Stop Stigma Now

I’m thankful to Ms. Woods for writing the below comment to my blog, and I want to re-post it here for the valuable information and links it contains:

“These are terrible stories that patients experience, but we hear them all the time.  It is not uncommon for patients to even be denied methadone if they are in the hospital without even contacting the prescribing doctor.  That should be a common courtesy between two professionals but as Dr. Burson noted doctors who work in addiction are under the ground in the medical totem.

NAMAk Recovery urges any patient that is going to have surgery or a medical procedure to have an advocate (friend or family) who can speak up for them in case something happens.  It has to be a person who knows a little about medication assisted treatment (MAT) and will not back down against doctors and such.

We also have an education series on pain management and methadone maintenance that can be downloaded at:

NAMA also has a new project Stop Stigma Now. We have hoped that SAMHSA would take on a large public relations campaign but after years of the federal agencies agreeing that stigma exists and something should be done very little effort has been made to actually educate the public.  When a group of professionals came to us we said enough let’s do it.  So Stop Stigma Now will raise millions of dollars (we think big at NAMA Recovery) to educate the public about the benefits of MAT.  You can read about Stop Stigma Now at:

And I can close without mentioning the MARS Project the only recovery center that is truely peer to peer for MAT.  We are now developing a training instutute because we think programs can set up mini-MARS all over the US.

And last we will be certifying advocates at the AATOD Conference this year.  Links to the registration are at our home page (the mother of all methadone sites).

Joycelyn Woods, M.A., CMA Executive Director National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can change the world!

2 responses to this post.

  1. I would love it if they would start having MA cert classes somewhere else besides the AATOD conferences. There are many of us patients out there who would like to become certified MA’s but can’t afford to travel the the AATOD conferences just to do it.

    I was curious though, does anyone besides NAMA “acknowledge” the actual certification?


    • I don’t know if certification is acknowledged anywhere else. For example, it would be nice if it counted toward continuing education credits for addiction counselors, some of whom may not have had great training in school about methadone. Great question.
      It would be great if NAMA could do some sort of online training.


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