle recall. When he done the peek and through they said it was to high and put him on a 10 day detox, I would like to know why they put him on a 10 day detox.


  40. Posted by Mary Kinney on January 9, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    I ran on 71 mg of methadone and had three take homes per week . I felt like I was having withdraws but didn’t want to go up cause I didn’t want to loose take homes for a week cause the clinic is 25 minutes away . My doctor started me on Wellbutrin and I was taking phentermine for weight Loss and levy thyroxin for thyroid. I started the Wellbutrin on the 8th and then I had a urine screen on the 14th and it showed that I had 101 in my urine of methadone . I was shocked cause I always take my medicine. I lost my take homes but I put in a grievance and had them do a peek a trough . They had a lot of problems taking my blood . They sent in the trough and had to send in the peak two days later cause I had to go to my doctors office and get it taken. My trough came back today and it says methadone-trough Less than 0.1 and then on the right it says reference range 0.10-1.00 . My doctor had written a letter stating that due to my three medication mixed together it could have made my test show the 101 . The clinic still had my case under review . I am really upset cause I didn’t do anything wrong and list all my take homes . Can you please tell me if this trough showing less than 0.1 shows that it is metabolizing fast? I have been taking my medicine in front of them every day for two weeks so they can’t say anything like I’m not taking my medicine . Will you please give me your opinion . My peak is not in yet I’m hoping it will be here Monday . If you just give me your opinion it will be great cause this has really affected me and I am extremely upset cause I feel like I am being punished for not doing anything wrong and it’s not fair . Thank you


    • I’m not sure what you mean by 101. Is that a drug level in the urine?? Because urine drug levels can vary depending on how dilute the urine is, which is based on how much water you’ve happened to have that day. It worries me that it sounds like your doctor thinks he can determine how much methadone you are taking based on a urine drug level because the science isn’t that exact, even if you do control for dilution.
      And yes, thyroxine and phentermine can increase metabolic rate too. I’m not sure the wellbutrin would have much of an effect.
      The bottom line is that if your doctors are saying you were not taking take home doses appropriately because of a low level of methadone in the urine, they are basing that opinion on shaky science, and that’s unfair to you!


      • Posted by Mary Kinney on January 18, 2016 at 4:17 pm

        I did send you another email I don’t know if you received it . I finally got my take homes back because my doctor wrote a letter to the clinic and in was very persistent because I was innocent and took all of my medicine as prescribed . I got my peak a trough done and the trough was less than 0.01 and my peak was 0.22. What would my number be . The clinic dr said it was low and gave me a number but I really could not understand him . I would like to thank you for answering my other question . It’s nice to be able to get a professional to answer questions . Especially when you feel like your not getting treated fair .

      • Yes, sorry for the repetition.
        those are very low levels.

  41. Posted by Kimberly on January 15, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    I’m at 110 but get my dose at 7:30 or 8:30 in the morning… By 3 in the afternoon I’m sweating,cranky,feeling sick….I.E. Withdrawal stuff…been doing this since 90 ….started in October and still feel sick in the afternoon’s. Now I’ve told them ove and over again and again this and they raise me up a month at a time last month when I went from 100 to 110 they made me get a through level it was 317….and the Dr was like what are you doing you know I don’t need that to move her up to 110 . It was to shut me up for another week tell those test came back. So now I’m still getting sick and to go to 120 guess what I need another through level… .well its 485 what’s does that mean for me?


    • A trough level without a peak is of limited value. I wish your OTP had also drawn a peak blood level. The ratio of the peak to trough is how we can tell if our patient will feel better with a split dose.
      However, a trough level of 485 certainly is not considered high. some sources recommend patients to have at least a trough of 400ng/dl.


      • Posted by Mary on January 18, 2016 at 2:38 am

        My peak was 0.22 and my trough was less than -0.01 . Can you tell me what the level would be . I am at 81 now . The dr is foreign and I didn’t understand him at all .

      • This is a very low peak and trough. Can you get a nurse to do sort of a translation?

