Who is Snorting Suboxone Tablets or Film?

Lately I’ve been amazed at the traffic my blog site has been getting. Then I look at the statistics, and the increase is from people who put phrases like “inject Suboxone film” and “snort Suboxone film” into search engines. From this information, I’m starting to have the unpleasant suspicion that there are more than just a few people who snort the tablets, and are worried they won’t be able to snort the film.

After examining the film myself, I don’t think it’s “snortable.”

At the risk of sounding like a shill for the drug company (I don’t take or receive money from any drug company in any form or fashion), this film is better than the tablets. I have quite a few patients reporting to me after using the film for the first time, and nearly all prefer the film to the tablets. They say it dissolves quickly, and while it doesn’t necessarily taste any better, it’s gone more quickly so that the unpleasant taste doesn’t linger.

 Patients describe the difference between sitting for fifteen minutes with a mouthful of saliva, trying not to swallow, versus five minutes or less of letting the film dissolve, with minimal saliva formation. Many patients believe they are absorbing more medication. I don’t know if that’s true, but it makes sense. If the tablet causes a large volume of saliva to accumulate, it seems logical that due to the dilution, less medication would be available for absorption.

 However, if the price of the film increases after March, 2011, I don’t know if patients without insurance will stay on it. Many of my patients can barely afford the medication, along with the cost of my office visit and of drug screening. That $75 coupon provided by the drug manufacturer each month has been a big help, but I don’t know what will happen with the price next year. If there’s a generic buprenorphine/naloxone tablet that works well and is cheaper, many of my patients would probably switch again from the film back to a tablet. 

Which brings me again to my concern about snorting (and even injecting) Suboxone tablets. Lately I’ve trolled the various websites and I see references to snorting, even though pharmacologically that makes little sense. I still suspect it’s due to addiction to the act of snorting, which has become such an ingrained habit in some addicts that they feel a compulsion to use all medications in this way. 

Comments from any Suboxone-snorting addicts out there?


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  1. Posted by Matt on November 25, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    While I myself have snorted suboxone only 1-2 times, I have friends who swear by this ROA, and are willing to pay the difference and sacrifice the $75 dollar coupon. I myself just got my Rx for 8mg suboxone film yesterday. Prior to this I was using heroin via IV daily, using suboxone as a band-aid while I flushed my system with fluids prior to parole urine screens. I find myself drawn to the idea of injecting suboxone, likely due to the correlation between the needle and the high provided by heroin. For me the main deterrent is the physical nature of the film. I predict a spoon of orange hair gel. The smell of cooking heroin can provide its own euphoria for users, and this would be difficult to re-create with something that looks like a Listerine breath strip. If I attempt to inject the suboxone, I will post the results here, but due to the fact that I still have plenty of agonists present, I am going to wait at least 5 days. We are very fortunate to live in an age where the needs of addicts are being addressed, providing me personally a way to keep both myself and my parole officer happy. I am on parole due to property crimes committed in an attempt to acquire the necessary capital to fuel my addiction, and while Suboxone is most certainly perpetuating the addiction, it is legal. By the way: In CA, with $75 coupon, 30-count, 8mg film cost without insurance: $147.20. Much cheaper than heroin, which is about that much every 48-72 hours for me.


    • Have you considered giving up heroin completely? And getting into recovery, with or without Suboxone? Thousands of people have, and there’s much to be said for a drug-free life. (I consider Suboxone a medication, not a drug).


      • Posted by Matt on November 26, 2010 at 3:20 am

        I certainly have, and I have had extensive experience with treatment, both inpatient and outpatient. I am currently in a program called Prop 36, which is a court-ordered program for narcotics offenders in California. This consists of regular therapy coupled with testing of urine and AA/NA meeting attendance. While I have participated in these programs, I cannot say that I am not burned out on the world of forced treatment/therapy which is riddled with obnoxious cliches. A drug free lifestyle is something I desire, yet it remains elusive. It is my addiction to the chaotic lifestyle which has been the major trigger for relapse, as the drugs are the means to that end. Boredom with every day life is abundant, as I have become accustomed to high levels of stimulation. It is a love/hate relationship, since I enjoy the drama caused by the addictive behavior on both a conscious/unconscious level, but it is this very drama which has caused me so much emotional/physical/legal turmoil. I believe this is the case not only for me, but a great percentage of addicts.

      • What do you think would help?
        What do you really want?

    • Posted by rodney Latham on April 15, 2011 at 11:12 pm

      I am using the film at this point. But had tried the pills before from a buddie and it seems to me that the pills give me more energy for some reason. I went to my docter to swtch to the pills and he acted like he did not want to swith me he told me that the pills were a lot more exspensive.


      • Posted by jason on September 24, 2011 at 4:25 am

        i totally understand the addiction to chaos and a high threshold for stimulation.-I was a Rave dj addicted to the”party” life style-clubbing, doing ecstasy during the 90’s and eventually moving up to coke-than dope-(im 32 now) . Im happy to say that Suboxone has enabled me; a person who also suffers from bi-polar disorder, adult ADHD, and depression, to be a yr away from finishing my masters in child psychology- going on to get my doctorate. IT IS a medication-and last i checked addiction is a disease. A disease of genetics, environment, and of distorted thinking. Any sensible person would want to utilize every tool that is available!! Addiction has so many variables, and such a high co-morbidity rate (like 60%) with other mood, behavior, personality disorders. Look at how intelligent Mr Letham expresses himself verbally. Proof that its many times the highly sensitive, creative, intelligent individuals that have addictive qualities-From Freud, artists, writers, to Rush Limbaugh. (i said intelligent-lol)..I am not saying to stay on Suboxone forever-however, a person will most likely just relapse without it, and possibly OD-seen it over and over. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy coupled with safe, and daily use of Suboxone I think is the best way to treat the opiate dependent person. So with all due respect Janna-it isn’t as simple as “What do you really want”? It’s do you have the wealth, means, knowledge and resources to get where you want? Your obviously not an addict, and i feel people without experience struggling with addiction are of no use in the field. You pump out those one liner phrases, and do more harm than good. Im not a doctor, pharm rep-I was just also pissed off by your reply, and its lack of empathy, and reality. Jana is the example of the status-quot in the mental health field. Fortunately, there is a new generation of intelligent people who will replace her oldskewl, just say no idealists.(And that’s a compliment) I wish you all the best

      • Huh? Since when is asking a person what they want a “one liner phrase?” He confused me when he talked about wanting to be clean yet still enjoying the addicted lifestlye. Sounds like he’s in the contemplation stage of change. I think it’s essential to ask patients what they really want. It’s of no use for me to tell them what I think they should want because that’s talking down to patients.
        You need to read the rest of my comments on this (my) blog. It may be possible that I know more about addiction and recovery than you give me credit for.

    • Posted by addicted on June 23, 2011 at 6:57 pm

      That comment really pissed me off, about considering quiting… obviously he is not familiar with addiction…. I also inject heroin and came to the site to see if I could shoot the suboxone film….. why do ppl like that even look at these websites…. if your taking suboxone rather than heroin your doin F’N GREAT dude!


      • Well, you’re not doing so great if you’re injecting or snorting Suboxone…but probably not quite as bad as injecting heroin. Kind of like using clean needles as opposed to dirty. It’s probably harm reduction.

    • Posted by j on July 8, 2011 at 9:48 am

      hey just a heads up i dnt know in its for all states but im from laredo tx and here only licensed doc can give the prescription for this med and theres a program that u get it for free its only allowed for three patience for each doc but u ask the doc and u can get the med for free for a hole year the just give u a card and when u get the prescription u just give the card at the pharmacy its no hastle and its for a hole year just giving a heads up so u should ask your doctors if u dnt have insurance or if ur not able to pay because man is it an expensive med


      • Posted by Bruce on August 15, 2013 at 3:01 pm

        It’s the “Here to Help” program sponsored by Reckitt and Benckiser. I’m on it now and have been getting my suboxone free for 4 months so far.

  2. Posted by Adam on December 15, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    Matt, I totally hear you. I had been IV’ing heroin for 5 years, even knowing my girl was pregnant couldn’t get me to stop. It was eventually seeing my sons face I realized I had to stop for so many reasons not to mentions I was doing greater and greater amounts and couldn’t afford to do anything what so ever except get high up to 2.5 bricks a day. What you say about the addiction to the cooking and needles rings so true. My Doc didn’t want to risk me getting sick from the Naloxone so for the first week I was on subutex which is only the buprenorphine. I couldn’t help myself even though I wasn’t getting high. I shot it every time. Only when faced with the threat of getting sick when he switched me to Suboxone did I start taking it the way you are supposed to. I don’t think I will every risk shooting it, been sick to much in my life to ever wanna be again. I missed my girl’s entire pregnancy either high or sick.


  3. Posted by Gene on December 16, 2010 at 3:12 am

    Hey there,

    I can relate, I was addicted to painkillers for 10 years. I was introduced to suboxone medication in treatment and it has changed me life all the way around. I just got the suboxone film medication and my insurance pays for it thank god. It works I also have a three year old son and that really made me think to. I would never go back to the life of painkillers. I dont care what anyone says suboxone saved my life. I know guys who have been shooting herion since the 70’s and they are now on suboxone and clean, people I met in my 9month treatment, I still keep in contact and get updates, some people relaspe and I know two people whom have died from overdose, that can hit ya hard as well.

    I would never snort a pill, the vein in your tounge takes the medication right into your blood stream.

    Thats my peace,



    • Posted by Kc on October 2, 2011 at 12:54 am

      I am right there with ya Gene, this medication SAVED my life and with the great doctor I have I am so thankful to be living life again and not have my brain thinking about pills all the time and the counting and if I am going to run out. I am SO glad that is over and I will never take a pain pill again. I never want to be back there. I am so HAPPY now and I am so alive and present in my daughters life and not just there physically. Its sad people are abusing this drug, if you would take it the way they tell you to it will save you to. Its hard but within a month you have your life back. GIVE IT A SHOT, what do you have to loose.??? keep up where your going it could be your life.



  4. Posted by JustSayNaToTheDEA on December 22, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    1) You shouldn’t require email address for posting. This discourages some from participating for fear of law enforcement monitoring and actions.

    2) The DEA is the “goon squad” for the Pharmaceuticals and Corporations with big money that keep certain politicians in office thru campaign donations; it is not for the benefit of the American populace. To that end they (meaning the DEA) will do whatever the entity with the largest campaign donations to the right representative tells them to.

    3) The only really honest and caring entities involved in this are the Doctors (who aren’t just in it for the money) and treatment facility employees who are the front level workers (as opposed to the executives at the top of large or Chain facilities). Even the pharmacists (not all but most) are only interested in following procedure and getting paid (we can thank the overhaul of medicine by government and insurance for the past decade combined with payroll reductions in large pharmacy chains that resulted in Pharmacists working very long and unreasonable hours).

    The Suboxones Film has but one purpose to continue money generation for a product whose patent has expired and is now facing competition. So long as the manufacturer of Suboxone can forecast nice profits from its sales then we need not fear it will changed to a Scheduled 2 drug as the manufacturer will ensure the politicians don’t let the DEA do that.

    No matter what it is just follow the money and you will find the truth in it.


  5. While individuals looking to abuse Suboxone may not be able to snort the new strips, they can inject them easier than the tablets. This is simply another marketing ploy used by Reckitt-Benckiser to solidify their stranglehold on the buprenorphine market. Generic Subutex (Buprenorhine) can and should be prescribed. The naloxone in Suboxone is only a marketing ploy. It does not stop IV users from injecting Suboxone, even with the naloxone. The Reckitt Benckiser drug reps tell the doctors that Subutex is being abused in order to prevent the doctors from prescribing generic Subutex, which is MUCH cheaper than brand name Suboxone and Subutex. When will the doctors open their eyes to this issue. Suboxone treatment is rarely sustainable for struggling addicts without insurance. I understand the doctor’s fees for the visits and care. What I fail to understand is how a drug that is supposed to be taking us to a new plateau of opiate addiction treatment can cost eight dollars per tablet to those paying out of pocket. In the region in which I live, we are seeing Suboxone being sold on the black market like it is a drug to get high on. The majority of individuals who buy diverted Suboxone are not recreational users seeking an opiate high but are addicts who cannot afford Suboxone treatment in a doctor’s office. Again, the Suboxone strips can more be easily be injected than the Suboxone tablets, as there is less binders and additives in the strip formulation. Secondly, large doses of naloxone is required to reverse or counteract opiate drugs and most IV drug users inject Suboxone more than Subutex because that is what is available. We need a system that does not take advantage of individuals who are already at the end of their rope. We need a system that is sustainable for the people who are trying to better their lives. Generic Subutex and Suboxone is one of the pieces of the puzzle.


    • Interesting comment. In my admittedly limited experiments, it seemed that the strip turned into a big gob of goo when dissolved in a little water.

      I’ve read that in several European countries (France, Scotland), a relatively large number of opioid addicts did inject generic buprenorphine pills. The hope was that we could prevent that from happening in this country.

      Certainly drug addiction treatment is expensive…but so is medical treatment for most diseases. Personally, I think the whole system is broken. Maybe someday the U.S. will decide to treat healthcare like a right, not the privilege that it is now. But I’m not well-informed enough to take on that topic…


      • Posted by sammy on September 13, 2011 at 3:10 am

        Injecting subutex ,suboxone is pathetic-GROWUP!

        Just for starters,down the track it can cause vein rot, liver damage & eye

        blindness-the fillers

        i.e cornstarch get stuck in the blood vessels in the eyes& rest of body-gross.

        People must be totally infantile or just plain dumb to chase a high at any cost..

        I hope the sub.film gel is highly i.v /snort toxic to stop this abuse.

        Just wait till your 50 yrs old (if yr lucky) and you lose circulation in your

        arms,legs from abusing it.

        i hope this post snaps someone out of snorting,injecting

        (the nose damage frm snorting is well chronicled).

        We werent put on this earth to hover around a spoon or to be crushing tablets

        all day.

        Get help please.

        My doct. me told the “ex” drug addicts on subox. that are complaining about

        subox.film are the ones who are most likely selling,i.v or snorting it.

        i hope they get banned from the program.

      • Listen Sammy just cause I don’t want the film and would complain if my doctor wanted to switch me doesn’t mean i am selling or abusing it and I am very offended I have been in the program for just over a year now, and my life hase done a complete 180. the pills make it easy to cut as I am now tapering down 2 mg per month. hard to do in the strip when the medicine isn’t evenly distributed on the strip so cutting an 8 mg in half wouldn’t mean you would get two 4 mgs.

      • Posted by jeepy23 on May 28, 2014 at 8:47 am

        sammy you are a fool. it baffles me as to why you would lecture about the supposed “horrendous effects” of shooting suboxone, due to the fillers, chemicals etc, but yet fail to mention (or realize?) the MUCH MORE detrimental effects of doing so with street heroin… ugh your ignorance astounds me. shooting suboxone a few times, or many times for that manner, is not going to AUTOMATICALLY entail the user blindness/loss of circulation/premature death…. who are you to predict individual bodily threshold for such behavior??.. suboxone is a medical grade laboratory created medication created in sanitary conditions; the composition is absolutely much safer, no matter the route of administration, than god knows what mystery toxic chemicals/bacteria/dirt/laxatives/etc have been cut numerous times into street “heroin”.

        besides, what that man chose to do with his medication is entirely his decision and he was merely contributing his intelligible opinion on the matter, as is his right. your rude and accusatory-like response was completely uncalled for and very demeaning. if he has chosen to shoot suboxone instead of heroin as a step towards sobriety, then i applaud him…whether or not i agree with his behavior.

