Book Review: “The Weight of Air: A Story of the Lies about Addiction and the Truth about Recovery,” by David Poses

I just found out this author is deceased – he passed away earlier this year. Out of respect for his family, I deleted my original post reviewing the book.

The conclusion of my review was that I hoped he could write a follow up book on his life in recovery on buprenorphine. It saddens me that he passed away before he could do more writing.

My condolences to his family and friends.

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  1. Did you know he died? Earlier this year


  2. Posted by Alison Langley on May 2, 2022 at 5:49 pm

    My son was prescribed Methadone at a treatment center after continued severe depression during detox. His counselor told me it was very unusual, but she had exhausted her other tools. He was on it for 5 years, and under the care of a new doctor decided to switch to Subutex because of the cost of Methadone. He has continued to work a full time job and be a responsible citizen from his first day. He is 55 now, and had been in and out of recovery (mostly out) for 30 years.


    • Thank you – good to hear!


      • Sadly there’s many other stories detailing what it’s like to battle stigma and painful discrimination out there. Personally I kept medicated assisted treatment my deepest darkest secret for many years. I followed the Cardinal rule that every methadone maintenance patient knows by heart. NEVER ever tell anyone that you are a methadone maintenance patient.!!! (Not worth price of being honest)
        Family friends employers (ex-employers) seems everyone immediately distanced themselves from me. Even at the optometrist office and most curiously a planned Parenthood clinic. Was told they couldn’t provide me birth control pills due to the fact I had told them I was in a methadone maintenance program (?? Ok?..not seeing connection but not a specialist and very young) I read that the definition of discrimination was essentially that it caused real world consequences or damages. I wish I hadn’t already discovered that for myself! Keep reading

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