  42. Posted by Scott on January 28, 2016 at 3:19 am

    I just want to know if you dose at 6 am every day I forgot and took it at 745 pm and gonna dose at 6 am the next day that is 13 hrs hope that is Lon enough time


  43. Posted by Leigh on March 23, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    I have been on 15mg for the last 3 years. My urine came back metabolites or something like that. I was told it was in my system but i must of skipped a dose. So than they wanted to tell me my urine level has come back between 1300 and 1500 and that is to high for 24 hours after dosing. They pulled every lab for 2 years and everyone was in that range except this last one. So now they think I am taking extra or running out because of my last screen. How can they say 1300 to 1500 in my urine is to high when every one has been that way for a couple of years now. They want to phase me down and i am monthly. I do not understand this. I take every morning same time and same dose. If i wanted to go up or wanted more methadone i would come in and see Dr. This is so weird. I need people to know what they are doing. Please help


    • Yes, I think you should see your doctor to better explain her reasoning.


      • Posted by Leigh on March 24, 2016 at 6:36 pm

        Yes that is too high for my urine count?? If so i dont know what else to do. I take it same time everyday and have worked so hard to come down over the years. Now i am stuck at 15. If i needed more i would just go up. I have offered to come in daily and pay for screen to show they are still same level. Every one is the same not one under 1300. I am older less active and going through menapause. Thank u for your help

      • Posted by Leigh on June 10, 2016 at 3:29 am

        Hi, so everything worked out and I did get my phase back. However not one person at my clinic can explain why 24 hours after dosing my urine stays at around 1300. I ask them to call lab and lab told my clinic you can’t really say a patient is taking to much based off urine. The lab stated they have seen people at my urine level that takes my methadone level 15mg. I was told by the clinic that they are still watching me. The problem is my numbers have been that way for years so they are steady. My clinic said my urine number was like someone on 60ml of methadone. So my next question was is this bad?? Is my urine number too high on my dose?? I am just scared and nobody at my clinic really knew how to explain it. The Dr there is new and has only been working with methadone for a year!!! I have been on methadone for 12 years and never missed a dose. Could u tell me if my body is toxic or something. I have clinic saying urine to high and lab says they have seen people like me with same numbers. I just want to know if i am toxic or way to much has built up over time. My blood work always comes back good when they do a physical. I am just scared now that i have no clue if my liver is storing to much. Thanks in advance
        Very concerned now that lab says one thing clinic says another. Do you know what a long time everyday patient at my 15ml dose should the urine count read by the next day? I am scared and i just want to know if this is normal.

      • Your clinic is wrong. The lab is correct. Due to dilution, Ph, and a bunch of other variables, you cannot tell what someone’s dose is by looking at the urine level.
        To answer the question about toxicity – are you drowsy after dosing? Methadone peaks about 3-5 hours after dosing and if you are on too high a dose, you will feel sleepy or drowsy. If you feel OK all day long, I doubt toxicity. There’s been debate about whether an EKG should be done on methadone patients, since at higher doses it can affect the way the electricity is conducted through the heart, so if you want to be sure, have your primary care doctor get an EKG.

  44. Posted by Meli on April 20, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    I have been on a methadone dose of 98 mg for about 6 months now. The dosing nurse has been talking to me about how I feel daily and she thinks that I need to be split dosed, however the doctor at the clinic is strongly against split dosing because he thinks all of his pt’s are criminals.

    The symptoms I am having are extremely tired about 3-4 hours after I dose for about 2-3 hours and then again about 20-22 hours after dosing. I dose around 11:45 am every day and sleep from 9 pm -5 am every day. I also have an extremely low crea level on my urine screens. I went from 400 down to 8. I’ve been to my PCP and a nephrologist and neither of them can find a thing wrong with me.

    I just don’t trust the doctors at the clinic. The medical director has had several instances against his medical license, and the way he treats me is absolutely unethical. He would only speak to me 2 minutes when I was so upset about them taking my take homes away because of my creatinine and I was only concerned that something was wrong with my Kidneys for the significant drop. He yelled at me the time I asked for the troph test to see about split dosing.

    Do you have any suggestions on what I can do? I want to feel normal again. I want to be cheery and active like I have been most of my life. I also want to make sure that I’m taking care of myself properly.

    Thank you so much for your work you’ve done here on this website. I feel like this is honest information for patients, and not a bunch of what you should and shouldn’t do promoted by whatever propaganda is going on behind the scenes.