    • Posted by terry on January 30, 2011 at 5:34 am

      JD has hit the nail on the head. I would just like to also add that the bio-availability (the amount of the drug that makes it into the bloodstream) is much higher when buprenorphine is snorted compared to sublingual use. This is why people snort the drug, you get more for less basically. I have used the suboxone tablets for over a year and I tried both methods and I can attest to the fact that snorting them allows much more of the drug to enter the bloodstream. I am currently on suboxone film and I am taking at least twice as much of the film as I was the tablet to achieve the same effect. Also I have yet to meet a doctor willing to prescribe generic subutex because they believe it can be more easily abused. How are doctors this stupid? If generic subutex can be abused then suboxone can be abused equally the same. The only thing I have discovered that the naloxone is good for is giving me headaches 2-3 times a week. It is not just me as I have read from other suboxone patients and talked to others in person and they have this same problem.


      • Actions and attitudes like yours, Terry, endanger the future of office-based treatment of opioid addiction.

        Personally, I think buprenorphine use in any form is still safer than other opioids, so if addicts want to abuse it, go ahead. It’s harm reduction. It’s still not safe, but safer than full opioids.

        But governmental and law enforcement people don’t see it that way at all. When they know addicts are mis-using prescription Suboxone, it riles them, makes them cranky, and they start lobbying for new laws to make it less accessible.

    • Posted by Jim on June 14, 2016 at 8:52 am

      That is false u can definitely snort the strips too. I know many people will look down on it as addictive behavior but the fact is is that it works quicker and better overall without the nasty taste of sub in your mouth. And if you’re already on sub and have been taking it for a few weeks or more it is not going to get you high. I think as long as people stay away from all other drugs and just use suboxone as a tool to get free of opiates then I really don’t think it should matter that much how they do it. Suboxone is only meant to be temporary and is considered harm reduction not supposed to be on it for life


      • I agree that even when people misuse buprenorphine (Suboxone) it’s at least harm reduction…but we see best results in patients who stay on buprenorphine indefinitely, if they are doing well and not injecting or snorting it. Looks like temporary use leaves patients at high risk for relapse.

  6. Posted by jmd on December 31, 2010 at 7:08 am

    Prior to taking suboxone I had been using heroin (IV only) for too many years. Realizing at one point that all my friends were in college and it was time for me to adhere to society’s standards on some sort of level for my own good it became clear that suboxone was necessary. After three months of taking suboxone (tablets) sublingually there was a “brilliant” combination of events which transpired in injecting these instead. Oh the possibilities. I only have to shoot a half instead of taking two a day! And i’m not sick like they told me i’d be? Though after a couple months of this and realizing my mistake of injecting starch and whatever else they pack into those pills I had decided I had had enough and I could stop cold turkey. And oh how wrong I was. For four days it was literally beyond excruciating. And no matter how many subs I took under my tongue I couldn’t get better. After a week of this, and eating nearly 15 to 20 subs (refusing at this point to inject them) I went back to dope thinking I could monitor myself and do it for two days and bring myself back to normal with eating subs. Didn’t work. For some reason, and I promise you this is not a mental thing. I cannot eat subs anymore. I will let them sit under my tongue for ten minutes, i will even swallow the excess (which I always hated) I will take up to three (since more is unnecessary and filtered so I hear) and I just will NOT feel better. Believe me, I know what withdrawal is like, and this is withdrawal. It isn’t some mind bullshit where I just want to shoot it, I’m literally having shakes, the full body restless leg syndrome feel, racing heart, extremely sore skin, sweats, headaches, the whole 100 yards of horridness. I have come to the conclusion I have ruined my brain by shooting them. Injecting the films are no different than the tabs. They have began to give me breathing problems, which makes me think of blood clots. Which means no more of this shit.
    DON’T DO IT. And if you do, please please don’t turn it into a habit lasting months. Your body will hate you for it. And in all honestly, I have come to the conclusion (besides the mental addiction) getting off heroin itself is a lot easier than getting off subs.


    • Posted by laura on August 25, 2011 at 4:05 am

      jmd – by far the most relatable post I have read yet. I can attest to everything you said in that post, I know exactly what ur talking about and I’ve been through the same ordeal. I also agree with you 120% that getting off heroin is a whole hell of a lot easier than getting off subs. I’ve tried countless times myself, even tried in rehab but I still failed miserably. They sure found a way to make money off a drug addict.. that’s basically what it boils down to. I cannot wait til the day that I’m completely sub FREE. can’t say when it will be..but it WILL happen, thus I know. I know theres a way to ween yourself down properly ..nice and easy.. so u don’t feel any wd at all..but I have to do some research about it. A girl in rehab told me about a recipe that works perfect as long as u follow it exactly .. she did it herself and she was successful without having any wd. That’s my next goal. Let me know if u know of any recipes or guidelines for coming off subs the easiest way possible. &i enjoyed your post.. definitely feel ya. Take care.


      • “They sure found a way to make money off a drug addict.”
        Are you serious??
        Sounds like your reality check bounced.

        1. Medical care in this country is not free. We don’t have national healthcare. People with the disease of addiction have to pay for treatment just like people with diabetes and high blood pressure.
        2. If you were so successful at getting off heroin, why are you even on Suboxone? I’ll tell you why – it’s because stopping and staying stopped are two different things. Suboxone works best as a maintenance medication for that very reason. Unless you get seriously involved in some sort of psychosocial counseling and learn some ways to stay stopped once you’re through withdrawal, you will be at risk for relapse after relapse. Staying on Suboxone reduces relapses, improves overall health, reduces days spent in criminal activities, reduces behaviors that put you at risk for HIV and Hepatitis C…etc.
        3. I suspect you didn’t get your heroin for free. So why can’t you see that those dealers are making money off you with no regard to your welfare?? I doubt your heroin dealers offered any addiction counseling.
        3. Get a grip. This is serious. This is a fatal illness. People die of heroin overdoses every day. Being on Suboxone can save your life.
        4. It’s not realistic to think you will be able to stop opioids without any withdrawal. There’s no magic pill.
        5. If someone’s main interest is making money, working with addicts usually isn’t all that productive. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you: addicts often don’t have health insurance or money. And Addiction Medicine isn’t one of your high-paying glamour niches in medicine, to put it mildly.
        6. The drug company that makes Suboxone isn’t a nonprofit charity. I don’t know of any drug company charities. You need to expect to have to pay for your medication.

        Sorry I’m kinda cranky this morning.
        Jana Burson M.D.

      • Posted by Adam on August 25, 2011 at 9:00 pm

        Laura how manty mg are you on I have been tapering down from 16 mg and now down to 4 going 2mg less per month and I haven’t felt a thing.

      • Posted by Jay on September 7, 2011 at 1:02 am

        In all reality the system does not make things a lot more expensive for people without insurance. The price on the streets are a lot more. Suboxone sells on the streets for $10 to $20 for a strip/pill. They are probably thinking they can charge $8 for it cause if we don’t get it from them we will just end up spending more on the street for the Sub’s and they still win cause the Sub’s came from them. If we don’t get the sub’s we are going to spend a hell of a lot more on heroin or in my case 40 mg opana / 80 mg oc’s that sell for $60 a pill on the street. So even without insurance the suboxone way is still cheaper. I don’t think suboxone is there to help people quit using but a way for the pharmaceutical company’s to get into the drug game and make millions and a better option for us to use legally without worrying about the risks of using illegal drugs or drugs without prescriptions. They are taking advantage of us addicts but I guess they are giving us a safer solution. I have heard from alot of people coming off the sub’s is harder than opiates and the withdraw is horrible which sucks because the whole reason I started taking the sub’s was to not have to go through the sickness from the herion and pills. I do have insurance so it is saving me alot of money but I just want the whole drug shit out of my life. I wish I never started. The feeling is just to good to forget and give up for any reason. Im really hoping my program works this time. Good luck everyone.

      • Posted by Amanda Boone on January 4, 2013 at 12:11 am

        I don’t understand why every post seems to be subscribed doses like 2mg per month and I’m taking 3mg per day I was addicted to pain killer for 2 yrs. And this dose seems high any feedback would be appreciated.

      • Average suboxone doses are 8-16mg per day. Twenty-four is the maximum but still needed by many patients, not particularly high.

  7. Posted by Matt on January 2, 2011 at 2:10 am

    Just checking back in after a while away. On week 5-6 (approx) of my suboxone and it has truly been a miracle drug. I have had cravings for heroin only a select few times, and these were extremely mild. I dont even think about it which for me is a 180 from where I was when I first posted here. I have become a bit of a recluse, giving up the old friends and acquaintances, delving deep into the nether regions of the online video game world. Likely substituting one addiction for another, although it is unlikely my parole officer will arrest me for possession of an Xbox and game paraphernalia. I was around for the holidays, as opposed to my routine of being in jail, which has been the case for years. I have only taken the Suboxone as directed, and no longer wish to experiment with other ROAs. I honestly feel completely at ease and satisfied with my current lifestyle, uneventful as it is when compared to the whirlwind of chaotic events that was my life. I feel that Suboxone is simply delaying the inevitable, a dam in the river of addiction. I wish I could see the other side to determine how much it is holding back. Less or more than was there prior to beginning this treatment? Either way, thanks to Suboxone I got to spend another day free with my family, and for that I am grateful. Thank you all for your posts and personal insight on the matter, as each one has helped me in some way. Ill check back soon.


  8. Posted by Matt on January 2, 2011 at 2:25 am

    One more thing… I appreciate the fact that janaburson stated- “Maybe someday the U.S. will decide to treat healthcare like a right, not the privilege that it is now. But I’m not well-informed enough to take on that topic…” -It is a breath of fresh air to hear someone state that theyre not well-informed enough to speak on a topic in depth. We have all heard people rave about how America is the best, the Muslims are crazy etc. (sticking with current examples) while they have never left their state to test these theories, and therefore could not have formed a credible, educated stance on either statement. They then have no option but to adopt the opinions of others through mixed media, popular opinion etc. Psychology term: groupthink. Sorry for blurting off topic, but after reading that statement by janasburson I was in awe. Thank you!


  9. Posted by Michael Franks on January 4, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    I am ashamed of you people still using while taking suboxone. You guys are going to ruin it for those of us who are truly using it to get our lives back together. If you inject suboxone, the first thing that you feel is sick, due to the naloxone(Narcan) and only after it wears off do you feel any of the buprenorphine…or so I’ve heard. I took morphine religiously for 15 years. I’ve been thru treatment 16 times. This medication seems to be the only thing that truly works for me. For the love of God, people, stop abusing it so they don’t take it off the market and screw things up for those of us who take it as prescribed like myself. Keep it up and you are going to end up in treatment, in jail or dead. If I find out that anyone is abusing their suboxone, I turn them into the police immediately and I am not the only one who feels this way. Grow up, get your lives together, and stop acting like junkies.


    • Posted by dee on March 6, 2011 at 12:41 am

      you are so right people who would give anything to be on suboxone but cant for one reason or another. get it together people use it the way it is meant to be used. give up those old junkie ways.


  10. Posted by Dave H on January 12, 2011 at 6:35 am

    I know you probably hate my comments jana, but…

    I believe the suboxone film to be more abusable via the IV route and SAFER than the tablets. The only terrible thing in the film is the methylcellouse.

    I also don’t understand why you think there is no difference in the amount of drug that reaches the brain depending on the ROA.
    Buprenorphine has poor SUBLINGUAL availability to begin with…As I said before. It is a paterental opioid medication. The only reason it works sublingually is because they increased the dose by 1000 fold. IV dose = 0.3mg-1.0mg HighDose tablets = 2-8mg. The reason its that high is because they learned you lost half the dose when takenly SL and 90% orally.

    I have good news though, I now receive the medication for free!!! I know longer need to inject suboxone, because I don’t care about wasting half the dose since I no longer pay for it.

    Im not going to lie, the addiction to “injecting” is part of the reason, but for the most part. Its because people cannot afford this expensive stuff. Furthermore, lets not even discuss why it is like this in the first place.

    And people, the naloxone in the drug. DOES NOTHING when mixed with buprenorphine. It will not cause WD. It doesn’t cause Precipated withdrawl either. The naloxone is barely active at all. Just imagine its not even there.

    Im so tired of hearing and reading people talking about the naloxone causing the WD or thinking that injecting suboxone will cause precipWD. The naloxone is only in there to create an illusion and to hold patient rights on buprenorphine.
    Why do you think they came out with the film???? Because have lost their patient on Suboxone. They will soon being making generic suboxone. Do you think RB wants to loose their hold on the drug addict crowd???? They make ENORMOUS profit from Suboxone. Do you even realize that RB is a household cleaner product company in England??? Look on the back of a can of lysol, the same people make our suboxone…
    My rant is now finished. Sorry everyone..


    • Posted by wanna the the fucking trueth guy on July 8, 2011 at 9:42 am

      damn can someone plz get to the fucking point if i inject soboxone sub film will it get me high it seems that no one can anser that fucking siple ??? ive heard that it doesnt give u a rush but is it worth it will i get high or is it the same as by mouth can some one plz give me a detailed anser and is it the hole film or half


      • Dear Wanna,
        It will put you into immediate and painful withdrawal.
        Why are you asking this question on a blog site dedicated to recovery from opioid addiction??
        Why are you even using Suboxone if you want to still get high?
        Suboxone is designed to be absorbed through the mucosa of the mouth. The naloxone that’s in it doesn’t get absorbed that way, but if you inject it, you get the full effect of 2mg of naloxone. For comparison, the medics give you .4mg to reverse an opioid overdose. So yeah, you’ll have withdrawal.

      • Posted by fastlane on January 15, 2013 at 2:42 pm

        it will not put you in withdrawal unless you have opiates on the recepters…I inject 1mg a day and have been for 2 years and Im completly fine just had a checkup actually….

      • Posted by Benjamin K. Phelps on January 16, 2013 at 12:52 pm

        To those of you turning this into a how-to or similar discussion about shooting opioids and/or Suboxone: could you PLEASE respectfully know this is a recovery website, as Dr Burson let you know, & keep in mind that while Dr Burson was interested in knowing what the abuse rates look like with the strip versus tablets or just in general, she was NOT looking for a discussion about specifically how one might be able to better do so. For those of us in recovery, this type of talk is something we want no part of, & this is a forum for us. So while I would not go to opioid.com or the likes & expect to get angry at such posts or to be able to ask anyone to cease posting such things, on a recovery blog designed for people like me, I have every right to do so w/out expecting to be told that if I don’t like it, leave the board & go elsewhere. Ultimately, it’s up to Dr Burson what she will & will not tolerate and/or post on here. I’m not by any means saying anybody can’t be on here or contribute in the way they feel led to do so in. However, I engaged in enough of that talk for many lifetimes when I was actively addicted over 10 years ago, & I really have ZERO (if not less than zero) desire to do so any longer. It doesn’t make me crave – it makes me sick. And a sadder note, it makes my heart ache for you & those still where you are, b/c I’ve been there in a BIG way & understand what it is to be there. So I’m (again) respectfully asking that now that you’re aware we’re not here to instruct anybody on methods for using dope of any kind, or even to discuss war stories in such a way, can we take this back toward the positive side of life? You have my best wishes, and I hope you are able to find recovery like I did, even if you don’t particularly want it at this point in time. I didn’t for a good while – and even when I did, it was not b/c I didn’t like the feeling of opioids anymore… I’ll NEVER be able to say that. It was b/c I couldn’t take what it was putting me through anymore. I found that a well-run methadone program was easily able to satisfy the cravings, provide a safety net of a blockade against doing other opioids, & doesn’t require daily dosing at the clinic if you are honest with & work with your doc & counselor to get your dose to where it needs to be. I never thought I’d EVER see the day I could say I had no desire to use heroin – particularly if I came across some. I’d have always AT LEAST thought I’d take it… “just in case”… But I’ve been in that spot a few times these last 10 years, & I didn’t have the SLIGHTEST desire to do that. I’ve been through more hell these last 3-4 months than I can hardly stand from certain things in my life. But I’ve found that using hasn’t even been something I’ve cared to entertain in my mind… at all. I couldn’t care less about the thought of using. All I care about is making sure I don’t lose my treatment & finding a new job (I was laid off last week, among other issues before that…) Best of luck to you.

