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Drug tests and Suboxone (buprenorphine)

Even some treatment professionals and medical professionals have mistaken ideas about drug testing for buprenorphine.

Because it’s a man-made opioid, buprenorphine won’t show as an opiate on a drug screen. It won’t cross-react with tests for oxycodone or hydrocodone. A specific test for buprenorphine must be done in order to detect its presence. In the past, this test was expensive, but now can be added to a drug test fairly cheaply.

I test for buprenorphine because I need to make sure my patients are taking their medication, and haven’t given it or sold it to someone else. Fortunately, I’ve never had a patient to whom I’m prescribing Suboxone have a urine drug screen that didn’t show the medication.  

My patients ask me if the Suboxone I prescribe for them will show up on employment testing, and I answer no, it’s unlikely. Most employers don’t check for methadone, and are even less likely to check for buprenorphine. Employers won’t know unless you tell them you’re on Suboxone. (Methadone, like Suboxone, has to be tested for on a separate test, and won’t show as an opiate.)

Should you tell them? That’s a question you’ll need to answer for yourself. Ordinarily I’m an advocate of honesty, but because Suboxone is usually prescribed to treat opioid addiction, disclosing this information more or less informs them you’ve had a problem with addiction. Is that your employers business? No, I think not, unless it’s a “safety sensitive” job, and even then it’s often not appropriate to tell your employer.