    • Thank you.
      I believe it is your right to be able to have a civil conversation with your doctor. If he is rude and yells at you, I think you should file a grievance. There’s no excuse for treating a patient like that.
      Regarding your clinical issue – In the past, the labs told doctors that a urine creatinine less than 20 meant the urine sample had been adulterated by the patient, usually by adding water. But now for the past five years or so, labs say some patients can get a legitimate urine creatinine of down to 5 before we can say it’s been falsified. Yours is an 8…still in the range of human urine but just barely.
      The human kidney adjusts the amount of fluid in our body. If we drink much fluid, we have dilute urine and a low creatinine. If we don’t drink as much fluid, creatinine will increase accordingly, and 400 isn’t unusual.
      If you could cut back your water intake, it could bring up your urine creatinine and maybe that would alleviate your doctor’s suspicions. I don’t know this for sure, and you should always ask your own primary care doctor too, in case you have other health issues.
      Also, methadone peaks from 2-4hours after dosing. So yes, maybe you are getting too much methadone in the mornings, and I’d be worried if one of my patients reported sedation after dosing.
      please try to talk to your program manager or doctor again, and try to stay calm. I know it can be frustrating, but the staff at your program is more likely to listen to what you have to say if you stay calm and not spew-y, if you know what I mean.


  45. Posted by Cierra on June 9, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    thanks for this. I’m reading it about six years late but thanks anyway 🙂 I’ve been on methadone for almost two years now, and spent the better half of 2015 in withdrawal. I lost weight, more and more, despite eating and eating, until I got down to 120 pounds at 5’8″ (which isn’t an alarmingly low weight, but is still thinner than I’ve been since before high school), exhibited mild withdrawal symptoms as early as 8 hours after dosing, on 90 mgs per day. I noticed the symptoms in April 2015, but my clinic is notorious for keeping patients at as low a dose as possible (I’m talking cut-offs at 50 and 60 mg per day), so I tried to ignore it, figuring it was my addict brain telling me I needed more because I wasn’t getting high off it anymore (sometimes I still wonder). meanwhile, with almost a year clean, cravings went through the roof, I stopped sleeping, and was usually in full-blown withdrawal by 24 hours. I had earned take-homes by this point, hadn’t had a single dirty urine since the first week I started at the clinic, and had to start entrusting my take-hones to the care of a relative so I wouldn’t abuse them. (after awhile of going two to three days a week, I REALLY didn’t want to have to start going every day again, waiting in line for an hour at 5 am, etc…)
    Unfortunately, my progress in treatment turned out to be a hindrance to getting the medical attention I needed. I finally broke down and requested a doctor’s appointment in September of 2015. it took three requests and I was finally able to see the doctor in February of this year. She seemed stumped that I wouldn’t be alright on 90 mgs (“such a high dose” were her words.) the weight I’d lost and lack of sleep seemed to confuse her as well. she didn’t seem to understand how I could have made such progress in treatment (by then, I had a week’s take-homes). she already had a reputation among the patients as not being a fan of methadone anyway, she didn’t like to take anyone higher than 70 mgs, so I wasn’t especially hopeful. as predicted, she refused to do anything until I had the peak-and-trough test done, as well as a thyroid test and a few others.
    the peak-and-trough test told her what she needed to hear, thank God. after months of jumping through hoops, she increased my dose by 10 mgs and told me I could split my take-home doses, half in the morning and half at night. I had trouble with that because it seemed when I took half in the morning, it had no effect, and I felt like hell. now I take 100mgs, 2/3 in the morning, 1/3 at night, and I was doing better for a couple of weeks, and now I’m having the same problem. aaaagggghhh!

    my clinic is deathly afraid of bringing anyone higher than 100 mgs (as I said, most people stop at 50-70). I had to fight tooth and nail to get up to 100. and I can’t imagine how many more hoops I’ll have to jump through to get to where I need to be.

    this was mostly a rant. I appreciate this blog. I was searching peak-and-through tests, because I wasn’t 100% sure how they worked. this blog was very informative. your patients are lucky to have you as a doctor.