        And Dr Burson, if I’ve somehow crossed the line to write anything I wrote here or to request anything on this blog such as I did, please let me know & know that I apologize in advance. I do recognize that it ultimately is your blog. Thanks.

      • No, I appreciate your input. I often struggle with deciding which comments to approve. I have trashed many that I thought were glamorizing drug use, or advocating drug use. I’m going to go back over some of the previously posted comments, and may delete a few more. You’re right – this is a blog devoted to treatment, not active addiction.

  11. Oh no, I appreciate your comments. I don’t necessarily agree with them, but I’m glad you’re writing.

    I’m also very glad to hear you’re using your Suboxone the right (safest) way.

    In Europe, particularly Scotland and France, only the monoproduct was available – meaning the equivalent of our Subutex. Those countries had big problems with diversion and intravenous use of the medication. The U.S. has not seen this to the degree they had in Europe, because of the naloxone.

    People are different. Apparently you don’t feel withdrawal from the naloxone, but most people do.

    High medication prices aren’t limited to those used for the treatment of addiction. My mother had to get a medication for nausea that wasn’t covered by her Medicare plan. I paid out of pocket for her, because she couldn’t afford it – one pill was over $20, and she was prescribed ten of them. It’s a problem in all of medicine. The drug companies say they have to charge more in the U.S. because of the product liability laws. If you watch any daytime TV you’ll see lawyers advertising for clients who have been harmed by any number of medications, so maybe there’s truth to this. This is also one of the reasons they give for wanting to prolong their patent rights.

    I’m not defending the drug companies. They’re in it to make a profit. But on the other hand, in this country, all of medical care is a business. As I’ve said before, until/unless U.S. citizens decide they want to make healthcare a right, not a privilege, some people won’t be able to afford care. And that’s sad.

    Now I’m ranting.


    • Posted by Jennifer on February 23, 2012 at 3:16 am

      I’ve been on Suboxone for 4wks now. I can’t say it’s a miracle, as someone said, there is no “magic” pill. However, maybe a year from now, i’ll still be clean (God Willing). I do have just ONE question about the dosage. I have been on the internet for 5 hours now, trying to find an answer. I am on the sub tablets, 8mg-2mg four times per day. Now, on the website and on the info from the pharmacy BOTH say to take your suboxone ONCE daily. It even says, if you are prescribed more than one tablet per day, and cannot fit them all under your tongue at once, to try putting 2 suboxone tabs under your tongue at a time…. so is what they’re saying, am i to take the 32mg altogether (since it says ONE daily dose?? Or, take one under the tongue every six hours as my doctor verbally instructed?? very confused. Anyone know??


      • If you are being treated for addiction, once daily is best, though you need to use each film/tab separately, one after another. Yes this can take some time if you’re on more than one tab or film.
        If you also have chronic pain, your doctor may suggest spreading the dose out more, like three or four times per day. This is because the anti-pain effect after a dose, no matter how high, lasts only about 6-8 hours, though the anti-withdrawal effect lasts usually more than 36hours after a dose.
        Please ask your doctor for clarification.

  12. Posted by jojo on January 17, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    I have been on methadone and moved to suboxone, never had insurance to cover any medicine and I just don’t understand, IF U DON’T WANT TO KICK THE OPIATES JUST GO VISIT A SCRIPT DOC. BECAUSE U MAKE IT HARD ON THE PATIENTS THAT WANT TO GET CLEAN, A SUBOXONE DOC CAN ONLY HAVE SO MANY PATIENTS, not only are u preventing someone that wants to get sober from being able to get an appointment u r also making it where suboxone doctors will not give anyone seeing them subutex (which has a generic – saving me hundreds of dollars a year) because of the the patients using it and still getting high!!! I have never failed a drug screen cuz that is the point of being on suboxone, subutex and methadone. So please go back to.your hydros, roxies, or whatever else and leave the detox meds for those that want to be clean and stop snorting sh*# up your nose, that is not doing anything but taking a wonderful detox drug and making it have the same reputation the methadone has, as a government issued and sometimes government paid for way for people to get high. Everyone uninsured, myself included, wonders why the government won’t help pay for this form of medicine but, they will pay for opiates, this is exactly why. It is cheaper for them to pay for your pain meds they are a lot cheaper. This is just preventing suboxone, methadone, subutex or any future life saving miracle drug from reaching its full potential and saving lives. I am not preaching at you guys because now that I am clean, I am a better person. I am preaching cuz I know how financially taxing the cost of these meds can be but, after all the bad stigma from methadone misuse and people abusing the no-cost government clinics that provide methadone to people free of charge as long as everyone keeps getting online and bragging about snorting, selling, buying these meds no one will get the help they legitimately need to improve their addiction. For those taking it correctly, it is not an easy journey, but this medicine is a miracle worker. Taking the methadone daily I still felt a buzzed and nodded and really tired alot, felt like I was still using. the suboxone us wonderful, I can’t tell I am taking any medicine and I am normal again after using for almost 20 years. it has brought me to a point in my life I thought I would never reach, it was a long, hard road but, I made it to the end, and I am so happy to be here still breathing. if me and my husband can accomplish this anyone can. there are good days and bad days but, I an fine with that!


  13. Posted by Amber on January 18, 2011 at 6:56 am

    I hate the film my pain in my mouth severe hand n arm pain dizzy spells vomit severe migraines. ive taken the tablets a yr now n id rather b a junkie then feel like a zombie w blurry vision. n to top it off i cant sleep. the pills kept me clean 4 a yr.


  14. Posted by Kris on January 20, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    Are they going to stop making the suboxone tablets? I am in the program. It is the only thing that has worked for me and my husband. I can’t stand they way the strips taste or make me feel, I prefer the tablets. So plz tell me they are not going to stop making the suboxone sublingal tablets:-(


    • No. I don’t know of any plans to stop making it. I think the push to change to the film is an effort by the drug company to hold onto their market share, if generic formulations of Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) tablets become available. I’m guessing they can retain patent rights on the film for a number of extra years. But I think even that drug company will still be making the tablet form as well.


      • Posted by Adam on January 20, 2011 at 7:35 pm

        My doc said they have made a generic formulation of suboxone but he wont prescribe it to me he only writes DAW because he said that the generic form doesn’t work nearly as well, he said when they come up with a good formulation he says he will prescribe the generic

  15. Posted by Risa on January 26, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    I have been on the Sub tabs for 4 years. It has been a LIFE SAVER for me! However, my doc just prescribed me the film this month and I believe I am having a moderate allergic reaction to something in the film. Under my tounge, I have developed white sores, it is also very red and swollen. It feels like I held boiling water in my mouth. It’s very painful and its getting worse, so swollen that I’m talking with a lisp. Has anyone else had this problem? Until I can get to my doc again (he is out of state), can I just put them on top of my tongue? Comments please. Thanks!


    • Wow, that sounds awful. I think your doctor should have an emergency contact number, or at the very least have someone covering his practice. It does sound like the film is causing this. Assuming you had no problems with the tablets, you probably need to switch back, and your doctor will have to call your pharmacy to tell them this.
      I don’t think you absorb much, if any, Suboxone if you put it on top of your tongue, so that’s not a good solution. Plus, if it is a reaction, it may make the top of your tongue as sore as underneath.
      Please let me know what happens.


  16. Posted by Risa on January 28, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    Follow Up: I got in touch with my Doctor yesterday and he agreed that I should be switched back to the pills due to this seemingly allergic reaction I am having. I told him I had 6 days of films left and my INS would need an override. He told me to call his “girls” and he would do the best he could. I called his office and spoke to the manager who said she would talk to Doc and call me back. She just now called me back and told me because the films had already been dispursed, I would have to wait until my prescription was up to switch back to the pills. She did not call my pharmacy nor my INS co. I am pretty POd right now, if this were ANY other medication, I would be taken off it immediately, right? I don’t know if this was the managers opinion or my doctors. The sores are much worse now, when I put a film on them, it feels like someone is putting a cigarette out under my tongue. Not sure what to do, but I can deal with it, been through worse or I wouldn’t be on these in the first place. Sorry for the rant, I feel a bit better now. Thanks


    • Yikes.
      But it sounds like you can get the pills, but your insurance company won’t pay for them, right?
      That’s actually not unusual for any medicine. I doubt there’s anything the doctor can do – this is up to your insurance company. Sounds like you’re stuck paying out of pocket for six days’ meds.


  17. Posted by Risa on January 28, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    I forgot to tell you the best part, she said maybe I should just swallow them! Duh!!!! “yeah, ok, great idea, let me take no medicine and in the process develop some cool new sores in my throat!”


    • Posted by Risa on January 30, 2011 at 12:31 am

      I would have no problem whatsoever to pay out of pocket for the six days, I understand insurance billing, etc. I am a CPC (certified professional coder) and a radiology manager. But, my doctor won’t even call the six days in, so I’m out of luck there. It’s too bad, I believe that the films work better as far as my back pain is concerned. (which is why I’ve been on Sub for 4 years). I’ve had two fusion operations on my back and have scoliosis. But, again, I’m hanging in there; but now possibly considering a new doctor. I’ve been with him for 15 years as my “family” doctor. The back ops were what “caused” my opiate addiction. (although, I take full responsiblity for my part). My first day off of the Oxy was 8/18/2006 and I have never relapsed or had a UA so I’m at a loss as to why he’s not helping me with this.


      • Well yes, that is odd. And he pharmacy should be willing to take back the films and exchange for the pills, since they are in a sealed package. Have you asked the pharmacy if they would exchange them? Though I guess they would want the doc’s OK. If you’ve been in recovery for 4.5 years, it seems even more odd that your doctor wouldn’t want to fix this right away. Definitely something to question him about at your next visit!

  18. Posted by Knight on February 1, 2011 at 1:02 am

    I think it is crazy they have went to these strips i dont care if you say they taste better because they dont! they just disolve a little faster. Big deal. There patent is up and redoing the pill and renaming it is just another way that a generic cant be made for another 11 years. I was doing 200mg of oxy a day, always snorting it. So, snorting meds is engraved into my brain. When i started taking suboxone i would let them dissolve. I snorted it one time and thats all it took. I have never had a pill make me so motivated in my entire life. I can get a script of 60 and make them last forever. I was spending at least 200 a day on pills, and now with suboxone i honestly do 3 pills a month. I still consider myself an addict though. I use suboxone to substitute not to get better. I know i know its not the way its supposed to be done but, i love them.


  19. Posted by Mark on February 3, 2011 at 12:32 am

    I used to have Suboxone prescribed to me until I quit all drugs up to 2 years ago. I’ve bought Suboxone illegally every so often for severe back pain (slipped disk, 3 years ago) because I really don’t want to take Oxycodone or anything similar, and every time I have snorted it. I know it seems like people are addicted to the snorting of the pill, but I can honestly say that as opposed to taking 4 mgs of it sublingally, I can snort a very small amount (1 mg, give or take) and be pain free for up to 12 hours. I’m not sure why it works better, it just does. Hope this helps.


  20. Posted by jenniffer on February 4, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    I have been on subs for almost 2 years and like most of you it has been a miracle drug for me as well.I was making a daily cocktail of morphine,percocet,oxycontin,dilaudid and phentermine (i know why the phentermine???) anyway it all worked well together. We i couldn’t afford it anymore i considered standing on the railroad tracks since i didn’t own a gun. I mean that’s how scared I was of being sick. Well I had no idea how sick I would actually be but it was 10x worse than imagined. I lasted 2.5 weeks cold turkey and I was losing my mind. Couldn’t sleep, lost 20lbs, stomach cramps, sneezing/couldn’t swallow, shakes, sweats, coming out of my skin. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy….then I found Suboxone. within 30 minutes of taking 2 tabs SB the suffering was over. I can’t believe none of my dr’s told me about it sooner. I am 40 years old with a family (5 children) I do not look like your typical drug addict, most people were shocked when they found out.. including my husband and kids. I functioned quite well for a long time on drugs.Anyway my DR is kinda flaky and there have been several months that he was out of town and I could not get my script.. within 2-3 days being off the subs I was back where I started with heavy duty withdrawls.. I scored some oxy’s to take the edge off but they didn’t touch the pain I was experiencing..WHY IS THIS THE CASE???? It doesn’t matter how much OXY I now take or how I take them they just don’t work..has anyone else experienced this and why.. am I now a slave to suboxone??? I feel trapped…. please comment


    • The problem isn’t the oxy’s. It’s that you ran out of Suboxone.

      I’m worried that your doctor goes out of town and you can’t reach him. I’ve had patients say that about me, but I didn’t go anywhere. They call and leave messages, then have their voice mail full or their phones cut off so my staff can’t reach them. Could it be that you ran out of Suboxone because you missed a visit??

      If your doctor is really this undependable, and you kept all of your appointments, that’s an issue that needs addressed, probably by finding another doctor.


  21. Posted by CKirkendal on February 9, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    I am glad i found this blog! I have had addiction issues since I was in HS, I am a 31 year old man who just recently (7 mos.) ago broke my ribs. I was drunk, while on wellbutrin, bad combo and apparently talked smack to these surfer guys in Cocoa beach and they brutally beat me, breaking my ribs, two toes, and my nose. I started it, even though i don’t remember it, but i’m not going to whine because while i don’t think i got what I deserved, I def. got what was coming to me! At any rate, I told the Doc at the ER that I had addiction issues and he gave me a non narcotic pain med called tramadol. However, within a couple weeks I was abusing tramadol and ran out of meds. I felt pretty stupid about this because i really did need them for the pain, not the euphoria it caused, but the addict in me took over. So in June I moved back to Colorado from Florida, and as soon as I got home, i found that 3 out of 6 of my best friends in Denver were abusing oxycontins! I soon fell right into line with them. However, everyone i knew that was taking oxy’s was taking 80+mg. a day or more and snorting/smoking them. I, on the other hand, have never taken more than 80 in a day and was able to quit multiple times for 2-5 days without any phisical withdrawal symptoms like my boys had. Although, the depression and lack of motivation that sets in kept me running back to the drug man’s house to avoid these feelings of worthlessness. So I moved back to CO in June, it’s now Feb, and I haven’t taken a single oxy or hydro since Christmas night. I didn’t have a script for subox, but a friend of mine was selling them to me for 15 bucks a pop. I felt sooooo much better mentally and emotionally while taking subox. I can honestly say that I will never take pills again even if I have a major surgery (nothing stronger than Ibuprofen! except of course the subox. Which brings me to the real reason I am writing here. I know i can kick the pills without subox, as I never had the physical wd’s, but I just started back in school to finish my last year of my undergrad at MSCD in Denver studying technical communications and media production. I dropped out 5 years ago when my older and only brother died in his sleep from an od on methadone and jim beam. So, I am doing really good in school, as long as i have the subox, so instead of scrambling around to get one from a friend, I actually found a good doctor yesterday and he prescribed me the 8mg strips. I told him what I am telling you and that is that I am only taking the subox right now becasue this is my first semester back in school for 5 years and i would be sacrificing my education if I decided to come off of everything mid semester. So i told the doc I want to be completely off of the subox by mid may right after the semester ends. He said that is doable, I only take a 1/2 of an 8mg strip a day. From you guys’s experience, what are the odds of having a somewhat smooth transition off of the subox in may? I have already planned it out. My mom and dad live in Honolulu and they know about all of this that has been happening. They want me to come out there right after the semester ends for 2 weeks to a month to come off of everything. What do you guys think, I really want to not have to take these stupid things forever, and I know I am strong enough to do it, just not in the middle of this sem. Oh it’s terrible I type 70+ words per minute and I am a writer. Can you say RANT, I apologize and hope to hear some comments back from ya’ll thanks,


  22. Posted by CKirkendal on February 9, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    In response to Jennifer, I am no Doc, but i did see one yesterday about subox and he pulled out a notepad and drew a little diagram for me. The pain receptors (kinda look like a mushroom) get covered with narcotic molecules when u use pain pills. However, when you take suboxone, the receptor doesn’t just get covered with many narcotic molecules, but instead, he used the metaphor of “putting a shower cap on over the pain receptor. So, In essence, the pain receptor is completely covered with the subox, and if you decide to take narcotics other than subox while on the drug, they will essentially bounce off of the “shower cap.” So I wouldn’t waste any more money on oxy’s Jennifer while taking subox because it is scientifically impossible to feel any effects from oxy’s while taking sub’s. That’s just what the doc told me yesterday, hopefully that helps, again what i say is just what i’ve heard and i am no specialist so you might want to talk to someone else who’s actually a professional. In my opinion, for your family’s sake, i would stay on the sub’s if you can afford it, until you have a nice window of time, and a strong support system, to completely stop taking everyting. I know that my plan once i stop everything is to start working out 3-5 days a week again and for some reason that seems to keep my energy levels up, and my mind seems to be more at east, it’s a great substitution but, as I have experienced in the past, can also be a cross addiction. Take care Hun, I’ll say a prayer for you and your family, and I wish you and everyone else on here who wishes to stay sober and be a good person as well as a productive member of society the absolute best of luck.


