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  1. Posted by Simon on January 30, 2019 at 12:48 am

    I can totally understand how he feels regarding rules and authority figures.

    I had (have?) a serious Heroin addiction, however I think I used it differently to many others. I only ever snorted and I took small amounts roughly every hour or two (many small amounts adds up to a large amount).

    I never “nodded out”. I continued working reliably in a mid 6 figure income role, studying Masters full time, and raising my kids (with my wife).

    To be honest, it was the best time of my life as it was the only time in my 40 years that I wasn’t apathetic, grumpy and depressed.

    The two reasons I wanted to stop were financial (Heroin costs a lot in Australia), and to make travelling internationally possible. I assumed I could go to a doctor and get a script for methadone and pick it up monthly like I do my other scripts (I’m not that worldly when it comes to hard drugs).

    How wrong I was. They make me waste time every day to go somewhere, and then I have to take my medication in front of people. I have to plan travel well in advance. I’m submitted to drug tests against my will (I came to stop Heroin, nothing else). It’s punitive.

    So while I’m saving money now, travelling domestically is MUCH harder. If I can’t find a way around these rules I will likely need to quit my job as I need to travel regularly at short notice to meet clients. This is possible with Heroin, but not methadone.

    International travel is now possible, which is good. I still have to get permission from some ridiculous medical body though. That bit makes me furious.

    To be honest, I feel I’m subjected to punitive measures by “authority figures” for whom I have very little respect.

    MAT needs a significant overhaul. It works fine for no hopers who spend their time in one place doing nothing. It’s not good AT ALL when you’re trying to maintain a real life.

    Contrary to popular belief, it’s very easy to have a normal life on Heroin. The only catch is you have to be able to afford it, and moderate it. The $$ problem is what causes it to ruin people’s lives. The people setting the MAT rules need to understand this and adapt the program to suit. I’m sure people drop out because of the issues I’m facing.


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