    • I hate to hear physicians at OTPs are not basing treatment on science!!!
      We know that for many patients, 70mg just isn’t enough. In the past, 30 years ago, doctors thought it was better to keep the dose low, but then, a bunch of studies were done which CLEARLY showed patients do the best at a sufficient dose. For some patients, that may be 40mg, and for others, 340mg.
      How much methadone do you need? “Enough” is the right answer.
      If your doctor is afraid to take your dose above 100mg for no other reason other than because you’re at 100mg…that’s not evidence-based care.
      Is she the medical director? Can you see ask to see a different doctor?


  46. Posted by JWalk on July 4, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    Hi Mrs Burson. I have been reading your blog for along time and really appreciate the great information you share. I have a question and I hope you can give me advice.
    I was recently accused of DUI when I have only taken methadone. I was not driving but the car was on. I was in a very slow moving line that does background checks. It was myself my friend who also is a methadone program and Her two children. it took 40 min for the cars ahead of us and at least 30 min when we got there. The employee’s inside was behind tinted glass. I am hepatitis C positive and i sometimes get fatigue. Also i was ill the Night before and got very little sleep. I had my car in park and leaned my seat back about a inch in a half and closed my eyes. My friend and I still was talking back and forth. The lady inside without asking me anything called the cops and said i was inToxicated! !! When the cop came he said my pupils were pin pricks and i was on SomEthing. First of all he had me facing the sun when doing his eye test i had to squint to see. Plus methadone makes your pupils constrict some. He said i had nystagmus. A different officer put my friend thru the whole thing. He took her to the shade and turned her away from the sun. Anyways i was arrested and they let her drive my car home. She takes 85 mg of methadone i take 90 mg. Neither of us had took any alcohol or drugs. I have been on mmt for nearly 7 yrs and haven’t been arrested or charged in 7 yrs. I offered to do a blood test because i am innocent. When i went to court i was offered 14 days in jail and 90 day suspension of liscense. I plead not guilty.
    Now the clinic has taken my take homes because i have a legal matter going on. The Dr did a trough on me it came back at 306. Is that high? I want to show this in court to prove I am not over medicated. The Dr at my clinic uses this test to keep everyone under 100 mg. So I’m sure he’s going to drop my dose.
    I was at a different clinic for 5 yrs and was at 120 mg. I felt fine now I have to supplement most days because this Dr wine give me a adequate dose.
    Also I wondered if you knew of a link from SAMSHA or something that I could print to show in court what the trough test means.
    Thank u for your time


    • No, a blood level of 306 is not high.
      Sounds like you need a lawyer to help you. I’m not sure what you mean by “now I have to supplement most days..” Did you supplement the day you were charged with DUI? What do you supplement with?
      You can access TIP 43 published by SAMHSA online at their website.


  47. Posted by Kathi clevenger on July 20, 2016 at 9:25 am

    I’m on methadone for pain. I don’t have a stomach so it’s put thru my feeding into my intestines. I’m trying to understand my urine test and what it means. My methadone confirmation level was 4372 and my EDDP level was 5000. What does all this mean


    • It means that methadone and its metabolite were found in your urine sample, as one would expect.
      Urine levels do not correlate with blood levels, so don’t be tempted to make more out of those numbers than science supports.


  48. Hi Dr. Burson,
    I hope that you are doing well! My gratitude and appreciation to you most sincerely for for making your well-researched and highly informative blogs available to MMT patients around the world. Oftentimes, many of us are completely new to MMT, and can feel somewhat lost like we are floating around our clinics without proper information or advocacy– I feel that your blogs substantially address both issues. I have been in treatment at my local OTP for over one year, am currently taking 74 mgs/day, have no dirty u/a’s or missed counseling appointments and have a solid relationship with everyone at my clinic. For a long time now, I have been experiencing withdrawals, at times substantial, in the mornings and so my doctor ordered a peak and trough test. My peak was 0.297 and my trough was 0.109. Two times in the past I have tested negative for methadone, and positive only for methadone metabolites (so they knew that I was taking my medication). Early on, they told me that I was a fast metabolizer. Believe it or not, but for a while I was actually doing ok at 35 mgs/day. However, over time, I continued to increase my dose due to being in withdrawals in the mornings. During the day I often feel overly medicated upon increases, but then by the morning I am often in withdrawals– I will be sweating you wouldn’t believe while being bone-freezing cold, feeling flu-like, having low energy, stomach/appetite issues and mild depression. Shortly after taking my dose all of these symptoms are gone and I feel well. My clinic does not prefer to split-dose patients- but I truly believe that split-dosing might work best for my body after everything that I have read. Do you believe that I should be split-dosed or simply increased? Also, if my doctor does agree to split-dose me, how can I convince them that it is both safe and proper to initiate the change into split-dosing with the protocol that you have written about: Thus taking my full dose of 74mgs on day one, and half of that amount 12 hours later (36mgs), and then continuing each day forward with with half of my original dose split up twice daily as close to 12 hours apart as possible (36mgs at 2x/day)? Is there some kind of literature that I can provide to the doctor/staff to encourage them to consider updating their practices to those that have been proven to be best for patients and medically-advisable? PS- Your education of the public about TIP 43 has been invaluable to me, and I’m sure countless other MMT patients! Keep up the good work! A huge thumbs up out here from California! Thank you so much, and God bless you Dr. Burson! 🙂