    • Posted by jen rathjen on February 10, 2011 at 2:40 am

      Thanks to everyone for their support.. It really does mean a lot to me, knowing I am not alone. To the guy CKirk who is just starting suboxone I have something to say….If you are not having physical withdrawls then STAY AWAY FROM THE SUBS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I have been taking 2 8mg a day for nearly 2 years and they are tough to get off. if the oxys didn’t give u withdrawl I guarantee the Suboxone will if u stay on them for any length of time and the pain is horrible lasting weeks-months People please if you do not really need them stay away from them you will be doing yourself a big favor…trust me…all my love Jen


      • Posted by Mark on February 11, 2011 at 5:55 am

        Well Jen, I think the biggest problem is that you weren’t cutting your doses in those two years… That’s the biggest reason I can see that you had such intense withdrawals. Suboxone is STILL a partial opiate, and while not like Oxycodone, you can still become physically addicted to them. Your doctor SHOULD have had you on a proper taper schedule, which doesn’t seem to be the case. Of course, most doctors don’t really know what a proper taper should be anyway. The first guy that prescribed them to me gave me 60 8mg pills a month every month and I had free reign to do whatever I pleased, and the second doctor tried cutting me down from 8mgs a day to 4mgs a day in a little under 2 weeks, and then down to 2, then to 1 in a little under a month. It was excruciating. Your best bet is to find another doctor that will prescribe them, and TALK TO THEM about a proper taper schedule.

        Also, to CKirkendal, it is still possible to feel the effects from Oxycodone or any other opiate you can find… You just need to take higher doses. I kinda found that out the hard way a couple years back when I first started on Suboxone. I used to be fine with getting high with about 30-60 mgs of Oxycodone, and after Suboxone I found myself having to take about 60-120 mgs to feel anything. It is NOT WORTH IT though, because there is the risk of precipitated withdrawal syndrome, where if you take Suboxone too soon after taking any kind of opiate you could feel a quick and painful onset of withdrawal. It seems like you got a pretty good schedule set up with your doctor, so I suggest you stay the course. Also, you may not feel PHYSICALLY sick from opiate withdrawal, but depression and other mental effects are STILL signs of opiate withdrawal or “dope sickness.” Just stick with your doctor and stay with your plans man. I hope all works out for you, and I imagine after you properly taper off you’ll feel a million times better.

  23. Posted by Chara Fritog on February 20, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    I am on suboxone sublingul films…under my tongue where I put them is really inflamed and sore!? Any advice?


    • One other reader said she had sores under her tongue from the film. I’m not sure why that happens, but you need to call your doctor ASAP. If the tablet didn’t do this, you’ll likely have to switch back.
      No, there’s no generic available at present for Suboxone in either tablet or film.


  24. Posted by Chara Fritog on February 20, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    Also is their a difference in generic vs the real shidizzle?


  25. Posted by bnanon on February 22, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    Suboxone….. I am 25 years old and addicted to opiates. I wont go into the details but recently I came across a supply of Suboxone and illegally purchased about 20 suboxone strips. I have used the tablets in the past with good results. Sometimes if I snorted a quarter of the tablet it would make me feel amazing but the drip and taste was unbearable. I take half a strip every 36-48 hours or whenever I feel it leaving my brain, skin starts feeling kinda wierd, hard to explain. Also I feel lethargic and depressed and cant sleep, headaches. I usually forget when the last time I took the sub was… I drink alot so time becomes blurry. I check my pupils in the mirror and rely on withdraw feelings to indicate its time to dose again. Realizing this, that I am relying on withdraw to indicate what time to take a treatment drug, alarms me. Am I supposed to take it more frequently? I am not obtaining these subs legally and I do not have insurance. They are going to run out eventually. What can I expect as far as duration of withdraw when I completely run out of these? If any addiction specialists are reading this or anyone who has tapered off suboxone personally.. What could be a successful taper schedule for suboxone? I took half of one this morning and half of one about 48 hours prior. I have 5 strips left. If anyone has been on an effective taper schedule I would like to hear his or her story. I realize that anyone who responds is not officialy recognized by this website as a medical professional and is not implying medical advice.
    I feel like the withdraw from the subs is worse than methadone, methadone is what solidified my addiction to opiates. Anyone else have bad w/d from subs? Feeling like its just one addiction for another….


    • At this point I don’t think it matters how you take the last few Suboxone.

      It doesn’t sound like you would do very well in a Suboxone program, since you’re already using it like a drug. A methadone program may help, but methadone can be fatal with alcohol, if you’re unable to stop drinking.

      I advise trying to get into an inpatient program, first to help manage your remaining withdrawal symptoms, then to learn about this deadly disease that you have, and how you can stay in recovery. In some areas of the country, there are facilities that take people with no money and no insurance, and I hope you live in such an area.

      No money? No problem. Go to at least one Narcotics Anonymous meeting per day, get a sponsor and work the steps. It’s not easy, but it’s been done successfully by thousands of recovering addicts.


  26. Posted by borrowedbigbooty's on March 22, 2011 at 12:53 am

    I have been on suboxone for almost 2 years and consider myself to be an opiate specialist of sorts and can answer a few ?s for some postings I’ve seen on here 1) for the lady who ran out of subx and took oxys, I’ve done the same thing and told my doc outright what I had done and he explained that the subx keeps your addiction levels at its highest point only substituting a “bridge” for you to deal with your withdrawals mentally thru therapy or some other method, trust this : YOU WILL become addicted to the subx physically but your life will be soooo much better “not high”. I was taking 6-8 80mg OC’s when I went on the subx and if I ran out of the subx, I couldn’t take 1 or 2 80’s, I’d have to take 6-8 to even feel well, not to get a buzz, the subx changes you, I think for the better personally but you have to be all in with it. IF there does come a desperate time where you run out tho, I have found if you let yourself suffer thru full blown withdrawals for 24-36 hours and then take some oxys they will hit you much better and you’ll actually feel them a little, but the subx has got to be totally out of your system, not something I recommend, just something I discovered in my early days of playing back and forth.
    2) To the guy on subx and off of herion, dude I am so proud of you and happy for you, stick with it, it is sooo worth it and in the end you are kinda “damming” the inevitable flood of withdrawal, but you step down off the subx slowly and at your own pace and only suffer MILD discomfort occasionally but NOTHING like the ungodly shit that happens coming down off the oc’s or heroin. Stick with it, you really will be so much happier
    3) To the people abusing subx, man, yall need to leave my scripts alone, if yall screw up my good thing by being foolish, ima be pissed 🙂


  27. Posted by Matthew on April 20, 2011 at 3:06 am

    Hi my name is Matthew im 27 and been a herion/oxy user the last 8 yrs. Ive tried many rehabs, and programs, and so far going to meetings and being on subs has helped the most. I’m working 40 plus hours a week and able to control my life. The problem is I started shooting the film strips. 😦 I get 45 strips biweekly and most the time have some left over. I’m not over dosing or abuseing the sub other the way I take them. The film is easily shot and makes me feel much better alot faster when taken this way. After 20 mins u really do feel “high”. what should I do? if I take them as directed, im dissapointed and feel depressed. Is this all in my head and I ust need to get over it, or is there truth behind the way I feel? Should I tell my doc, I wouldn’t care to and am not scared to, hes very understanding and works hard for his patients. I just don’t wanna let him down. And if I am addicted to shooting them is there a program for sub abusers?


    • Matthew,
      Suboxone treatment isn’t working for you. Once you’ve crossed the line into injecting Suboxone, it’s no longer an acceptable treatment. You need to let your doctor know right away. Yes, I know this is hard. It’s scary, because your doc won’t keep prescribing, but listen: this is life and death. People who inject things into their bodies just don’t live as long as people who don’t. You know this.

      Thank God, there are other options. If you were my patient, I would arrange for a 7 – 10 day admission to a detoxification unit, where you can be given sublingual, supervised doses of Suboxone in decreasing doses. When the withdrawal is at a managable level, you need to go to no less than one month of inpatient drug rehabilitation. Yes, you may lose your job, and work is really important. And yet, some things are even more important.

      You could also be admitted to an outpatient opioid treatment center, where you have to go every day to be dosed. Most clinics just use methadone, but some now also dispense buprenorphine (generic Suboxone). You have to go every day, and the nurse will watch you place the tablet under you tongue until it dissolves, making it nearly impossible to misuse.

      The only way you let your doctor down is if you don’t tell him. Outpatient Suboxone doesn’t work for everyone.


      • Posted by Matthew on April 21, 2011 at 2:35 pm

        Thank you for your input. Although I don’t know you, just the fact that you have taken the time to set a site like this up, and then respond with good advice shows me you have a kind heart. Most of the “Dr.s”, I’ve crossed paths with so far only want the money, and could care less about the people. So its nice to find someone who gives a damn. thanks i’ll keep you updated on what happens.

      • Thank you Matthew. I’m hoping you get well. This disease is fierce.

    • Posted by Adam on April 22, 2011 at 5:25 pm

      Mathew I know what you mean I was hoping when I started on suboxone that I would get a high from it. That’s not what it is made to do though. It’s just meant to make us not hurt anymore. When I first started treatment I was on subtex so that if I had some dope still in my system I wouldn’t go into withdrawal and for those 3 day I shot them, as a dope user for years There is something to also seeing that plunger pull back, however after I started the suboxone I was to scared I would go into precipitated w/d I took them as directed. You just have to get over the fact that this is medicine not to make you feel great or a substitute for getting high, it’s made to make us feel like we don’t want to kill ourselves when withdrawing. I’ve been on 16 mgs for 14 months now and just feel normal. Give it some time you’ll find you like it much better. I relapsed once like 2 months ago and I realized I like being normal a lot better these days.


  28. pilss are 100 times better.i can make a pill and make it last 4 days by snorting them,1/4 at a time.and feel great,and the effect is much stronger than taking unde the tonge.


  29. Posted by nonya_biz on June 18, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    ive been a suboxone patient for years. i was involved with the FDA trials before suboxone was around as a viable option for treating opiate addiction. as i person that has tried methadone, i can say that suboxone is a lifesaver and without it i would probably still be on dope.

    i remember when the strips were up for human trials by the FDA. i was a patient receiving suboxone and since i had done the original trials with suboxone for the same doctor, they asked if i would like to participate in a new trial for a new delivery system for buprenorphine. i agreed, since the study would pay for the medication and my treatment while they did the investigation.

    i ended up with a box of white mylar pouches labeled ‘bup8/nl2’ that contained what looked like orange Listerine film-strips. they had the same horrible citrus and aspartame flavor as the pills did. unfortunately they didnt work as described. i was prescribed 2x8mg pills per day, but i had the option of taking less if i didnt need it which was frequently the case. with the strips, i was never able to skip a dose because so little of the drug was initially absorped that redosing was required with the strips.

    people are generally not aware of how powerful buprenorphine is, both affinity and the drugs half-life. 0.2mg of buprenorphine is roughly equivalent to 10-20 milligrams of methadone. this usually leads to the patient becoming dependent on the suboxone, sometimes moreso than the opiate they are trying to escape. with the pill, i have granular control over the amount of drug i am receiving. i take a single 8mg tablet and break it up into 1/32 chips and snort 1×1/32nd of an 8mg. if i need more, i do an additional 1/32nd.

    snorting the pill allows me to better control the amount of drug i take in. it also allows me to ease my withdraw symptoms much quicker than waiting for the drug to work sublingualy. it takes about ~45 minutes to begin to feel the oral does, whereas snorting the pill provides relief in less than 10 minutes.

    for what its worth.. your milage may vary. i just wanted to get my point out: strips suck and suboxone dosage is way over done. use as little as possible as infrequently as possible and you can kick in less than 2 months. i quit a $300 a day habit in 35 days, no shit.


    • It’s sad that you were part of the original trials but are still in active addiction. Your explanation for continuing to snort drugs doesn’t ring true with me. However, what you are doing at least isn’t as dangerous as IV use, so it’s still reduciing the harm from your addiction.

      I’m puzzled as to why people expect there will be no opioid withdrawal from Suboxone. It is an opioid. Certainly there are some people who say they stop Suboxone and don’t feel a withdrawal, but that’s the minority. And the equivalence of buprenorphine to methadone seems to vary a great deal between individuals.

      Again, many addicts don’t understand the psychological aspects of addiction. Many addicts can get throught the physical withdrawal, only to relapse back to drug use. The quitting is important, but the staying quit is just as important, and that’s why the psychosocial counseling is so essential.


      • Posted by nonya_biz on June 19, 2011 at 10:54 pm

        your correct… opiates are one hell of an addiction. i have quit and relapsed 3 (major) times and each time i had to go back to the doctor to get more suboxone. the only thing is this last time i never quit taking the subs. if i quit going and i dont have suboxone in my system, i get nervous. it was during this part of recovery that i relapsed, so this time im not going to repeat that mistake. i only continue to take the subs because im scared of the alternative.

        i take about .2-.5mg every other day. its just enough to remind myself that im an addict for life and that i cant get high. i cannot defend the snoring of the pill… its a bad habit, but it is a more efficient route of administration compared to sublingually. orally, i need at least 1/4 a pill to feel any changes, and 1/3 of a strip. being that the pills are $10 a piece, it can get expensive if you dont have insurance.

        so its not because i keep getting strung out, its because i cant not be on suboxone. i would like to quit altogether, but i dont trust myself. i spent 15 years on opiates (mostly heroin) so i have a much higher rate of success as a junkie than i do as a former addict. ive spent more of my life on drugs than off them, so im a little gunshy to just stop everything. i dont experience any withdraws if i dont take the suboxone, but i feel better on it.

  30. Posted by Matt on June 18, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    Hey guys, I was one of the first posters I believe, just checking back in. Never used a blog/twitter type service before this, if it counts. Strange intro. Ive been watching all the posts from my inbox and I can say that although some people have very flawed logic in my personal opinion, I have been in the very same situations myself and often acted even more strange. Since my original post I have relapsed several times, depending on what you consider a full relapse. I found that while taking Suboxone I would still somewhat feel Opiates if I waited 8 hours or so. I wondered if it is irresponsible to say this on such a forum, and decided that an addict will go to any lengths when they back themselves into a corner, and would discover this themselves. While it wasn’t quite the same effect I was receiving, I never had a heavy hang-over the next day and would use for 2-4 days, stop for a week etc. This would be psychologically impossible for me without Sub, as proven by every other time I tried to stop. Since my first post I have been in school, and for the first time am succeeding. My GPA for college was approx 0.2 until I returned this year, and have averaged a 3.5 over 20 or so units in this time. While I am not saying this is due to Suboxone, I believe Suboxone has simply kept a door open somewhere in my head that allows me to think in the rational long-term, whereas before instant gratification was key. Why go to school so I could wear a tie in an office 5 years from now, when I can get high and sell —- now. Hell, I might not be here in 5 years. As of today, I have approx 30 consecutive days off the smack, and don’t have much desire to use. I should mention that I have been smoking pot in this time. One downside of Suboxone for me is the amplification of nicotine cravings. Let me know if you have experienced the same. Thanks guys.