    • Your peak and trough levels are both relatively low, but since you do feel medicated at the peak, I guess it’s high for your tolerance. I’m always wary about increasing a person’s dose if they have feelings of over-medication already. That could be dangerous.
      Generally speaking, peak to trough ratios of more than 2:1 are an indication for split dosing, and your ratio is more than that. However, there may be something in your medical history that accounts for your program’s reluctance to split dosing.
      My best advice is to talk to your doctor. Information about split dosing is in TIP 43, but hopefully your doctor has read this book and knows it well.
      Thanks for reading!


      • Hi Dr. Burson. Thank you so much for your reply. I need to clarify, by “over-medicated” I mean that each time that I increase my dose I feel a small “high” for somewhere between 3-7 days. Because of my job and other responsibilities that have come back into my life, I am always paranoid that someone is going to think that I am on something. I am by no means “over-medicated” like near overdose- I simply don’t wan’t to appear “over-medicated” to my boss, supervisors, etc. However, MUCH, MUCH worse, and 10 TIMES as noticeable is when I am working in the morning hours before I have gone to the clinic to dose- for three or so hours I am clearly in withdrawal and there is nothing that I can do to hide it. I am anxious, restless, shivering, drenched with sweat, aching, and scurrying along attempting to do my job, weak and without energy. Shortly after my dose all of those symptoms are gone and I feel normal. The short periods of what I called “overmedication” are “highs” that only happen after I increase my dose as necessary to treat my intolerable morning withdrawals. The increases always help for somewhere between 2 weeks and one month, and then the cycle starts all over again. Overall, methadone has been a miracle drug for me; it’s just the fine-tuning that’s a headache. I’m sure like many others, I went from being about to lose everything (again) and about to hit the streets, to, after stabilizing at our clinic, returning to functioning like I never knew was possible. I couldn’t believe it! I now work full-time (which has always been a challenge for me), and I returned to school in pursuit of my Master’s degree. I have an AA sponsor, am working the steps, and I am regularly involved in both AA and NA. I currently have 6 take-homes and my life is beginning to really form into a life that I am happy with. I am so grateful for methadone maintenance. The current philosophy at my clinic is that generally, split-dosing is not an option until a patient reaches 120 mgs/day. Along with my peak and trough, I had a full (and I mean full!) blood workup, including everything from STD’s to a comprehensive check of my overall bodily functioning. Everything, thank God, turned out to be normal. Do you think that I should try split-dosing? Thank you so much again. You should be the go-to name in methadone, as you deserve it. Have a great day.

      • Sorry, but I still feel you need to talk to your doctor.

  49. Hello Dr. Burson! I just wanted to update everyone on my situation. Because my peak was 2.72 times my trough, our doctor put me on split-dosing. It took me about a week to adjust to not receiving all of my medication at once, but I have to say that I feel SO MUCH better!!! I am so thankful that I was finally able to get a peak and trough test, and I am SO THANKFUL for split-dosing. Again, although it took time to adjust to not receiving all of my medication at once (as that was the only way that I had ever known MMT), I now feel indescribably better. ALL of my complaints, problems, or issues with methadone were treated and are no longer existent upon receiving a split dose. I am at 40mg/40mg (80mg total), and I finally have arrived at my perfect dose, and perfect, stable levels in MMT. Have a great day everyone!