  31. Posted by Dying to get better on June 24, 2011 at 12:38 am

    Hi Jana,

    Sorry to totally get off topic, but i am not shooting or snorting. Im doing everything right and legally. I have been on suboxone 8mg for 2 years twice a day (16mg). I was taking tabs until film came out in sept or oct ’10. I loved the film and didnt really have a problem although it took time getting used to. Im still on film to this day. But when i took tabs, i was fine. But when i switched over to film, on nov 14th, i woke up with intense pain in my knee. A month later, it was still there so i went to an immediate care center and was referred to an arthritis specialist. He took xrays and told me he couldnt find the problem. 2 long months later, the pain finally went away. 2 days after that, the pain came back but on the OTHER knee!!!! That lasted until a couple of weeks ago and was so happy that the pain went away. Today i woke up and now they are in both knees and back, and wrists. I spoke to another person who has been switched from tabs to film as well and she is describing the exact same pain as i without me telling her my pains first. Has anyone experience random pains throughout their bodies from the switch? And Dr. Burson, has any of your patients complained of this? If so, im wondering if i should switch back to tabs because ive had no problems at all when i was on tablets. Hope to hear from anyone soon so i can get this fixed immediately! Thank u all for reading and future comments! 😉


  32. Posted by Dying to get better on June 24, 2011 at 2:21 am

    And oh, i didnt use the search engine, Google, to find out bout snorting or injecting. I put down “which is better, suboxone 8mg tablet or film?”, and this blog came up. I read all the blogs u have posted, Jana, and my hats off tou for being so open minded and articulated as well as very educated on this everyday battling addiction issues!!


    • Thank you!

      I haven’t had patients describe the migratory joint pains that you describe…are your joints swollen and red? If so, I doubt it’s part of a withdrawal syndrome. But if the joints hurt without swelling, it’s possible that’s a weird withdrawal symptom.

      Yes. I’ve had patients who were doing very well on the tablets, switch to films when they first came out, and felt withdrawal on their usual dose of films. I’ve switched them back to tablets. The drug company says the films are less likely to be diverted to the black market, but I’ve discovered, on this blog in fact, that people inject the films. So I’m OK with the tabs or films. I’m not sure it makes much difference. If someone wants to sell their medication, they can do it with either tabs or films.


      • Posted by Dying to get better on June 24, 2011 at 3:22 pm

        Thanks so much for responding back!

        There are no swellings at all. It just get stiff and real painful, burning sensation when i try to stretch my legs or back or arms. It feels like i have arthritis but its pretty obvious i dont. Im 35 years old. I cant sleep at night without waking up in pain. my doc told me to switch from taking two in the morning to once a morning and once b4 bed. I feel that this process helps and doesnt help at the same time. I wake up stiff every morning while in pain and pain wont go away until i take my daily film in the morning. When i was on tablets, i dont remember any pains at all except for a charley horse that happened one night but that was a year after taking tablets. When i tried to search side effects for suboxone films, it did say that it causes pain in joints. But i dont want to use that side effect and claim that the suboxone is the one causing the pain without further research. Ive been on the film for 7 to 8 months. I dont feel normal withdrawal symtoms but i find it fascninating that u think that it may be. I would need evidence to support me if i go to my doc and tell him this. Do u think i should try to reverse back to tablets and see if my system improves with it? If its still the same, then we know that its not related.

      • Sorry, I can’t give you specific medical advice, not knowing your case in particular. You should talk to your doctor. But I can tell you that if one of my patients described what you are, I’d want to switch her back to the tablets just so I could tell if it’s from using the film. I’m not sure you’d need any evidence, just describe what you are feeling.

      • Posted by Dying to get better on June 24, 2011 at 10:38 pm

        Thank you very much for your input. It is greatly appreciated and i will post a follow up for others in case they are having same problems as i. As always, keep up the great work and also thanks for caring for people like us! God bless and take care!

  33. Posted by Dying to get better on June 24, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    P.S. Im a female, if that makes a difference


  34. Posted by Silverrocket on July 1, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    I was wondering your thoughts on this issue…my doctor has been attempting to get me on the film, which is more expensive, so I’ve been staying on the tabs. I purchase my own medicine without insurance. His last prescription, he didn’t inform me that he had switched me to the strips… without even telling me. I get to the pharmacy,and they inform me of the change. He wouldn’t rewrite the script for the tabs. It’s essentially raised my costs by 50 bucks a month. I am very unhappy. There seems as if there are no actual medical reasons for switching over. I consider his behavior unethical, as it simply raises my costs for no apparent reason. My guess he’s receiving some sort of speaking fees or trips to Las Vegas/San Francisco.


    • The representative from the drug company that makes Suboxone, Reckitt-Benckiser, said that the company was increasing the price of the tablet. So I don’t know why the film is more expensive where you are.

      I understand why your doctor doesn’t want to write a new prescription, though if you were willing to take the remaining films back for an exchange, he may be willing to do this. You would, of course, have to pay for the tablets, and I don’t know if the pharmacy would reimburse you for the unused films. I doubt it.

      I think you should ask your doctor why he switched, and tell him why you prefer the tablets.


  35. Posted by Glen on August 3, 2011 at 12:29 am

    I am a responsible suboxone patient that has been on the medication for a number of years. I was put on the strips and found that they are simply not effective. I don’t know what it is about them. I could care less about the taste of the strips vs. tablets, or the time it takes to dissolve under my tongue, I just want them to be effective. I want them to silence the voice that has been for years just a faint whisper and since I’ve been on the strips has been a shout. I insisted on tablets today at my doctor and I asked why he was so adamant about the strips. He told me that the strips are more difficult to traffic. I’m too old for that shit. Really. I just don’t want to worry, and I don’t want addict thinking to creep back in as I realize that my dosage is creeping ever upward because these strips are useless. I don’t traffic my medication. It is appalling that idiots would sell their meds and put all of us at risk for potentially prohibitive restrictions, new legislation or even a change in the system that would have us waiting in a daily line to receive our suboxone. Anyone remember what that’s like? Not being able to hold down a regular job because you have to line up at the ass crack of dawn to visit a nurse with at paper cup? Don’t sell your meds! Take them as directed, shut the f up and be thankful that a medication like this exists.


  36. Posted by help plz on September 12, 2011 at 9:17 am

    I’ve been taking about 120mg of oxycodone regularly for the past six months or so , no prescription, just tried it once and fell in love. However I’m ready to quit and turn my life around and I honestly can’t stand how much money I spend on it. One of my old dealers sells subs for five bucks each so I guess my question is how much would I have to take to not get high but just not feel terrible? I have a problem and need advice from some of the more experienced chaps on here. Thanks


  37. Hi help plz:

    I was taking more than your dose when I was in full-blown addiction. From what I can remember, I was snorting Opana ERs….I guess at least 60 mg a day, which is 2x as strong as plain oxy. (Opana is oxymorphone). Right now I take 1.5 strip a day, all together, in the afternoon. However, my stress level is extremely high right now due to all the shit happening in my life (husband lying about stealing my subs, 3 little kids to take care of, etc.). I called my dr. this morning b/c I realized I was falling back into my old addict behaviors…looking stuff up on the internet to try to take matters into my own hands. I told him I was basically craving for the first time since I quit Opana (June of this year). He was very understanding and glad I was honest with him. He said we would bump up my dose by an extra strip for a few weeks and see how we do. By the way, he’s the most amazing sub dr. Quite pricey (and I don’t have insurance) but he’s a concierge dr., which means I have his cell phone number and can pretty much get ahold of him at any time. I’ve spoken to him at 11 PM before.

    So long story short, you’d probably be good with 2 strips max per day.

    Matt – wanted to let you know I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your posts. It’s amazing that you’re back in school – that’s a dream of mine. I certainly posess the intelligence necessary to be successful in that environment but my awful ADHD has held me back in the past – and present, I suppose. Someday…but keep up the good work! Give us an update.

    And Jana, thanks for providing this forum. I’ve learned some interesting things and if nothing else, reading through the posts has kept my mind off craving opiates for the last 20 minutes! 🙂


  38. Posted by Melissa on October 11, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    Everyone I know snorts the film. I have also done it myself a few times. I was told that you can still absorb the film through membranes in your nose and the longer you keep it up your nose before letting it drain down the back of your throat the better absorbtion you get. I rip the 8mg/2mg film in half and put it in the top of a toothpaste cap with a few drops of warm water(almost filling the cap completely) and then let it soak for about 5 minutes. Then I stir it with a toothpic till its just orange water and then I snort it with a small plastic straw. After doing this 2 or 3 times using the same straw u eventually have a small buildup insidde the straw of suboxone. I use a toothpic to scrape it out and its enough to get me by on a day I can’t find any suboxone. I now take the films the correct way for the most part and I let it dissolve under my tongue for 20 minutes without swallowing and I don’t feel high at all. When I snorted the film or pill I always got high. I had to stop snorting because over the years I have put so much up my nose that it started to really burn.



    • Everyone you know snorts the film??
      That’s sad.
      I’m glad you’re using them the correct way, because you will absorb much more of the medication. This medication is not as absorbable in an acid environment like the nose (mildly acidic) – that’s why you can’t swallow it. I can’t explain your “high” feeling except maybe that’s the psychological part of addiction.


  39. Posted by zyzz on October 13, 2011 at 9:18 am

    I found this site after searching for “suboxone films sick” as I’ve recently switched from 24mg suboxone pills (every second day) to the films.
    The first day I had a single dose it was fine, then a couple doses after I got immensely ill. My head was spinning I couldn’t even sit up. Then when I finally had to sit up 12 hours later I vomited 3 times. When I stood up it felt like the house was turning upside down and I had to hold onto a wall. I’m still not sure if it’s film related or something totally different .. Some other people said they got sick on another forum but they mainly got vomiting and chills.. I’ve also been having some neuro problems for months, tinglling toes, feet, hands and scalp.
    I had endocarditis a couple years ago from IV oxycontin, I was only a user for approximately 2 years of OC, hammer, kapanol, ms (basically whatever I could get my hands on at the time) has anyone had similar experiences being sick on the film? I usually don’t eat beforehand- since I was used to it with the pills to give me a slight buzz.. I usually will go down there around 4pm and have my dose on an empty stomach- probably not a good idea now since my body cant seem to handle the Film. My tolerance is usually quite high.. So if it is mild OD symptoms of bupe .. It’s strange since I’ve been on 24mgs for about 2 years now.. I’m scared somethingbis seriously wrong since I nearly died in my bedroom with endo because the several doctors and emerency rooms turned me away cause I was just a dirty junkie until I was nearly dead and couldn’t breathe – they finally gave me a bed and a week later they diagnosed me- I fins it a bit sad that some doctors don’t bother even trying to diagnose users.. We are people too with family and it’s really quite hurtful. Anyway- on the subject of injecting the films- that’d be my worst nightmare.. Like the first guy Matt said, I can too imagine orange hairgel and needing at least a 14g needle to suck it up with.. But I’d be scared to inject that into my body.. It’s dangerous as hell and for the small high you get I doubt it’s worth it, I’ve injected subutex once or twice before. Made me want to gag the milky white substance just didn’t seem right it creeped me out and it really didn’t feel Amy better than simply eating it- I truly believe sometimes it’s a needle addiction/fixation as well. I once wasso desperate I injected benzos! Why the hell? Your mind gets messed up when it wants one thing! And holy crap $140 for suboxone??! I hope you don’t mean a week? Here it is $6 a dose- no matter what the MGS is.. Its just a “dispensing” fee. But a double dose you have to pay 12 which is strange because it’s one dispense of sub so you’d assume it’d be $6. It’s slightly cheaper if you buy 2 weeks at once – $70/35 per week… God if it’s really 140 a week that’s crazy! You could buy 2 boxes Of oxys for that much! If I lived there I think I wouldnt be able to control the mental temptations since for that price you could have a moderate oxy addiction.


    • I maintain this blog for people interested in recovery. I’ll post your comment but in the future please don’t encourage my readers to do stupid things like buy illicit opioids. The expense of buprenorphine is an issue, but buying a box of oxys is no solution. Even if the oxys are free, you pay. Sometimes you pay with your life, sometimes your health/material possessions/important relationships. Plus, I’ve yet to hear any dealers selling oxys that offer addiction counseling, which you should be getting at a buprenorphine treatment center.


  40. Posted by zyzz on October 13, 2011 at 9:33 am

    @help plz
    My ex was exactly in hour situation, but hesitant want to go on a program because then you can’t get scripts for any sort of morph or S8 drug for 7 years. I used to save him 2 mg of my dose each day and that was well enough for him, your going to feel sick getting off oxy for a few days regardless.. Maybe 2-3 even with sub, but taking 2 mg a day for maybe a week should do you fine and then after your body has adapted to being off oxy you should be able to reduce to as low as .7 (that’s what he did) I’d give him 2nd a day and he’d keep them in a plastic bag and crush them and when he gets sick he would take just a little crumb under his tongue- or inject (yuck) and he would be fine for a few hours and if he would get sick again he would have another crumb. The worst thing is running out and not having access to any cause then you will almost always go get a pill to stop the pain.. So make sure you always have a bit spare.. If I were you I’d buy like 20mg (should be under or around $40) and then break it into crumbs and it’ll probably last a fortnight, but let me warn you Sub is hard to get off.. I have withdrawn and for clean from oxy at least 10 times – it’s only hurts for about 4-5 days then your alright.. Subby is crap to get off because it drags out so long.. Sub stays in your system for ages so you end up feeling crappy for sometimes months.. I have never successfully gotten off sub apart from relapsing of course! But cold turkey- never! So just be careful.. You could just as easily take very small amounts of oxy to ween yourself off.. But then the temptation is there so it’s pretty hard…the mental anguish will always be there and that’s the hardest damn battle of all!
    Goodluck with it all though. I’m sure you’ll do fine. It’s probably just me being a sook about getting off sub since my ex has done it a hundred times.. I swear he doesn’t feel pain. Everytime he gets locked up he has to sit there withdrawing in a cold cell the thought gives me shivers but since he keeps getrinf locked up it obviously must not effect him that badly!


    • I’m glad you found my site, but please be aware I maintain this blog for people interested in recovery from addiction. So please don’t write comments about buying pills illicitly. This is a potentially fatal illness, and if you buy opioids illicitly make no mistake: you are in active addiction.


  41. I got a chick friend that swears by sticking the 8/2 strips up her ass. I aint ever tried it, bit i gotta say i thought about it after a few wiskey sours.. lol
    Seriously, ive been on the strips ( 3 a day) since feb and i agree with alot of ppls comments – mostly the changed my life thing.
    I gotta say i also agree with that the strips aren’t consistant 8/2.. I think, i know from the feeling, that some strips have to have more medicine in some than others,..
    For me – it was a god-sent. lesser of 2 evils? Def.


  42. Posted by chris on November 23, 2011 at 8:28 am

    i personaly have seen people snort the films all they did was put the film down on the table add a few drops of water to make it dissolves then crush up a vitamin of sum kind dun think it matter its just the cut the mixing them together to in fact turn the film back into a powder just like the powder u’d get from the tabs and its wrkks too


    • Pharmacologically, that makes no sense.
      But it makes sense if the person is addicted to the act of snorting. I probably doesn’t matter what they snort – the high has become associated with the act of snorting.


    • Posted by Candice on January 16, 2012 at 9:59 pm

      Snorting suboxone doesn’t make anyone high. They must be getting some sort of placebo affect off of snorting it. They might “think” they are high, but they are not.


  43. IN Australia free medical care is a right. Aussie hospitals will treat anyone who shows up in an ER. although private health cover/insurance has special benefits like your own room for example, everyone is covered by medicare which is a basic form of free health insurance so even the poorest person gets the same treament as someone wealthy paying thousands! Medicines like suboxone are heavily rebated I pay $30AU a week to be privately dosed at a chemist twice a week!. most people go to a public dosing facility daily which is completely free. Americans need to look very closely at the Australian Medicare System which provides the highest levels of health care to anyone who needs it regardless of illness or injury, especially those who have no wealth at all…Which is what most people have. 🙂 Suboxone wont get you high! it will zonk u out lol try not to dribble on yourself!

    So many have died walking down this very same road…So that we may survive this horror story (tears) because addiction is the worst real life horror story there is. We are here because someone heartless took advantage of us.

    Recipe for getting off suboxone: I call it “The Storm Method” because it’s fast & scary!

    *Note: three day delay must be taken into account.
    (**your delaytime might be different depending on your bodyweight & dosage)
    1. tell doc your going away for at least two weeks vacation & need take aways
    2. week one only take half as much until you feel the withdrawral pangs usually 3 days since your full dose, when u feel the pangs slightly nibble on a quarter tab/film til the pang fades do this when you feel the “I’m gonna vomit” feeling
    3. since you’ve decided to quit suboxone the supply you have has to last 3 times as long so the trick is to keep that 3days delay in mind and reduce every 3 days**. waiting just a little bit longer each time between doses. spread your dosing out to 3 times a day so if on 3mg a day have 1/2mg morn half at noon half at night.
    4. distract yourself tell trusted loved ones & friends what your up to ask them to help distract you if need be have a non drug using partner or loved one dose you a little bit less each time with your take aways.
    5 if you are unsuccessful, it’s okay! less is better! your tolerance will have dropped alot so half of what you were on before will hold you!

    6. it’s not realistic to expect a completely WD free taper, some mild sniffles, sneezing & temperature variations are gonna be felt, you might even vomit once or twice! know that what your feeling is completely normal & realise it is only a temporary transitory state of your body’s restorative process that will pass as your determination to overcome this addiction grows more resolute & determined.

    hot baths & showers help your circulation, cause you to sweat out toxins and ease aching cramping limbs. Try not to cook all the hair off your head, Hair hates hot water!

    When it’s time this will be the method i will be taking, if you read this & try it before i do, let me know in this forum, so we can refine the technique.

    Best wishes to everyone battling their addiction demons.
    I hope we all get through this nightmare somehow, the reality is addiction kills! So most of us wont make it! I’m doing everything it takes, not to be one of them!

    I love you with all my heart stranger…You are going to survive this and build yourself the best most envious life ever! XOXO


  44. Posted by Mike on December 15, 2011 at 3:34 am

    Addiction is a disease of behavior. I found that after taking the suboxone for, yes, a few years. I have lost all contact with my “opiate using” friends. I wouldn’t know WHO to call if I DID want to use again. My life is totally different. I take one tablet a day with my blood pressure medication and a zoloft and I am right as rain. The only time I have ever had cravings is when I was forced off the suboxone for a week to get two teeth extracted. I went into withdraw, although I was taking 7.5 Lortabs AS DIRECTED for pain. To be perfectly honest, I was glad to get back on it. It’s like it makes using or the the choice to use a moot point. I don’t mind the idea of having to take one a day for the rest of my life though there has been the occasional pressure to ween myself off it. I have had no real clean time, even having gone to treatment 13 times. This is the ONLY thing that has EVER worked for me. I think people who abuse it just provide a stigma that people like I have to live in.


  45. Posted by Jess on January 15, 2012 at 11:30 am

    I’ve never been a herion user. Never done harder drugs than marijuanna, occassionally xanax. I bought the film two days ago, & i did 1 & 1/2 strips. The feeling that I got wasn’t a feeling of “High” it was a different kind of feeling. Just a feeling of relaxation, nothing to worry about at all. Feeling calm & like I knew what I wanted, like for once there was a path right in front of me. It was a great feeling, but in the days following, my pupils haven’t returned to normal size, my stomach aches, i itch so much, the strip is still releasing medicine. My head hurts so bad and even though the feeling was so great, I want this out of me forever. But now, I know once its completely washed out i will feel dependant on needing it to clear my head again. I’m scared. I’m 5’4 female, 120 lb. I Think I may have done too much. Does anybody know the nature of these strips? If this is normal? I’m on LSD tonight, and other than not bieng able to sleep, I don’t feel anything.


    • Even though using Suboxone strips once won’t make you physically dependent, you can have psychological dependence after one use. The headache you describe isn’t unusual. Suboxone stays in your system for about three days, usually, though there’s some variation. But if you’re taking LSD, has it occured to you that LSD may be creating the fear you describe?
      What you are describing – experimenting with drugs including opioids – is dangerous. I hope you know that. Many overdose deaths have occured the first time the person takes a drug.


  46. Posted by Candice on January 16, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    Something else is going on with you. That is not the film. If you only took the film once it wasn’t the film at all. Maybe you are having withdrawals from taking other things with the film. You need to be in complete withdrawal to begin taking the suboxone in the first place. That may be whats wrong with you.


  47. Posted by Reece Prinn on January 21, 2012 at 8:37 am

    I came across your website via google images, as a friend gave me a portion of a suboxone film, and I liked that you showed the scale of the film next to a paperclip so I could see how much was left. I’ve been snorting generic subutex for quite a while now, and I’ve not had a craving for my previous DoC, oxycontin, since. It works wonderfully for me, takes immediate effect, and I don’t have to sit there incapable of speaking for 15 minutes as my mouth fills with an orange goo. This is my first time trying the film, as I’m using it in lieu of my second subutex dose for the day. I put it on my tongue as I started typing, and it’s almost completely gone. Plus for that, although I do enjoy snorting the subutex, for whatever reason, so I don’t see myself stopping that any time soon.


    • I believe you get better absorption from sublingual (Under the tongue) Suboxone and Subutex than you do from nasal mucosa, as the nose is slightly more acidic than the mouth, and acid reduces the absorption. And i suspect the reason you enjoy snorting is because during your addiction, the act of snorting a pills was so strongly associated with intense pleasure, so your brain “remembers” that, and releases dopamine just from the act of snorting.
      But snorting Subutex means you’re still in active addiction, not recovery. I could tell you all the dreadful things that can happen to your nose and sinuses, but scare tactics don’t work with someone in active addiction, so let me just say that if you use the medication properly it can be a big first step to getting back to a normal life. This means, in part, no longer having to snort things in order to feel pleasure and joy.
      If you’re being prescribed the Subutex, please get honest with your doctor. It sounds like you need more help than you’re getting at present. The effort is so worth it!


  48. Posted by David Castillo on February 18, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    I would like to say that I think you are correct about addicts liking to snort out of habit and the notion that they will get high faster because of the way it enters the bloodstream. Every addict knows that a drug will hit you faster snorting, and faster injecting. So your article is correct with this notion of higher and faster.


  49. Posted by Tom on February 24, 2012 at 2:45 am

    Both film and tablets can be snorted and injected. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The film is A LOT easier to inject than the tablets. I have seen it done with my own eyes. There are videos of it on the internet. It does not require any micron filtering, as the film dissolves a lot easier, and has much less binders.

    So unfortunately for recovering heroin addicts (who for the most part were ex-IV drug users), the film provides a more convenient avenue to abuse their Suboxone.

    Snorting I know less about, but presumably the tablets would be more convenient to snort. But with a lot of cutting with a blade or sharp scissors, the film could easily be snorted as well. As long as the pieces are small enough to get sucked into the mucous membrane, it would work fine. And possibly give a stronger hit than the tablets given the film dissolves faster.

    To cut a long story short, the film is no harder to divert or abuse than the tablets. This was pharma company hype, and I have lost a lot of faith in the medical community at the ease of which this lie was proliferated. Even sadder is the suspicion doctors display at any patient that tries to tell them the truth about it. RB says that the film is harder to divert, therefore any patient that claims to prefer the tablets should be treated with suspicion.

    Jana, they have this market by the balls. And I highly doubt they’d have gotten away with such blatant patent-extension if it was a cancer medication, or a diabetes medication.

    I’m just quite angry at the moment as I have tried the film, disliked it (it actually made me feel ill – like a dirty hit), and went back on the tablets. Just today I found out that Suboxone tablets will be discontinued by the end of 2012 in Australia.


  50. Posted by Tman on April 7, 2012 at 11:17 am

    First day on sub films


  51. Posted by tman on April 8, 2012 at 5:12 am

    been getting stomach pains and found out that the films can do this. I understand stopping misuse but i have never snorted or shot a drug in my life. I was hooked on pills from a car accident and went to pain management.( brain surgery, stomach surgery) 25 years old. Been dealing with this since i was 20. At pain management they refused to give me suboxone when i asked yet they can give me as many percocet as I want. Scumb bags. Than i moved to Florida where it is easier to get suboxone and now im on the film. I want this to work, so hopefully i can get the pills and be free from addiction. I also want to use these for pain if my body can handle it. I am fully disabled. this is the first time i have ever spoken about my addiction, besides from my doctor two days ago. Do you think the doctor will refuse to give me the suboxone pills?


    • Suboxone is only indicated for the treatment of opioid addiction. It can help patients with pain, but that’s not the primary purpose of Suboxone. So it’s not surprising that a pain management doctor didn’t want to prescribe Suboxone. Besides, that doctor may not have the special license that you need to prescribe Suboxone. Buprenorphine, the opioid in suboxone, is available in patch form for patients with only pain, and not addiction, however. I know it can be confusing.
      My best recommendation is be honest. Let you doctor know if you have both pain and addiction. Many times patients with both problems do really well on Suboxone.


      • Posted by Tman on April 11, 2012 at 1:09 am

        Thank you so much and my main problem was due to the suboxone film hurting my stomach. I heard that the tabs are better for this issue. I feel like if I ask for the tabs hell say no. And if the film hurts my stomach he may just say he doesn’t want to give me anymore. So I’m afraid to even tell him because I really need to be free of addiction. Maybe if I take less it will stop hurting my stomach?

      • I don’t know how either could hurt your stomach, since they are dissolved under the tongue and absorbed through the skin under the tongue. Talk with your doctor – maybe it’s something else that’s causing your stomach pain.

  52. In Australia percentage of peple do inject suboutex and suboxone and these are the ones who are now with ALL subutex and suboxone tablets being forced onto the film and will inject the film. Hippocrates would have rolled in his grave knowing the anxiety being caused to allready vulnerable patients by Doctors recieving “incentives” to place patients on certain meds and not keeping all options available.


    • What sort of incentives to the doctors there receive? Unless they are paid speakers for Reckitt I’m unaware of any incentives for doctors in the U.S. In fact, they would be illegal.


      • Posted by tman on May 8, 2012 at 5:49 pm

        I have friends that go to a doctor and they get 180 30 milligram roxicontin a month plus 120 10 milligrams percs and they sell them all and give the doctor a percentage of it. I know that subs are expensive on the street so im sure doctors do this with subs as well and make a huge profit.

      • The doctor should be reported to the medical board. Obviously, it’s criminal to do this. I don’t know any doctors who break the law like this and if I did, I would report them to the medical board and to the police.

      • Posted by Tman on May 15, 2012 at 8:12 pm

        Yes i agree, and they are on doctor number 3. the other doctors offices got raided by the police and went to jail.

  53. Posted by Anonymous on May 12, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    I have always snorted the tablet, and I have told my Doctor that is how I take it. I don’t believe it is the act of snorting itself I am addicted to. By snorting I can avoid the disgusting sublingual method. I am down to 4 mg. a day from 16 mg.
    I don’t get high from snorting it, but I found it does enter my blood stream a lot faster.
    I HATE the strips. I have to take more of them then the tablet because it isn’t as effective. What is the point of that?! I’m trying to wean down not up. Most Doctors refuse to even prescribe the tablets because they cannot be traced if sold. My prescription is so precious to me, I wouldn’t give/sell them to anyone.y greatest fear is some apocalyptic event where I wouldn’t be able to get my meds anymore.
    I just want off these things. I wish I never started taking them.


    • Both sublingual and intranasal use avoid first-pass metavolism by the liver. But the nose is slightly more acidic, so one would expect less medication to be absorbed there.
      Most people do not start taking suboxone unless they’ve had problems with addiction to opioids.


  54. Posted by Sofie on May 27, 2012 at 6:08 am

    hmm.well i stumbled to this site after trying to find out which is more beneficial, the Suboxone pills or the films and somehow i stumbled on this blog of people wanting to know if they could snort or shoot subxone and which way would be better..on that subject one thing I can say is if you’re wanting to try either way(shooting or snorting) then you’re not wanting to completely be clean..saying that I do understand where all these people are coming from i am taking it after so many years of struggling with addiction..I was on methadone for almost 10 years and I’m only 30yrs. old; after having so many side effects from it I decided to finally try something better..and it is better i have more energy,I go to the gym every day or at least 5 times a week,I do experience some insomnia but I’ve only been on it for about 2mos. and now I’m actually trying to only take it 1 or 2 times a day instead of 3 to 4 times a day..this drug has changed my life but i am struggling to get into the free Suboxone program and ofcourse i don’t have insurance…hence me trying to not take it as often or even trying to not take it at all but unfortunately I suffer from back and neck pain from bad injuries and also ankle osteo-arthrities so it’s kinda hard for me to go without taking anything i mean it was my pain that first lead me to look into opioids (pharmaceutical and illegal) so i am left with the question of “Will I ever be completely clean or am i wound to always depend on something to get me thru the day?” So if you have any input i’ll be more than thankful. And I am so glad there is a place where people can turn to with any issues they have and be honest with their questions,etc.


    • If you can find a non-opioid way to treat your pain, I believe it’s possible to taper off the buprenorphine (Suboxone). But chronic pain of any kind is a relapse trigger for most people, so be careful. I have a handful of suboxone patients who could taper off but have decided to stay on it because it is the safest opioid to treat their pain. Mind you, Suboxone isn’t a strong opioid for pain, but for many people it’s enough.
      Have you tried non-pill pain treatments like physical therapy, massage, or more “woo woo” methods like accupunture, guided imagery, or biofeedback? These methods really can work – it’s just hard to find knowledgable, affordable practitioners in some areas.
      I’ve had chronic muscle tension headaches all my life, and for the last fourteen years, I’ve been able to get rid of 99% of them with guided imagery and stress management. The other 1% actually do respond to ibuprofen.


  55. Posted by Chase on July 18, 2012 at 2:16 am

    I’m an addict that’s been on suboxone for almost 3 years (without a prescription). I snort the pill. I’ve dissolved them under my tounge like your supposed to, with no noticeable effect. When I snort 1/2 a pill I can tell a huge difference, it feels like to me that snorting it increases bioavailability, I’ve got no proof of this, but personally I spend waaaaay less on them and use much less if I snort them. And the strips are snortable, just do some research and you can find out how.


  56. Posted by Matt on July 24, 2012 at 8:36 am

    I am a single Dad who has custody of one of our children and joint custody with the same mother of our youngest child. We reside in a small college town in upstate NY where the community has a strong liberal presence. During our initial court proceedings I admitted to smoking marijuana occasionally and was deemed during a psychological evaluation to have dependency. I was told in order comply with the court stipulation in which I was granted custody of our daughter I would have to complete a relapse group. They kept me in treatment for over eight months despite never once testing positive for any drugs. In recent weeks I have began to research this drug you are all speaking of call suboxone. I have repeatedly told child protective workers that the mother of our children has been using opiate base pain medicine for nearly a year now. They have never taken me seriously and when I call in a hotline the first thing they ask is “does it seriously impair her ability to take care of the children”. The mother is on SSI disability for some form of mental illness and is continually going on and off her medications, lying to the child protective workers and being protected by a group known as “The Women’s Advocacy Group”. Yesterday it came to my attention that she now has a prescription for suboxone. It seems outrageous that being the primary caregiver no one in the family court system or child protective system has informed me of her treatment. As fact they have actually confirmed that they have no safety concerns what so ever for her caring for our 5 and 2 year old while on this medication. Yet I would be persecuted to no end if I were to start smoking marijuana even occasionally. This does not seem right at all. I feel the drug companies are making drug addiction even worse for people while making extreme profits. Did I suffer withdraw when I quit smoking, Hell yes… was I offered a alternative to my addiction? Hell No! Guess my mistake was choosing a natural unprocessed plant to enjoy rather than a processed extract of a plant which does not even grow in our country. Years ago methadone was the big thing for people with this problem. There was no local methadone clinic’s so they would pay for addicts to take taxi’s to the nearest large cities to obtain their “medication”. Then once an addict you qualify for cash assistance, food stamps and other forms of social services. Seems the system rewards drug addicted people here in New York State and penalizes stable hard working people with increasing taxes year after year. If your a junkie, sorry but the planet can do without you and the world would be a better place. Stop cutting my children’s music and arts programs and let the junkies RIP!