  50. Posted by steven townsend on February 16, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    I just recently had to take a peak and trough blood test at the Methadone clinic I go to. My peak level was 293 and my trough level was 476 and my dose is 75 mg I am 5-8 and weigh 215 and I’m still having withdrawals. what can I do to get the Dr. to listen to me?


    • Your peak was 476 and your trough was 293, I think you mean.
      I don’t even know why your doctor did peak and trough levels, so I recommend you talk to her about this.
      Most patients stabilize between 80-120mg per day of methadone, and we don’t need blood levels except in unusual situations.
      If I had a patient on 75mg and they had objective signs of withdrawal, and symptoms that matched what I was seeing, I’d increase that patient’s dose. What would blood levels accomplish? You got them, they are low-ish, all as expected.
      You just need to talk to your doctor.
      Sadly, I’m seeing a trend where doctors rely more on blood levels, but there’s a limit to what blood levels tell us.


      • Posted by steven townsend on March 1, 2017 at 2:10 am

        when I wrote you I was looking at a copy of my peak and trough and like I said my peak was 293 and my trough was 476. why it came out like this I don’t know but the peak and trough I did was all done in the same day. I went into the clinic and had blood drawn then I dosed. after that I had to wait 4 hours so they could draw blood again. Is this how a peak and trough is done or is this test called something else. Please help me and tell me what’s going on here…

      • The peak means that’s when your blood level is at its highest – usually around 3 hours after dosing. The trough is the lowest blood level you have during the day – and that is right before you take hour next dose.

  51. Posted by steven townsend on March 12, 2017 at 1:51 am

    could the lab had made a mistake when they sent the results of my peak and trough back to the clinic I go to? It said my peak was 293 and my trough was 476. It’s all I can do to keep from using something else. I go through withdrawals every day. Even with it turned around if my peak was 476 and my trough was 293 wouldn’t that be a little low for someone that’s 5′ 8″ and weighs 215. please help me and tell me what I need to do. my dose right now is 75 mg and the Dr. will not let me go any higher for some reason. S.T.


    • Well it is impossible for the peak to be higher than the trough.
      But you need to talk to your doctor – why will he/she not allow you to increase? Have you met with your doctor??


      • Posted by steven townsend on March 26, 2017 at 10:56 pm

        I’ve wrote you two or three letters concerning this subject. My peak and trough numbers were 476 and 293 and I still can’t get an increase in my dose which is 75 mg. I’m 5′ 8″ and weigh 215. I’m not even close to the dose I need to be at. Everyone else doesn’t have to take a peak and trough test until they get to 120-125 mg. Why I’m being treated different I haven’t a clue. If he keeps refuses to give me an increase knowing my P&T numbers are as low as they are Is there anyone else I can call for help; because I don’t want to end up where I started at a couple of years ago. So please help me if you can… S.T.

      • I’m sorry but the most help I can be is to recommend you talk to your doctor. Please ask him/her what her concerns are about your peak and trough levels, because they are relatively low. People can have other medical conditions that increase the risk of higher doses, so please ask your doctor to explain.
        If you don’t get satisfactory answers, you can file a grievance, or consult the SOTA for your state (state opioid treatment authority). That agency certainly can’t tell your doctor what to do, but they can offer information to the doctor if he/she seems ill-informed.

  52. Posted by Lottie Saint on March 15, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    I am a patient at a methadone clinic, in Nevada, owned by very well meaning and influential people. The problem is that the people running the day to day are out of touch petty and clueless about the services they are charged with providing.
    My newfound sobriety through methadone is fragile but precious to me. I would rather die than be myself 6yrs ago. The people at this clinic are lowering my dose because of my peak and trough numbers they are mistaking. I am frightened by this, because methadone has been the only treatment to be successful for me, and they’re taking it away.
    My dose has plateaued and I’ve started having physical cravings, I’m being told by the doctor and director that they’re manifestations of a sick mind. I’ve already gone to a mental health/ addiction counselor who confirmed this is not the case. My clinics Dr and director want me to see a different counselor.
    Please help me. I don’t know what to do, I’m already relapsing and them lowering my dose will make this momentary indiscretion a full blown relapse. I do not ask for dose increases lightly. Over the years at this clinic I’ve asked twice. Each time resulting in them telling me I am imagining the physical symptoms. There are more details but this is not the place.
    These meetings I’ve had with my clinic’s dr and director are insulting and frustrating, it’s as if they’re telling me the sky is green and any argument or proof from me is explained away as mental illness.
    My input is being discounted because I am the addict in the conversation.
    What can I do?
    My peak and trough numbers are 46 and 95 before and after. Your blog said that if the numbers are about half the patient is metabolizing too fast, may need a bump up.