    • The difference is in each drug’s pharmacology. suboxone, when taken as prescribed, does not impare the person in any way. Marijuana, however, does make you “high” and impairs you to some degree. At least, it’s not safe to drive or operate machinery, which you can do on Suboxone without problem. Marijuana particularly interferes with a person’s ability to discern spatial relationships between objects, which I think we all can agree is important behind the wheel of a car.

      Then there’s the legality issue. Marijuana is illegal; suboxone is not, if prescribed by a doctor.

      As far as “natural unprocessed”…that doesn’t hold water either. I guarnatee you you aren’t smoking some indigenous strain of marijuana that grows naturally upon the land. The marijuana on the market now has about three to four times the THC content as pot grown in the 1960’s, because of technology of breeding different strains. So it’s processed too, to some degree. Besides, alcohol occurs naturally…opium poppies occur naturally…coca leaves containing cocaine occur naturally…

      I can see where a parent in treatment on an approved medication like Suboxone, that’s legal and not impairing, may be deemed more fit to parent than one using an illegal drug that does impair the user. So, if you are insulting junkies, that bullet may ricochet.

      I don’t care for the term “junkie” as it is perjorative. Addiction is a disease. It does have behavioral components, but name a disease that doesn’t have behavioral components. Some of the nicest people I know would be considered “junkies” by those that don’t know any better. It’s a shame; those that prejudge miss out on knowing a lot of nice people.


      • Posted by Matt on July 26, 2012 at 6:09 am

        Trust me there is still crappy weed around if that’s what your looking for. Suboxone is legal… but so is marijuana in certain states and with luck it will be legal in many more states. I have never had any problem driving a mother vehicle on marijuana and I smoked for over 20 years. Now that I am a parent I will not smoke until it is legal. All I know is that the mother of my child has been on this stuff for three days now and she is puking her brains out. Was told to cut the 8 milligram strip in half and still that was not enough. So they told her to cut the half in half again. Many things are legal because of the power of the pharmisuitical industry and the power of their lobby’s. Simple things such as artificial sweetners which are now known to cause cancers. Many pills which were promoted in the past cause birth defects. You sound like a know it all but the basic fact is that when you run out of pot… you run out of pot… when you run out of opiates…. most likely you will do what ever it take to get more opiates… including getting a prescription for SUBOXONE! Love how they are giving our children methanphendimine to our children to help with A.D.D. but would people stop and think about cutting out the sugared cereals, soda pop, and all the other crap that may not completely solve the problem but would certainly help. JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS LEGAL DOESN’T MEAN IT’S THE CURE. Sure you don’t get a kick back like many doctors for promoting or prescribing med’s? No need to reply I know where you are at. Keep popping those pills!!!

      • I AM a know-it-all… and a first-class smarty pants, too.
        Those people who think they know it all annoy those of us who do.

      • Posted by Adam on July 26, 2012 at 6:07 pm

        Oh Matt how ignorant art thou. Suboxone is medicine so that us “junkies” can get off the stuff that makes us unproductive members of society and are able to taper off of a drug that withdrawal from is so horrible I literally wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Most “junkies” don’t want to steal to feed their addiction, they are just scared of the pain that will come if they don’t feed that monkey. That is why medicines like suboxone or methadone are necessary, they get us back on track to a normal life while a slow taper can all but eliminate any withdrawal symtoms. But you would never understand unless one day you felt they pain in every muscle and bone in your body, while vomiting, and diarrhea yet your bones are in so much pain you can’t get out of bed to do either. oh but yea suboxone which allows us to get back to life with out being high… that’s the devil…and pot isn’t legal in any state you pothead

  57. Help my 29yr old daughter is on suboxone. She has never been addicted to any pain pills or any other drugs. She says she takes the suboxone because it makes her feel good.I can tell when she is on this stuff her personality changes.her mood. She becomes withdrawn its almost like she cant think.Why would she take this stuff? She buys it from friends


    • She needs to see an addiction medicine doctor.
      It’s rare that a person who hasn’t taken any other opioids would take only Suboxone, but it does happen. You say she’s never taken other drugs, but often parents don’t know the whole story surrounding their adult child’s addiction.
      She needs help now, though you can’t make her go to treatment. Consider going to alanon for help for yourself, and ideas about how best to deal with the disease of addiction in your family.


  58. Posted by Benjamin K. Phelps on October 6, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    I can’t get over that while this blog was started to ask the question of whether people have encountered or engaged in snorting or misusing Suboxone tabs or film, we’ve woven through those in active addiction giving advice on how to illicitly obtain it; how to misuse/abuse it; how much to use for this & that; the list goes on & on & is all over the place!! Comments slamming Dr. Burson for what she’s trying to do here were REALLY both uncalled for & untrue – what she has here is a great effort at reducing the stigma & stereotyping that is SO prevalent in medication-assisted treatment & victimizes all of us that need it. I know there are people w/different opinions, & they have EVERY right to have & express them (as do I.) So for the record, I want to make a few of my opinions known here:
    1. Dr. Burson, I appreciate to no end what you’re trying to accomplish here, even if we disagree on some topics along the way.
    2. Being in methadone or Suboxone/Subutex does not qualify me or anyone else to give advice to others on how they might taper by using other meds than those their hooked on or cutting up pills, etc. Our experiences make us tend to want to help others in those places we’ve been, & I don’t fault ANYONE for that – I’ve certainly been there many times myself. But it can be unproductive & downright DANGEROUS b/c I’ve seen statements all over this particular blog that are incorrect &/or strewn w/ignorance. (I’ll give a quick 1 that comes to mind, & I’m not calling the post-er ignorant, just pointing out that we don’t always know all the factors we think we know): the guy that wanted Suboxone @ the pain clinic & was angry they wouldn’t prescribe it. As Dr. Burson replied, they would need a special license to do so – not every MD can just up & write a script for Suboxone. And the type of buprenorphine used for pain IS NOT indicated for use in addiction medicine, & isn’t anywhere near as potent as the dosages used in Suboxone/Subutex. Sometimes you have to consider that there are things at play that you don’t even know about when things don’t go your way.
    3. As Dr. Burson said: if you are misusing Suboxone/Subutex by snorting or injecting (don’t care which 1,) YOU ARE NOT in active recovery, but active addiction (though you may be trying to recover, you’re not accomplishing your goal in doing this.) Myself being on a true full-agonist medication (methadone,) there is no ceiling effect w/it, so we are not given the kind of liberties that those on Sub/Sub are. We have to work a LONG time to earn takehome doses, & they come slowly. However, what I can say is that some people need to be on doses higher than the ceiling of Sub/Sub allow (32mg is generally considered the dose at which anything higher does nothing, & 24mg is generally thought of to be practically as good as 32 by many docs. At any rate, the equivalent of the best S/S dose is usually about 60mg of methadone. Many patients need much higher than that in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT.) I know I do. If you are still trying to get a quick feeling &/or a high from S/S treatment, you MAY need to ask yourself if you are not benefiting from your dose, & ask yourself if a blockade dose that also TRULY satisfies your body’s cravings for opioids might be something that would help you, as it did/does me. I’m not advising you either way here – just giving you something to think about & talk to your doc about if it hits home. I was afraid, even though I wanted to get clean, that on methadone, it would block opioids, but I’d still want to “feel it”, yet I wouldn’t feel anything each day. But let me tell you from experience: when I found my stable dose, I was not only satisfied & didn’t want to continue going higher, but I also realized I’d gone slightly too high up & asked for a decrease a fraction of what I’d just gone up (I’d gone up 10. I came back down 5mg.) It was PERFECT. My fears went away b/c even though it’s true – I didn’t “feel it” or anything at all – I NO LONGER WANTED TO “FEEL IT”!!! And THAT is the goal of treatment altogether! I earned my way up monthly takehomes (that’s quite a feat, as it took me 4 years of complete compliance!) So I needed go once a month & pick up my medication – that’s it. There was no temptation to take it via needle – tabs are dispersible, & a 40mg wafer creates such a mess w/water & too much volume to shoot it up (as intended.) I don’t know this b/c I tried it; I know it b/c I had to add water to take it – it was a chalky, white tablet that was too big to swallow. You had to add quite a bit of water to it, & it was WAY too much to put in a needle to inject, plus it was WAY too thick & gooey. But anyway, not only did it relieve opioid hunger/cravings, there were MANY days I had to count my tabs to see if I’d even dosed yet that day… that’s how little I thought about it. And I was a 20-bag/day IV heroin user (& no, it wasn’t crappy dope – it was in DC, & very decent dope.) I stopped thinking, talking, & in general just worrying at all about opioids; stopped Googling pictures of pills to look at & drool over; stopped having a love affair w/needles (which I thank God for – I’d torn my body all to pieces, developed abscesses, had cellulitis several times… And btw, we didn’t get tablets for takehomes until we had at least 2 weeks @ a time to take home… Before that, they were mixed w/water prior to being given to us. We also had random call-backs to ensure we weren’t using them early or selling them, & our urine tests check for methadone & its metabolite so it’s known whether or not we’re ingesting them (as opposed to chipping some into the urine sample cup.) Anyway, if you are justifying snorting your medicine, your treatment is NOT working… bottom line, & as hard as it may be, you need to DO SOMETHING to correct this problem.

    I’m not trying to sit in judgment – I’m an addict myself, & I understand how we are – if we think we can squeeze a feeling out of something via eating, snorting, shooting, smoking, WHATEVER… we’ll DO IT in a heartbeat! I’ve definitely been there.

    And lastly, to Matt – get off your high horse – you’re as much a junkie as anybody here. Except you were doing illegal drugs, while those of us on here in treatment are in a government-approved recovery treatment. It appears VERY MUCH like you are upset that they haven’t come up with a clinic where you can get on pot maintenance, more than anything else. You say you’re pissed that they don’t persecute her, yet they do you to no end – well, they’re not GOING to persecute someone for attempting to get a grip on her life and end her addiction through legitimate medication (& btw, MANY medications have to be adjusted in dose before side-effects become tolerable or the desired effect occurs… blood pressure, insulin, anti-depressants… whatever.) Meanwhile, here you sit, all angry b/c you illegally bought an illegal drug from a street-level dealer, then smoked it & got all messed-up (high), & of all things, told us you got out & drove all over the place on it! Not even your girlfriend or ex or whatever should be doing that until she knows how the drug is going to affect her & she’s got some stability on it. In order for you to have that stability, you must be smoking daily or close to it! Pot differs from every batch, so you can NEVER know until it hits how it will affect you. And you want the court to pat you on the back, put the baby in your arms & bend her over for a spanking?? What kind of parent are you? You should be the one doing the patting – patting her on the back & saying “You go, girl! You’re a mom w/a problem she’s willing to admit & seek help for, for the sake of our child. Good for you, & good for the well-being & future of our child!” You’re jealous, plain & simple, & it shows in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE in your post. You’re angry you can’t do your drugs everyday & live the way you think is reasonable w/out interference from any1, & that something that’s chapping your hide about your girlfriend isn’t being put to an immediate stop by the law &/or a judge, if not Child Protection Services (I’m sure you couldn’t WAIT to report her for what you THOUGHT would be a big ol’ violation…) You’re acting like a little child yourself, instead of some1 who is supposed to be raising 1. Grow up, man.


  59. Posted by Benjamin K. Phelps on October 6, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    1 last comment: I regret to see that so many people are misusing Suboxone/Subutex – though not completely caught off-guard… Were I not in active recovery on methadone, you’d best believe I’d have attempted to ingest it every way feasible until I found a way I preferred, way back when. In fact, when I was detoxed using Buprenex (90’s form of pain-control buprenorphine used in addiction trials by a limited number of docs), my doc gave us a vial of buprenex to take home each night as we weaned so that we could have a dose 3 times daily (very small doses.) I wasn’t familiar w/it yet, & internet wasn’t around like it is now, so what did I do? I put a needle on that vial he gave me (it was a 10ml syringe w/a blunt tip on it) & injected it. It did nothing I could feel, as we were on decreasing doses of what was already a tiny dose (Buprenex was dosed as 0.324mg/ml, so our addiction doses of 2 & 8mg are MUCH higher.) But my point here is that I like to hope that the majority of people are using their treatment as intended – though I understand the addictive tendencies, so don’t think I’m trying to sound arrogant by any means – & I hope that perhaps the people that stumbled onto this page by mistake were those specifically looking to abuse the medication (meaning I hope most people are doing well w/this treatment & they just typically don’t see articles such as this, as they’re not searching for them.) Nonetheless, to those of you not doing well w/this situation, I wish you the absolute BEST in finding the answer (whatEVER it is) that works for you, & hope that in that answer you find the things you hope for in life. I found MUCH peace in finally relieving the cravings that had enslaved me for SO long. I am blessed & wish the same for every1 w/my condition.
    Incidentally, I transferred about 3 yrs ago & my “new” clinic uses the cherry liquid. I’ve heard of people trying to inject that, but I’ve never had the urge, thankfully. The amount 1 would have to inject would be WAY too much volume & I’ve never been 1 to inject just anything into my veins – I at least needed to THINK it was remotely safe to do (I know, lol, right?) Cherry liquid is only 10mg/ml, & I take 120mg orally now. That means I’d need to inject 6 insulin syringes full JUST TO GET HALF of my usual oral dose! My veins collapsed LONG ago (like in the 90’s,) + I lost that love affair w/needles when I got stabilized in 2004, so I’ve not felt any whim that might lead me to attempt injection of a thick & gooey cherry liquid into my veins. I’ve been told that the syrup is formulated w/excipients to make it problematic to inject, anyway. Honestly, I never wanna know! I wish the very BEST to you ALL here on this board – even to Matt, who evidently despises those of us w/addictive problems, though he evidently enjoys drug(s) too. Count yourself lucky as hell, Matt, that you never HAPPENED to be 1 of those that went directly into a state of compulsive use that you couldn’t stop for the life of you (or any1 else you care about… though for all we know, you may compulsively use…) Keep in mind that many of us (addicts) you think should be erased from existence didn’t go down to the street corner & buy dope off some nasty dealer either (as must be done with marijuana…) to get started, nor did we anticipate any problems or have any warnings that addiction was going to happen to us. It didn’t run in my family, I didn’t see it around me as I grew up, or even know anything about it – I assumed “heroin addict” or “alcoholic” equated to a person w/no or weak will-power/discipline. What a slap in the face I got for thinking that way! I got hooked from a major surgery on my lung in 1994, when I was put on a morphine pump, then sent home with Percocet, dropped to Vicodin, dropped to Darvocet, & left to w/draw w/out warning when it was all said & done. I think what the world can do w/out here are the knee-jerk judgments of people that operate under the assumption that they’re too good for LIFE to happen to them. God bless you, Matt. I hope you come around in the way you think about things. No, not to my way of thinking… But do yourself the favor of realizing you’re every bit as human as your girlfriend & any other “junkie” out there. Or black person… or gay person… or handicapped person……..