    • I don’t know what to tell you other than keep talking to your doctor at your program, or perhaps ask the SOTA – state opioid treatment authority to get involved if you don’t get adequate answers from your doctor.
      You numbers don’t make sense to me – perhaps they are measuring in a different format. Usually we’d like a trough blood level of at least 400ng/mL
      you can also go to this document, and print it for your doctor to read if he seems fuzzy about what P&T levels mean: http://atforum.com/documents/DosingandSafetyWP.pdf


  53. Posted by Dana Vickers on January 17, 2018 at 9:35 pm

    Im in methadone maintance i got my levels back trough .39 and peak .81 they say they can not raise my dose im at 120 mg andim spilt dosing im so detertmines to remain clean fix my life but im struggling im still feeling with drawl why??? Why cant they raise my they said its because its more than double!


  54. If someone could give me advice please I was on 130mgs of methadone and was moving up but my doctor made me do a peak and trough first and it came back she said I was toxic so she dropped my dose to 110mgs and I’m struggling bad and now she’s saying she wont move me up unless I have hep c treatment done … She done the test three times on the same dose and they all was different


  55. Posted by Michelle Davis on April 6, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    What happened if your level is high on methadone and the doctor wants to detox u


  56. Posted by Kathy hambrick on April 21, 2018 at 8:42 am

    Hi, I’m concerned for my daughter. On 85 mg for two years, she cannot stay awake about three hours after her dose, and honestly, her memory and thought process is absolutely frightening, to the point I fear some type of damage. She has asked repeatedly to be weaned off, but the director of her clinic insists on a peak and trough each time she asks this. We are not given results, but each time she tells my daughter her levels aren’t right and refuses to begin to wean her off this. She refuses split dosing, and also says she cannot wean off until her less than 100.00 balance is paid. Please help! Other clinics I’ve called said the director is breaking the law. My daughter is a single mother and she has heard such horrible withdrawal stories, she wants to be clinically weaned so she can feel her best for her family. Is a peak trough used to determine if a patient can begin to reduce mg, and later stop? Can this director do these things, and if not, who and where do we report this? I tried calling our state agency several times, but I get no response! My daughter has tried speaking with the doctor, and I sincerely mean this in the most respectful manner, but thus clinics doctor suffers from Lou Gerhigs, and only writes the scripts, never speaks. The director overrides every medical decision, and she has no medical background. I’m terrified for my daughter to drive, the drowsiness happens in a split second. Yesterday I wrote a paper note of three items to get from the store, told her four times, texted her twice and she responded, called her at the store twice. Her statement literally 30 mins into this was , when did you say you needed that? This is just the brink of the things I have seen getting worse .Thank you so much for any advice, I’m actually terrified for her! Oh, and all her drug screens, which this clinic does often are clean!


    • I am baffled. If a patient requests a decrease in dose, the opioid treatment program must do so, although the physician may think it’s not advisable. This whole situation doesn’t add up. If I were you, I’d ask your daughter to give consent for you to talk to the physician. Could it be that your daughter is telling personnel at the opioid treatment program that she wants to increase rather than decrease??
      At any rate, it is essential that the program be told your daughter is sedated after dosing. Either your daughter’s dose is way too high or she’s using something with it. That’s dangerous, either way, and putting her at risk for an overdose.
      I just wonder if you are getting all the facts.


    • Posted by Jada on April 21, 2018 at 3:18 pm

      She probably needs split dosing. My clinic. Doesn’t offer split dosing either. After I earned my take homes I started spout dosing myself at home. I feel 100% better.
      Before I would feel tired a few hours after dosing then feel withdrawal at night. Now that I split my dose I don’t feel tired during the day and I’m not feeling sick at night.
      I take half my dose when I get up then the rest at 6 o’clock p.m.


  57. Posted by Kathy hambrick on April 21, 2018 at 11:31 pm

    Hi, thank you for responding! And I agree, it doesn’t make sense! But, I can assure you, I have heard her request a decrease several times, as she allowed me to listen to her conversations. It is not the doctor, it is the director. She says no decreases are allowed until balances are paid in full, and no decreases if she is tolerating her medication, they are “worried for her”! She has been asking for about a year. I should have mentioned that years ago I was a patient there, and yes, this is definitely the way this woman runs her clinic! I have called several other clinics in the state, and they have said when I asked if they could refuse to wean her, literally four of them responded, absolutely not whether we agree or not. When I told them that the director at my daughters place of treatment refuses and the reasons Without naming the clinic, every director knew exactly the name of the director and the clinic! They said they receive many inquiries for advice or help but most don’t follow through. They gave me a name of a agency that I can’t recall, to report her actions, and I have left several messages over several weeks with no response! I have a list of the dates and charges of the drug screenings, and my daughter gets a copy of each one to use for her employment . she is honestly using no other med, script or otherwise. I don’t know the last numbers of her peak and trough, and with her problems with memory she couldn’t remember. I asked her this morning to get a copy, but they conveniently too busy. Though I believe they tell her each time the results, they have never ever explained the meaning of the numbers. She has repeatedly told them of her drowsiness, but they brush it off, saying many patients experience this as a side effect. It wasn’t until I began to notice more and more alarming incidents of memory loss, drowsiness, confusion, lack of sensible problem solving that I started to research the meaning of the numbers test and symptoms. We both desperate to find help! We don’t know who to report this director to, what person or agency that will listen and investigate right away. I am making an urgent appointment with her doctor and going with her to explain. I think part of the problem is that although many patients complain and are concerned about their own treatment, they want to lay low and not draw attention as this is the only clinic in our area for many many miles. But I don’t care and neither does my daughter.she wants to stop. This clinic needs to be investigated. Is there any information at all about who we should call and report this to, any advice at all? Of course, we are going to a Dr who treats methadone patients. Thank you so much for any advice! I am anxious to hear your reply!


  58. Posted by Kathy hambrick on April 23, 2018 at 8:01 pm

    Hi again, I was hoping you could tell me what the numbers to the peak trough results mean? At a dose of 85mg a day, the peak was 0.42 and trough was 0.82. Her side effects symptoms are extreme drowsiness starting about three hours after dosing, so severe that she actually falls asleep standing, and will last a few hours. Also, all through the day she has extreme hot flashes, sweating ( she runs the air on 60 and still!), fogginess, confusion, extreme memory loss. All drug screenings are clean I have seen them. When she asked the director to lower her dose, she was told no because of the p/t results, and when she asked to see the Dr she was told no, no reason to as she (the director) said she could not lower it period. There was a creditable witness to this. Also, there is a new doctor there only once every week or two, so not many chances to just walk by the door and ask to speak to him. We are looking for a treatment Dr in our that can see and access her, I am just very very worried and was hoping to find out the meaning of it, etc. Thank you so much! Oh, also, split doses aren’t allowed at this clinic.


  59. I realize this post is 8 years old but it’s still very relevant 😉 I’m on MMT at a dose of 153mg. I’ve been at this dose for almost 2 years (I’ve been on MMT for 3 yrs, with 3 years clean) but over the past few weeks, 10-12 hours after my dose I’m having w/d symptoms such as nausea, cold sweats, stomach cramps, and “creepy crawlies”. My clinic just got a new director that decided no one can go over 120 mg for a dose any more (makes zero sense) so I anticipated a fight when a requested a 5mg increase. I have to go for a peak and trough tomorrow which is fine-my question is since I’m experiencing fairly significant and uncomfortable w/d symptoms, should that be reflected in the trough or is that not always the case? Does your body adjust to a dose over time and need adjustment or does that depend on the person? Thank you for writing this blog-I love it and find it so informative.


  60. I took in these comments and the downloadable forum called ” methadone and safety addiction treament forum” and they printed all them out and now opperate under that rule idea its great i can see how much its really helped people!! If you feel your being wronged perhaps google and download and print that forum you can find it threw google. It did so much help even has unfo on split doing and peak and throughs !!!


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