  60. Posted by Nathan on October 18, 2012 at 5:40 am

    I’ve been on the tablets for 5/31/09 that’s my clean date. I have snorted them right from the start an never went to a NA or AA meeting like they wanted me to, I didn’t do any out patient treatment either, because myself I had just been in rehab for 6 long months from rehab to, half way house to, three quarter house in all the time i was on the suboxcone I didn’t feel i needed any of the programs when getting on the subs an for the most part I was right I never use opiates again (for NOW)!! on October 12 2012 they disscontuined suboxcone tablets for me an everyone, they are no longer making them anymore an I’m in big trouble I’ve tried snorting those films an it does not give me the same feeling as would snorting a tablet, I don’t kno why but It’s really going to screw me up. When put those films under my tongue an nothing happends, i feel worse then before I want to use and I can’t sit still, I really wish I would have just stayed clean after coming out of rehab , all they time It took me getting this why is going to be just the same getting out an having a clean mind without thinking of getting high when I have a Bad day.. ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE WITH THIS SAME PROBLEM GOD SPEED!!


    • I don’t think the problem is the Suboxone. I think the problem is one or both of the following: 1-you have misused your medication from the beginning, snorting them instead of using as advised. Some people, like me, would consider that to be active addiction 2-you aren’t particiaptine in counseling for your addiction. The medication is never meant to be used alone. You’ve had prior treatment, and that’s great, but the continued desire to snort pills indicates to me that you need more of the counseling part of treatment.
      If you are on a stable dose of suboxone, you aren’t supposed to “feel” anything. It’s supposed to prevent withdrawal.
      I recommend getting into a different form of treatment, because suboxone hasn’t worked for you. Probably this will mean a return to inpatient treatment. Also please consider going from inpatient and maybe staying a few years in a therapeutic community. Or maybe methadone, with it’s more structured attendance, is a better option.
      Good luck.


    • Posted by Benjamin K. Phelps on October 18, 2012 at 10:35 am

      I’d agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Burson’s reply, Nathan. You never got clean, bottom line. You’ve been abusing opioids still, even if it is Suboxone. Just b/c methadone is an addiction prevention medication, it can be abused, too. If I attempt to inject my liquid methadone (OMG, I can’t even imagine trying to inject cherry syrup – gross!), I’m abusing it to the utmost, and might as well be injecting Dilaudid or Oxy-Contin. You are in this boat. You need to do something to get out of it, because you are indeed in trouble, as you said. I would be inclined, as an addict myself, and in the exact same place in the past as you are right now except not with Suboxone or methadone, but rather heroin and other opioids, to say that her last option was probably your best bet. Methadone is much more structured, you’re not going to be given a month or even a week’s worth of medication overnight like some docs do with Suboxone, and you’ll have to take it in front of a nurse until you stabilize. That will give you time to get well before you get to take anything home. Hopefully, by that time, you’ll be using it properly and into recovery as you should be. If you cannot deal with daily clinic attendance such as this, methadone is not an option, and other inpatient options will be all you’ll have unless you try to continue using the Suboxone Film, which I don’t recommend at this point, since it’s not helping you and is unlikely to in the future until you get the appropriate counseling with it and can stop looking for it to make you “feel something.” Methadone, being a pure agonist medication, has a stronger opioid effect, which many find quells their cravings much more effectively (usually those who took higher doses or were on street opioids longer) – I’m NOT talking about getting high on methadone here – I’m talking about its ability to actually prevent cravings and block illicit opioid abuse at APPROPRIATE, STABLE, and BLOCKING doses. Suboxone, since it has less ability to activate the opioid receptor fully as an agonist (it only partially activates it,) has much less sedation initially (which goes away with all of them once you’re stable,) much less respiratory depression overall, and less overdose liability. Neither of them are medications to play with or take as a joke, though. You need help, and I really hope you seek it. I’m not trying to sound judgmental, btw. I just have been where you are, and you’ll continue doing exactly as you have been for as long as you are getting tablets of opioid, whether it’s Suboxone, short-acting opioids, illicit methadone, or whatever. I know – I did it myself before getting into treatment. And even in treatment, I was put on Lunesta for sleep at one point and ended up abusing it for the feeling (and it’s got a tiny abuse liability compared to opioids and *supposedly* compared to benzodiazepines.) Until I told the doctor after getting arrested getting the Lunesta illegally so I could have extra amounts, I could NOT stop doing it after years of trying (I was on it from 2005 when it came out, until 2011 – last summer.) Now that the doc knows, they watch the prescription database here to make sure I’m not getting it both from other sources around town AND they don’t prescribe it to me there any longer. You need to DO something to stop your ability to abuse this medication or you will keep on until you hit a brick wall. By DO something, I mean do as I did – the hardest thing in the world for an addict to do – tell the doctor you’re abusing it, and don’t leave an “out-door” for yourself where you can go get it elsewhere and start up again, if possible. Tell any doctor you visit right off the bat before you have a chance to start scheming – nip it in the bud, so to speak. That’s the ONLY way you’ll be successful, other than the discontinuation of the pills, which there is always likely to be an alternative for. Best wishes.


  61. I can’t speak for other doctors, but I prefer the straight story with no embellishments. If you’ve done well on Suboxone before, that’s a pretty good indication you will do well on it again. You are – appropriately – looking for Suboxone.
    I get uneasy with patients where the whole history they’re giving me doesn’t add up. I understand some patients will exaggerate their tolerance for fear of not getting enough medication, and I understand that some people will understate their addiction, out of shame.
    I get worried when the patient’s motivations aren’t clear. Like if the appointment is an evaluation for Suboxone, but then they say they don’t want Suboxone.


  62. Posted by Benjamin K. Phelps on November 20, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    As Dr. Burson said (I’m posting as an addict in medication-assisted recovery) – when I went for an intake at the methadone clinic or to be on buprenorphine in the mid 90’s when it was a trial drug in Richmond, VA, I went in and told them EXACTLY why I was there – for methadone/buprenorphine treatment – & they did my history & had me sign the forms, gave me a urine screen (which doesn’t HAVE to be dirty, if you’re coming from an institution where they can realistically be certain you’d have been on opioids were you not institutionalized) and then gave me the medicine. It would be absolutely silly to NOT tell them you’re there for Suboxone treatment – why ELSE would you be there?? If it’s a private doc’s office but s/he prescribes Suboxone, you would appear to be drug-seeking possibly if you talk about craving opioids but don’t even bother to mention Suboxone or addiction treatment, quite possibly. This is absolutely NOT a trip to the doc’s office to dupe him or her into giving you Percocet or Oxy-Contin. That’s evidently what your friend is thinking, b/c in those cases (active addiction,) you ABSOLUTELY would NOT want to mention the drug you want by name – and even then, docs know what you’re doing in most instances when you push a little too hard & then refuse when they offer something less potent than what you want or say “I used to get a medicine that started with a ‘P’ that worked really well for my pain… Do you have any idea what that might have been??” Trust me when I say: they’ve seen those games a million times! Tell your doc exactly why you are there, & you’re very likely to get treated, assuming you have a history already of legitimately getting Suboxone. Even if you don’t have that, if you have a history & a dirty drug screen, you’d still have a pretty good chance you’ll get treatment. Best wishes.


  63. Posted by Benjamin K. Phelps on November 20, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    And lest I made it sound entirely too easy – the doc should (if s/he’s good at his/her profession) do a thorough examination & discuss your history in deep detail with you before just handing over drugs to you. Places that don’t ask questions & just hand them over in 5 minutes are nothing but hustles to make $, not legitimate opioid treatment programs.


  64. Posted by James Billman on January 7, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    I don’t know about anywhere but i live in montana and suboxone is a problem in our community i myself am not a user but have a son and a good number of close friends that are. Suboxone here is more desirable than opioids and are being sold here on the street for $50 a tablet. I am in no means an expert but i am only speaking from my own experience as i watch friends and family throw their lives down the tubes. If used properly it can be a way to make life a bit more normal but where i live it is being abused more than being used for the purpose it was made for. Hopefully the film makes it a little more difficult to abuse them


    • I hate to hear that suboxone misuse is rampant where you live; this endangers the whole suboxone program in the U.S. People forget that until ’00, prescribing an opioid from a doctor’s office was illegal in this country (for the purposes of treating opioid addiction). Only when Suboxone became available in 2003 did opioid addicts have this easier option.
      I’ve read studies that surveyed the reasons addicts bought illicit suboxone and less than a fourth said they used it to get high. most used it to stave off withdrawal, or to see if it would work for them before going to a suboxone doctor. some addiction specialists say there will be less suboxone on the street if addicts can get into treatment more easily. I don’t know about all of that, but it underlines the importance of doing pill counts and bottle recalls on patients being prescribed suboxone, to assure there’s no diversion.
      thanks for writing about the state of things in the state of Montana.


  65. Posted by fedup on January 24, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I think so people think so highly of suboxone
    That they don’t or can’t see the truth. I was on dilaudid then methadone for years and have been On suboxone for 7 years I started with the orange pills took them under tung then just swallowed them because of the taste but then I just needed more of them my husband is also on them I started snorting the pills when I switched to the films. I got off twice but never felt normal was clean for 9 months just to go right back to them. For the last 2 years daily I have injected the films sometimes 8mg. At a time due to the orange flavour I don’t know of a Dr in my area that will prescribe. Subutex I drove over an hour and paid 250$ cash a month for a Subutex prescription before I went to rehab last. Once you are on it you are stuck these Dr keep you in it far longer that it is meant for and it is no miracle drug I am going broke trying to afford mine and my husband’s prescriptions every month I will ask to be put on the pill next Dr visit I could go on and on about this but will stop here. Suboxone had damaged my life now than methadone or dilaudid ever did.


    • I don’t think it’s the Suboxone that’s damaged your life. It’s addiction. If you are injecting the Suboxone, it sounds like your disease of addiction is too strong to be treated by Suboxone…it’s just not working. Please get honest with your doctor so you can be referred to a more appropriate treatemnt.


      • Posted by Benjamin Keith Phelps on March 25, 2014 at 6:40 am

        Amen & amen. Sorry, but it just gets under my skin when people say “methadone messed me up more than heroin EVER did,” or “Suboxone has ruined my life more than the dope!!” because the fact of the matter is, if you were abusing something to get put on Suboxone or Subutex, then addiction ALREADY had hold of you beyond what you could handle. You are just experiencing advancing addiction, which is what ALL active addicts experience if they don’t get the PROPER treatment to help them. I agree w/Dr. Burson – you are on a medication that is not going to help you. Suboxone is only effective up to a certain point, then stops getting anymore helpful. You may need stronger opioid agonist in your system, meaning methadone, like I do (& so many other opioid addicts.) Hardcore abuse &/or high-dose abuse/misuse of opioids, can damage your internal opioid system beyond what buprenorphine can control. GET HONEST WITH THE TREATING DOCTOR, as Dr. Burson said! Nobody is judging you here when we say these things to you; we are trying to help you help yourself out of a hell-hole that only gets worse & worse if you don’t stop it yourself. You are the ONLY PERSON who can stop what is happening to you. None of us WANT to have to take methadone, before you say “But I don’t wanna have to do that” or “drive that far” or “go in everyday”… But you do what you have to do to get better, & once you find a stable blocking dose, you stay at that dose (stop trying to get off the treatment every time before it can help you), & you earn some takehome medication so you don’t HAVE to drive everyday. But you gotta be willing to take the steps to help yourself here. We all hope & pray you will! Best wishes to you.

  66. Posted by Renee falcone on March 10, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    I started by taking the orange pills and then had to switch to the films. Now my insurance isn’t covering the films and had to go to the white tablets. I hate them!! No only it takes longer to desolve, I feel like it’s not working as good and I actually feel like I’m goin through some type of withdrawal!! My ins said to get a note from the Dr stating why I need the film and that’s exactly what I am gonna have him do!! Never again do I want the tablets


  67. Posted by Lauren on March 22, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    I have psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia, last year i had gotten in a very bad car accident and started abusing the opiates i had taken without incident for 6 years prior. I checked myself into inpatient after just two weeks of abuse. Currently I’m sober, have been since then. I’m on Suboxone.

    If you can’t handle taking this medication properly and as prescribed, you shouldn’t be on it. You’re not ready for the responsibility and in a way, you’re hurting other addicts who are ready. I can’t even get Subutex (I have a sensitivity to the blocker in Suboxone) because of people snorting and injecting it, my doctor refuses to give it no matter who it is (And I’ve never failed a drug screening in a year now). Please stop misusing this medication that is saving people. If you’re abusing it, ie. Taking it improperly (injecting, snorting, taking more than you should), do yourself a favor and GET HELP. You’re not sober like you think if you’re doing those things.


  68. Is there a physition in San Francisco who accepts medical and or medicare and have a license to prescribe soboxone for detox etc……


  69. Posted by Will on September 23, 2015 at 3:03 am

    I ran across this after googling “snorting suboxone”. I was on pain pills like norco and lorcet for 13 years. Then I found someone with a constant supply of 30mg oxy and I “graduated” to those. I was snorting up to 6 a day.. Sometimes more. I have a very well paying.. Professional job and health insurance. I decided three weeks ago that I was done with this addiction. I read all these stories about girlfriends and wives leaving or missing out on the birth of children and it breaks my heart. I didn’t have any kind of life altering event that opened my eyes to quitting.. I’ve just decided.. I have to stop. Not to sound egotistical.. But I’m better than this. Here’s my problem.. And maybe it’s from lack of research.. But I don’t know where to go to get a legal prescription for the suboxone.. So I’m getting mine from the same person I was getting my oxy from. I have been taking 8mg tablets.. Once a day for three weeks now. And it’s night and day. I’m thinking so much clearer.. And more involved in a social life. But yes.. I have been crushing them and putting them in my nose. The reason I was googling such info was because I wanted to see if any kind of damage could be done to my nose from this. Please don’t judge me.. I think if I had to choose between snorting oxy and snorting suboxone.. I’d pick the suboxone. But I know I need to stop and put them under my tongue. I guess if anyone could point me in the right direction to a legal way to get them in the Houston TX area.. I’d appreciate it. And please don’t point me in the direction of NA or any kind of program. I know this sounds like BS but I’m just too busy for that. I work over 80 hours a week. If I go to a doctor.. Start the suboxone legitimately .. And I’m still having problems… Then I will find a group or program and try that route. Again.. As lame as this sounds.. I’m trying here. I’m not asking for applause or anything. I just want to stop doing everything the wrong way.


    • Here’s a link to find treatment services in your area: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/
      You aren’t going to like this, but I think your best option may be at an opioid treatment program. There, you will likely need to attend more frequently than at an office-based practice. The doctor you see at the opioid treatment program may recommend methadone, since you are snorting buprenorphine (subutex/suboxone). Sometimes the act of snorting can be addicting in itself, and patients may have problems taking medication appropriately if given a 30 days’ supply at a time.
      Acidity interferes with absorption of buprenorphine. The mouth is more alkaline than nasal mucosa, so I think there may be a chance you would actually feel better using the medication under your tongue.
      and yes, eventually snorting anything takes its toll, because those sorts of substances are not meant to have contact with nasal mucosa. Most commonly I see blocked nasal passages and sinuses, or eroded mucosa in those areas. I’ve also seen perforation of the hard palate with recurrent and long-term snorting of material. I would imagine some things are worse than others, but I don’t know which are worst.


    • I have been through 26 surgeries in the past 10 years and needless to say I was addicted several times to pain meds, it was inevitable Ihad the doctor detox me several times and in the first days it was with methadone, but then along came suboxone then subutex. Like you said…..day and night. This is really a wonder drug if you ask me. Now…if you are only taking 8 mg once a day, you are doing well. You should be able to get totally off them fairly soon, provided you stop snorting them. I still get my subutex but dont really take them but every so often if I feel the need so Im hording mine for the past year or so.Anyway, you are on the right track for getting away from narcotics so stay with it. Im not sure if a pain management doc will give you anything so good luck with that. Let me know if I can help, best wishes…..J.


  70. Posted by Jim on June 14, 2016 at 8:47 am

    No I promise you that snorting either films or tablets does indeed work and it works much better. It hits you quicker and i overall just works better. Of course when you have a tolerance and have been taking it everyday for at least a couple weeks it doesn’t get you “high” it just works quicker and better that’s all. But if you have a low tolerance or no tolerance it will actually get you quite buzzed. I’m sure it’s slightly different for everyone but I know for a fact that it does work.


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